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The 10 Best Schools in Mississippi Today

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The 10 Best Schools in Mississippi Today

Most of the time, the neighboring states often overshadow Mississippi. But if you're familiar with the “Magnolia State,” you know it has much to offer. Known for its small, thriving art scene, picturesque towns, and welcoming residents, practically every city here is ideal for raising a family.

Mississippi's charm spreads out far beyond these, however. The city also boasts a solid education system comprising over 144 school districts. Thus, you'll experience less difficulty finding a good institution for your child.

Of course, what makes a “good” academy will depend on your youngster's needs, abilities, and talents. But, like most parents, you'll want to consider a unique culture and a rigorous, student-focused curriculum.

Luckily, numerous such schools exist in Mississippi, providing well-rounded experiences for diverse students.

This comprehensive review covers your ten best options. 

Best Elementary Schools

Madison Station Elementary School

459 Reunion Parkway, Madison, MS 39110

Top-ranking elementary schools strive to instruct learners to their level and advance them academically in core subjects. Madison, MS, residents are fortunate as this learning experience is readily available at the reputable Madison Station Elementary.

The public elementary school serves K-5 to 979 learners from different corners of the Madison rural setting. This population comprises 51% of schoolboys and 49% of schoolgirls, and 30% come from minority communities.

The uniquely gifted learners at Madison Station rely on 58 board-certified tutors and two counselors, translating to a teacher-student ratio of 1: 17, slightly higher than the district's proportion. Regardless, 84.7% of the team boasts three or more years of experience, and respective instructors collaborate with all involved parties to spark a love for learning among students. 

Madison Station Elementary is among the best performing in the state. The facility ranks fourth out of 431 elementary schools within the state. It also tops the Madison County School District rankings.

Madison Station's reading and math performance was well above expectations. The school ranked second and fifth in math and reading, with 84% and 81% of students scoring at or above the respective proficiency levels. 

Power APAC School

1120 Riverside Drive, Jackson, MS 39202

Power APAC School is a great option if you reside in Jackson, MS. The school boasts a long history of excellence in art and academics. In addition, it is reputable for its intensive instruction programs for its academically gifted students.

Power APAC School serves 4-12 to 114 students, where 65% of the population are girls and 35% are boys. In addition, the school boasts a 93% minority enrollment rate. This culturally diverse population comprises highly inspired, resourceful, and gifted individuals thriving in a challenging academic environment.

APAC provides a rigorous instruction program for artistically and academically talented learners via its robust specialty and scholarly program. This enhances the learning experience for students with exceptional abilities.

In addition, the school has departmentalized academic classes, providing specialized attention to each student. Learners also experience the performing and visual arts in their advanced arts access class sessions.

Power APAC Elementary has ten board-certified tutors and a student counselor, leading to a 1:11 teacher-student ratio. The teachers boast extensive and specialized training and provide a demanding, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment for each learner's success.

Power APAC ranks third-best in state rankings and #2 out of 33 Jackson Public School District facilities. The school also ranks 3 and 6 for reading and math proficiency, and 82% of learners passed both subjects. 

Education is the foundation for a successful future.


Bayou View Elementary School

4898 Washington Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39507

Bayou View Elementary School is also worth considering, especially if you're a Gulfport resident. One of the school's leading attractions is its rigorous curriculum that follows the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards. These standards create a well-defined and consistent framework that equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their education and beyond.

Bayou View Elementary serves 691 learners from kindergarten through fifth grade. The student body comprises 48% schoolgirls and 52% schoolboys, with 29% of the student population belonging to minority groups. These learners experience instruction in all the core academic subjects and opportunities for extracurricular activities.

Bayou View Elementary School employs qualified and seasoned staff. The team comprises 35 instructors and a student counselor, leading to a teacher-student ratio of 1:20. All of these full-time teachers are certified, and 89.7% have three or more years of teaching experience. Their efforts and dedication are evident in the school's remarkable performance.

Bayou View Elementary ranks second best among 431 peers within Mississippi. It's also the highest-ranking elementary school in the Gulfport School District. Students also performed exceptionally in math and reading proficiency, with 83% and 85% passing the subjects' proficiency levels.

Barack H Obama Elementary School

750 N Congress Street, Jackson, MS 39202

Most parents dream of enrolling their kids in a reputable institution with exceptional performance in statewide examinations. If the same applies to you and you reside in Jackson, MS, then Barack Obama Elementary is the perfect fit. 

The magnet elementary school is renowned for its intimate and familial atmosphere and dedication to forward-thinking education. It has a distinguished track record of promoting progressive education.

Obama Elementary caters to pupils from kindergarten to grade 5, with a student body of 228. Among the student population, 56% are females while 44% are males, and 99% of learners come from minority communities. In addition, 100% of students in the school are from financially disadvantaged homes.

Barack H Obama Elementary School employs 15 teachers and one counselor, resulting in a teacher-student ratio of 1:15. Also, 63.2% of the teachers have three or more years of experience, and 89% of the full-time teachers are certified. 

The faculty members impart a robust educational foundation to their students. They also instill in their students the ability, willingness, and urge to contribute positively to the global community.

Barack Obama Elementary ranks top among the state's 431 elementary schools. It's also top among the 33 facilities in the Jackson Public School District and its magnet peers. In addition, 82% and 92% of learners passed math and reading proficiency levels.

Best Middle Schools

North Woolmarket Middle School

16237 Old Woolmarket Road, Biloxi, MS 39532 

Choosing a vibrant student-centered learning community can lead to a more engaging, supportive, and fulfilling educational experience for your child. An institution like this guarantees better academic outcomes, social and emotional development, individualized attention, a sense of belonging, and holistic development.

Most middle schools in Mississippi guarantee this learning environment, but only a few can match North Woolmarket middle school's experience. 

The top-ranking middle school serves a diverse student body of 939 between kindergarten and eighth grade. Of this, 51% are girls, and 49% are boys, with a 21% minority enrollment. These learners benefit from a state-of-the-art learning setup comprising reliable internet access, four mobile laptop carts, and six computer labs. In addition, they have access to a media center and a fully automated library. 

North Woolmarket Middle has 56 full-time instructors and a counselor, translating to a teacher-student ratio of 1:17. All teachers in the institution are board certified, and 91.9% have over three years of experience. The team provides vast educational programs and exposes learners to vast academic excellence opportunities.   

North Woolmarket ranks in third position out of 273 statewide middle schools. It's also the top school in Harrison County School District. Students also excelled in math and reading proficiency, ranking fourth and fifth.

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Hernando Middle School

700 Dilworth Lane, Hernando, MS 38632

While academic progress is your primary consideration, you also want a school that fosters your child to excel outside the classroom. If you're a Hernando resident, Hernando Middle School is here for you. This top-ranking institution is reputable for inspiring learners for academic and social excellence, and students from this school turn out as responsible citizens, dependable problem solvers, and future leaders.

Hernando Middle School caters to 1,112 students between sixth and eighth grades with a 24% minority enrollment. Of this population, 51% are male, and 49% are female. 

Learners at Hernando Middle School experience a thorough academic and technical curriculum that nurtures them into lifelong learners. This program prioritizes project-based learning, technology, and college or career readiness.

Hernando Middle School has 69 teachers and two counselors, hence a teacher-student ratio of 1:16. Additionally, 96% of the faculty members are certified, and those with over three years of experience comprise 89.5%. These seasoned team members leverage their experience and advanced tools to ensure student success in and out of class.

Hernando Middle School ranks second best in the state and is the best among the 13 middle schools within Desoto County School District. The facility also excels in math and reading and ranks #2 and #7 for the respective proficiencies, thanks to 82% and 61% of learners who passed the math and reading proficiency levels.

Bailey Middle APAC School

1900 N State Street, Jackson, MS 39202

Bailey Middle APAC  is a magnet for Jackson, MS, families looking for the best middle school experience for their young learners. The school is renowned for offering its diversely gifted learners evidence-based teaching and learning practices. In addition, the facility offers a supportive, safe learning environment that instills self-discipline and academic excellence.

Bailey Middle APAC School serves a student population of 375 from sixth to eighth grades. This population comprises a larger female percentage, with schoolgirls comprising 61% and schoolboys comprising 39%. In addition, 96% of pupils come from minority backgrounds. All the learners here are disciplined and meet the proficiency standards in all the key subject areas.

Bailey Middle APAC School employs qualified staff members with the skills and experience to offer personalized attention and ensure each student's success. The team comprises 29 accredited instructors and two counselors, leading to a 1:13 teacher-student ratio. Of this, 94% are certified, and 80.6% have three or more years of experience. 

Bailey APAC ranks position 1 out of 273 Middle Schools in Mississippi and out of 12 same-level institutions in the Jackson Public School District. Also, students perform exceptionally in math and reading, and the school ranks in positions 6 and 1 in the respective subjects, with 77% attaining both proficiency levels.

Best High Schools

Petal High School 

1145 Highway 42 E, Petal, Mississippi 39465

If a school's performance on state-required examinations is among your top priorities, you should give Petal High School a try. The school provides exceptional leading, growing, and learning opportunities to 1,147 students between ninth and twelfth grades, with a 28% minority student enrollment.

Petal High employs 85 board-certified tutors with remarkable combined experience. Consequently, the teacher-student ratio is 1:14. These teachers push learners with a rigorous program and provide numerous opportunities for students to showcase their unique talents and capabilities at the district, state, or national levels.

Petal High's curriculum aligns with the state's college and career-ready standards that provide a clear and consistent understanding of student expectations. Consequently, students gain the skills befitting today's and the future's workforce, emphasizing teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

In addition, learners can enroll in advanced placement examinations and coursework under the facility's 36% participation rate.

Petal High School ranks 1,745 nationally and is the third best in the state. Moreover, the school ranks #1 in the Hattiesburg metro area. Students also performed well in math reading and science proficiency, with 77%, 69%, and 77% passing in the respective subjects. Finally, the school boasts a 95% graduation rate and a 9/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating.

Lewisburg High School 

1755 Craft Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654 

Nestled in Olive Branch, MS, Lewisburg High School also ranks high among the most reliable high schools in the state. The school opened its doors in 2006 and has earned Mississippi's highest accreditation every year. In addition, it's among the few learning institutions to produce several National Merit Scholarship Finalists annually. 

The school serves 1,212 students between ninth and twelfth grades, with a 16% minority student enrollment. In addition, the institution has 65 faculty members, translating to a 1:19 teacher-student ratio. 

Lewisburg's learning experience comprises dual credit, career technical, and advanced placement courses. Thus every student is career or college-ready upon graduation. 

The school offers diverse extracurricular opportunities. The school's athletic department participates in 14 competitive sports every academic year, from the water to the court to the field. In fact, the facility recently won state championships in baseball and volleyball. Learners also triumphed in swimming, powerlifting, and track competitions. 

Lewisburg's fine arts department guides learners to advance their artistic creativity through visual arts, drama, chorus, and band. The school also has an outstanding special education service aimed at reaching qualifying students' full potential. 

Lewisburg High School ranks 1,205 nationally and is the top-ranking college-prep facility in Desoto County School District. The school also ranks second-best in the state and the Memphis metro area. GreatSchools.org rates the school at 9/10.

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS)

1100 College Street, MUW-1627 Columbus, MS 39701

The prestigious MSMS can come through for Mississippi parents seeking an educational experience tailored to the needs of talented and gifted scholars. The public school's mission is to enhance the state's future in the global society. To achieve this, the faculty provides innovative learning experiences and aggressive outreach programs for other educators. 

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science serves 239 students in Grades 11-12 with a 46% minority enrolment. The facility also has 22 board-certified and experienced instructors, leading to a tutor-student ratio of 1:11. 

These seasoned teachers guide the state's talented and gifted students through an immersive, accelerated program. The curriculum challenges learners to push beyond their limits academically and outside the classroom. In addition, students can choose from over 100 different MSMS courses and sign up for free courses by Mississippi State University and Mississippi University for Women.

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science takes up position 223 nationally and ranks #1 both in state rankings and within the Columbus metro area. The school also ranks 52 in the magnet category, boasting a 99% graduation rate. Interestingly, all MSMS students passed in reading proficiency.

GreatSchools.org awards the school a 10/10 rating.

It's never too late to learn something new – so get out there and start exploring.

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Important Tips for an Informed Choice

School selection is among the most important decisions for any parent. While it can be overwhelming to navigate the many options, you can find a good fit for your child's needs and abilities with some key tips in mind.

First and foremost, you should consider your child's learning style and needs. Therefore, research adequately or talk to your child's tutors and any specialists they work with to know the right learning environment and resources to support your child best.

Next, you'll want to consider a school with a strong curriculum that aligns with your child's academic goals and interests. Finally, prioritize options offering a well-rounded education that supports your child's academic and personal growth.

Finally, it's important to consider the school's overall culture and environment, as it's critical to your child's well-being and success. Look for a safe and welcoming environment where students and staff treat each other respectfully and kindly.

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