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The 10 Best Schools in Ohio Today

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The 10 Best Schools in Ohio Today

A miniature version of the entire US in one state, Ohio exemplifies the best of what our great nation has to offer: a superb combination of natural beauty, diverse cultures, quality of life, diverse industry, and a dynamic hub for sports, culture, and economic growth.

In addition, the state has a nationally acknowledged school system with top-ranking facilities. The schools in this state are known for their exemplary K-12 examination scores and high graduation rates. In addition, students here exhibit one of the country’s most widespread postsecondary participation.

Understandably, school choices are mostly subjective. What someone considers a “good” school may be the next person’s aversion. Still, most households prefer institutions with enriching cultures and higher academic standards.

If this is what you’re looking for, then you’re home. This guide takes you through the best schools in Ohio today.   

Best Elementary Schools

Isham Memorial Elementary School

325 Sunset Blvd, Wadsworth, OH 44281

Besides being a top-ranking institution at the district and state levels, Isham Memorial Elementary stands out with its remarkable parent and community involvement. This makes it a perfect choice for parents that want to be there at every step of their child’s growth.  

Isham Memorial Elementary serves K-4 to 327 students from different sections of the Wadsworth suburb setting. The population is predominantly male, with boys forming 51% and girls making up 49%. In addition, 10% come from minority communities.

Isham Memorial has 17 board-certified tutors, translating to a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. Of these, 89.9% have over three years of experience.

The instructors aim to foster positive attitudes, curiosity, and lifelong learning. Thus, they provide fulfilling experiences to develop learners’ full potential intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. 

In addition, they avail diverse opportunities that encourage inclusion and exploration while celebrating the school’s cultural diversity. This “whole growth” approach has delivered peak performance year after year.

Isham Memorial ranks fourth best out of 1,637 facilities in Ohio. It also ranks 3rd and 1st for math and reading proficiency, with 98% of students attaining or exceeding both subjects’ proficiency levels.

West Boulevard Elementary School

6125 West Blvd, Youngstown, OH 44512

A school’s reputation tells a lot about the kind of experience your child might encounter. That’s why most parents dig deeper into what the community, former students and parents, online reviewers, and other external individuals have to say about their preferred school.

If this applies to you and you’re looking for a reputable elementary school in Youngstown, Ohio, West Boulevard Elementary is a great pick. The facility is among the 1% of institutions in the US to earn the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence not once, but two times.

West Boulevard Elementary serves 398 students between kindergarten and third grade, with a 32% minority enrollment. Of this population, 51% are male, and 49% are female.

West Boulevard’s all-inclusive and rigorous programs, like the “Writers Workshop” and “Really Great Reading,” have nurtured excellent communicators and remarkable leaders. In addition, the faculty always seeks opportunities to provide hands-on learning, and the caring staff caters to the social-emotional needs of students.

West Boulevard employs 19 full-time tutors, all board-certified, creating a tutor-learner ratio of 1:21. In addition, 92.3% of these members have at least three years of experience. 

West Boulevard ranks 3rd in the state and 1st in the district. The facility also ranks 3rd and 1st for math and reading proficiency, with 98% of candidates passing both subjects.

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The world is a blank canvas, and this little one is ready to fill it with color.


Wells Academy

420 N 4Th Street, Steubenville, OH 43952

The Steubenville, OH, community is fortunate to be home to one of the most adored elementary schools in the country, Wells Academy. Its reputation, online reviews, and school cultures make it a perfect environment to build your child’s academic foundation and kick start their development into a valuable member of society.

Wells Academy invests in the lives of its 305 uniquely gifted learners by providing an ideal learning environment, high-quality instruction, and an enlightening curriculum. This population comprises 44% male scholars and 56% school girls, with a 35% minority student enrollment.  

The school is home to 17 qualified tutors. Placed against the number of students, the staff population translates to a 1:18 tutor-student ratio, on par with that of the Steubenville City Schools District. In addition, all the faculty members are board-certified, and 94.4% have over three years of experience in the education sector.

These tutors strive to inspire, motivate, and educate students to attain academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal growth. The team guides students through a rigorous program complemented by a broad array of athletics and arts opportunities. This approach has been instrumental in the facility’s impressive rankings.

Wells Academy is the second-best school in the state and ranks 1st in the district. The school also ranked 1st for reading proficiency and 3rd for math proficiency, with a 98% pass rate for both subjects.

Parkside Elementary School

6845 Som Center Road, Solon, OH 44139

You’re searching for a reputable elementary school that can prepare a solid foundation for the rest of your child’s life. Thus, you can’t compromise on an institution’s performance. If you’re among the many Ohio parents prioritizing a facility’s rankings in statewide examinations, then you’re at home with Solomon, OH’s Parkside Elementary School.

The Parkside Elementary community prides itself in creating the best learning environment for 485 students between kindergarten and fourth grade. Of this population, 49% are male, 51% are female, and 58% of students come from economically limited households.

Constantly ranked among the top institutions in the country, Parkside provides a comprehensive, rigorous educational experience.

The facility hires the best talent available and is home to 27 board-certified instructors working hand in hand with one counselor. Consequently, the teacher-student ratio is 1:18, equal to the Solon City Schools District. In addition, the teachers boast impressive cumulative experience, with 93.5% having worked for over three years.

Parkside’s myriad of accomplishments reflects the staff team’s skills, dedication, and talent, bolstered by the Glenwillow and Solon communities and families. As a result, the school ranks 1st out of 1,673 elementary schools in the state and tops the district’s rankings. In addition, the facility topped the state rankings in math and reading proficiency, with 100% and 97% pass rates in both subjects.

Best Middle Schools

Columbus Preparatory Academy

3330 Chippewa Street, Columbus, OH 43204

Columbus Preparatory Academy is a great pick for families in Columbus, Ohio, seeking a top-ranking charter school within the city setting. The institution is famous for its academically challenging, content-rich learning programs and a secure, engaging, and disciplined learning setup.

Columbus Preparatory is home to 818 scholars. This population comprises 46% males and 54% females, and 67% have minority backgrounds. The students also enjoy a positive school culture of collaboration, service to the community, and open and supportive relationships.

As you’d expect of a top middle school, the facility employs qualified personnel, from tutors to non-teaching staff to administrative assistants. Particularly, students depend on the services of 36 instructors and two counselors, leading to a 1:23 teacher-student ratio.

Besides their excellent qualifications and certifications, 72.9% of these tutors have worked for three years or longer. Each team member understands their students’ performance levels and can guide them to attain their maximum potential. Open communication, instruction monitoring, and collaboration with the family unit have been key to the team’s success.

The latest rankings in state-mandated examinations and graduation levels rank Columbus Preparatory as the third best out of the state’s 994 middle schools. In addition, the facility takes up the 1st rank in the charter category. In addition, the school ranks 2nd and 4th for reading and math proficiency and has a GreatSchools.org summary rating of 7/10.

Orchard Middle School

6800 Som Center Road, Solon, OH 44139

Orchard Middle School is a connected family of gifted students, dedicated staff members, qualified administrative assistants, and a supportive community. The team works together to help learners attain their maximum potential while promoting unity in diversity, acceptance of all, and mutual respect. These efforts have made the school one of the best performers in state-mandated examinations.

Orchard School serves 702 students in fifth and sixth grades with a 49% minority student enrollment rate. The population comprises 54% males and 46% females. These students experience enriching learning programs, active student life, ample performing and visual arts opportunities, and competitive athletics.

The diverse student body is under the guidance and care of 42 board-certified lecturers and one counselor, leading to a 1:17 teacher-student ratio. Besides their remarkable qualifications, the instructors possess extensive experience, with 100% boasting over three years of experience.

A conducive learning environment, an accommodative and supportive school culture, dedicated and talented tutors, and a supportive community have been key to Orchard Middle School’s exemplary performance. The school ranks second best out of 994 facilities in the state and takes up the top and fifth rankings for math and reading, with 98% and 94% of students passing in the two subjects. 

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It's amazing to see the minds of young engineers in action.

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School of Innovation

32500 Chardon Road, Willoughby, OH 44094

Schools that apply STEM principles are among the most desired by Ohio families. The facilities use real-world applications and hands-on learning approaches, fostering critical thinking and inspiring creativity. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a top-ranking STEM middle school in Willoughby, your search could end here.

The School of Innovation opened its doors in 2015 and is among the four schools in the Willoughby-Eastlake City district. The facility caters to 440 scholars between the third and ninth grades. This population comprises 58% male and 42% female students, and 17% are from minority communities. These talented students experience process-based learning, which teaches them problem-solving and aids their skills development.

In addition, The School of Innovation has 26 qualified tutors, creating a 1:17 teacher-student ratio. All the faculty members hold the relevant certifications, and the percentage of them who’ve taught professionally for over three years is 95.2%. The tutors serve a unique instruction program focusing on grade-level standards, and pupils study collaboratively across disciplines and grade levels.

Ohio’s School of Innovation ranks top in state rankings and the district. The facility also ranks 1st for reading proficiency and 3rd for math proficiency, with 97% and 96% of students passing in math and reading proficiency levels. Therefore, the 8/10 summary rating on GreatSchool.org doesn’t come as a surprise.  

Best High Schools

Wyoming High School 

106 Pendery Avenue, Wyoming, OH 45215

Wyoming High School prides itself on meeting the educational challenges of its students in the most appropriate and meaningful manner. True to this, families throughout the Cincinnati metro area laud the facility’s commitment to excellence.   

Wyoming High maintains a single primary aim – students’ interests come first. The facility caters to 648 students between ninth and twelfth grades with a 25% minority enrollment.  

This population is culturally diverse, and students come from all walks of economic backgrounds. But the school culture nurtures young students to use diversity to their advantage. So they benefit from insights from different perspectives and learn to work collaboratively toward a common goal.  

Like most top-ranking facilities, Wyoming High is keen on talent acquisition and only hires the most qualified personnel. The staff members comprise 42 board-certified lecturers, hence a 1:15 teacher-student ratio. In addition, this talented team is highly experienced and meets each student’s educational needs in the most appropriate and meaningful manner.

The curriculum at Wyoming High prioritizes core academic areas and incorporates Ohio’s content standards and any nationwide requirements. In addition, each respective field of study exceeds the state Department of Education’s minimum requirements.    

Wyoming High ranks 3rd in the state, 2nd in the Cincinnati metro area, and 155th nationally. In addition, the school boasts a 98% graduation rate and an 8/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating.

Notable Alumni

Ruston Kelly – Singer and songwriter

Bob Goodridge – Former wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings

Thomas D. Boyatt – Former U.S. Ambassador to Burkina Faso and Colombia

David Payne – 2008 Olympic silver medalist

Ahmed Plummer – Former cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers

Jeff Russell – Former pitcher who played 14 seasons in the MLB

B. Todd Jones – Chief disciplinary officer of the NFL

David Shenk – Writer

Sean Smith – Former defensive end for the New England Patriots

Walnut Hills High School 

3250 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills High School is ideal for parents seeking innovative instructional approaches and a culture of support and care. These attributes have been vital to the school’s exceptional performance in statewide examinations, college preparedness, and graduation levels.

Walnut Hills High is among the 16 Cincinnati Public Schools District college prep facilities. The school caters to one of the largest student populations in the state, at 2,012, with 40% of students coming from minority communities. In addition, there are 148 certified instructors in the facility, leading to a 1:19 tutor-learner ratio.

The teachers, administrators, staff, faculty, and parents at Walnut Hills High collaborate to create a rigorous, learner-focused curriculum. This instruction program nurtures independent thinkers, valuable society members, and internationally competitive professionals.

The school’s college and career plans commence in the seventh grade, and the school strongly values the performing and visual arts and considers them part of the core curriculum. Thus, students get the unique opportunity to advance academically, enhance self-expression, explore creativity, and gain leadership skills.

Walnut Hills High ranks 139th nationally and 2nd in state rankings. The facility also tops the rankings in the Cincinnati metro area and among the 16 high schools in the district. In addition, the school boasts a 100% graduation rate, and GreatSchools.org rates it at 9/10.

Notable Alumni

Janet Biehl – Graphic novelist and author

Douglas S. Cramer – Co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Theda Bara – Silent film era star

Walter Laufer – Olympic gold medalist

Miller Higgins – Former manager of the New York Yankees and Baseball Hall of Famer

Helen Elsie Austin – First Black female graduate of UC Law School and first Black woman to serve as Assistant Attorney General of Ohio

Rick Steiner – Five-time Tony Award-winning producer

Itaal Shur – Grammy Award-winning composer and producer

Stephen Sanger – Chairman and CEO of General Mills

Ottawa Hills High School 

2532 Evergreen Road, Toledo, OH 43606

Ottawa Hills High is an excellent place for your child to advance academically, experience vast activities, and grow into a caring community member. The school strives to create a welcoming and enabling environment where students have the tools they need to attain success.

Ottawa Hills caters to 348 students between seventh and twelfth grades, and 27% come from minority communities. In addition, the facility hires brilliant faculty and staff. The team comprises 34 board-certified tutors, translating to a 1:15 teacher-student ratio.

These educators genuinely enjoy interacting with students at all grade levels, knowing the parent community, and collaborating to achieve the child’s maximum potential. They are focused and creative, putting scholars at the core of their instructional programs.

Ottawa Hills’s curriculum is rigorous and internationally competitive. As a result, students gain a solid comprehension of the skills and knowledge in humanities and natural and social sciences. Academics aside, learners also explore their talents in different athletic activities and arts. This has been valuable in maintaining the school’s long tradition of academic and noncurricular excellence.

Ottawa Hills High ranks 1st in the state and in the Toledo metro area. The school also ranks 131st in the National Rankings and 115th among its STEM peers. In addition, the facility has a 98% Graduation Rate and a 9/10 summary rating on GreatSchools.org. 

Notable Alumni

Jamie O'Hara – Singer and songwriter who wrote a Grammy award-winning 1986 country song

Steve Gordon – Academy Award-winning director

Evan G. Galbraith – U.S. Ambassador to France under the Reagan administration and the Secretary of Defense Representative to Europe and NATO from 2002-2007

John Colenback – Actor

Constance Hauman – Songwriter, singer, and actress

Mark D. Wagoner, Jr. – Former member of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate

Christine Brennan – Author and sports columnist known for her coverage of the Olympics

Group of High School Students - Schools in Florida
High school students buckle down and prepare for their exams as they show resilience in the face of a challenging academic year.


Your Child Deserves the Best Learning Experience

The school you choose for your child will greatly determine how they end up. So you must get it right.

Generally, you want to consider several key factors while assessing your options. For instance, you want a facility with a competent management team working alongside a certified team of tutors with years of combined experience. You should also prioritize robust education programs with a child-centric formal curriculum alongside vast extracurricular activities.

Also, consider a facility that offers a healthy culture and a set of ethos that can help your young learner differentiate between wrong and right. The school should be safe and in close proximity to your residence.

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