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The 10 Best Schools in New Hampshire Today

The 10 Best Schools in New Hampshire Today

The beautiful state of New Hampshire in the northeastern United States is known for its scenic landscapes, charming towns, and family-friendly atmosphere. As a result, it's a popular destination for families seeking a high quality of life.

To add to the list of goodies, the state has done a commendable job in ensuring the highest education standards. In fact, some of the country's top-ranked facilities are in the state's northern region.

The state's public school system is well equipped, and the 90 school districts aim to deliver child-focused instruction for individual learners' needs. Thus, you have vast options if you're looking for a reputable learning institution with all it takes to help your child attain their full potential.

Whether you're keen on top-ranking learning facilities or seek to match a school's culture with your family values, the following top ten facilities are ready to meet your needs and those of your young learner.  

Elementary Schools 

Riddle Brook School

230 New Boston Rd, Bedford, NH 03110

Riddle Brook School aims to deliver a respectful, safe, responsive learning setup. Once here, your child will share their lifelong learning joy with colleagues, the institution, and community members. The collaborative school culture is founded on shared responsibility, diversity, and accountability. 

Situated in the Bedford, New Hampshire suburb, Riddle Brook School caters to 512 dedicated scholars between kindergarten and fourth grade. Female students comprise 47% of the population, while males lead with 53%. Furthermore, learners from minority communities comprise 19%, yet only 2% are financially limited.

Riddle Brook School hires 39 teachers and one counselor, so the school's tutor-student ratio is 1:13, the same as that of the district. This means learners can get apt guidance to attain their academic and personal development goals. In addition, all these teachers hold national accreditations, and 97.4% have over three years of elementary school teaching experience.

Staff members, students, families, and the community work to achieve academic excellence while inspiring learners to attain their maximum potential.

Students at Riddle Brook School performed exceptionally in the latest statewide examinations. The school ranked second best in the district and was the fourth best in the state for reading and math proficiency. In addition, 85% of students passed reading proficiency level, while 91% passed math.   

Hollis Primary School

36 Silver Lake Rd, Hollis, NH 03049

Hollis Primary School‘s students are at the center of the education program and comprise 335 learners from all sections of the Hollis rural setting. The students spread from pre-kindergarten to third grade and comprise a population of 48% girls and 52% boys. In addition, 15% of the populace identify as from minority backgrounds, while 4% face financial hardships.

These learners at Hollis Primary School depend on a dedicated staff team of seasoned tutors, dedicated non-teaching staff, and reliable administrative assistants. The school hires 26 accredited educators and one counselor, with a tutor-student ratio of 1:13.

Although this is worse than the district's average student-teacher ratio, the composition is enough to offer the students the full attention they need to navigate the facility's rigorous curriculum. Moreover, all the tutors are board certified and have over three years of teaching background. So you can be sure that your child will receive the quality education they deserve.

Hollis Primary School ranks third best out of 223 elementary schools in the state. Students also performed exceptionally in reading and math, with 82% and 98% reaching or exceeding the proficiency levels for the subjects. Consequently, the facility ranked at the top in the state for math proficiency and was the sixth best in reading. 

Happy children looking at a jar on a sunny day
With nature as their classroom, these adventurous students explore the great outdoors, discovering new wonders and learning valuable lessons along the way.


Memorial Elementary School

55 Old Bedford Rd, Bedford, NH 03110

Memorial Elementary School is among the top-ranked primary education institutions in the state and Bedford School District. The faculty, administrative assistants, and non-teaching staff strive to establish a learner community c comprising resourceful, intellectually curious, and respectful learners. In addition, the school's primary goal is to achieve academic progress by constantly improving instruction standards. 

Memorial Elementary School caters to 394 students from different communities within the Bedford, New Hampshire, suburb setting. This population spreads between pre-kindergarten and comprises 55% schoolboys and 45$ schoolgirls. Learners from minority communities form 20% of the population, while those from financially limited families form 5%.

The uniquely gifted learners are under the guidance and care of one school counselor and 30 full-time tutors. This means each teacher serves 13 students, which is on par with the Bedford School District average teacher-student ratio. In addition, the percentage of tutors holding national accreditations is 97%, while 90.1% have served elementary school students for over three years.

Performance-wise, Memorial Elmentary School excels. According to the latest statewide examinations, the school ranked second best in the state and took the top position among the six elementary schools in the district. In addition, 92% of the gifted scholars made it to or exceeded the reading and math proficiencies. As a result, the school ranked in positions 2 and 3 for the two subjects.  

Maude H. Trefethen School

142 Cranfield St, New Castle, NH 03854

Are you seeking a unique, personalized, and enriching instruction program for your child? Maude H. Trefethen (MHT) is open for enrolment, including non-resident students.

The small, attentive community at MHT fosters an environment where young learners can thrive academically and achieve their full potential. With a student-focused curriculum centered on project-based learning in core subjects, global languages, STEM, and the arts, MHT's unique approach to academics goes hand in hand with the schools' diverse enrichment opportunities.

Maude H. Trefethen Elementary School caters to a population of 36 learners, spread between kindergarten and sixth grade. This populace comprises 50% school girls and 50% school boys, with a 14% minority student enrollment. In addition, the public school enrolls 8% of financially limited learners. 

Maude H. Trefethen Elementary never compromises the quality of its staff team. The school has five board-certified teachers working hand in hand with one experienced and dedicated counselor. This creates a tutor-student ratio of 1:7, equal to the district's average. All these instructors boast national accreditations and have served the education sector for over three years.

Maude H. Trefethen Elementary School performs exceptionally in statewide examinations and student graduation. The facility ranks top out of 223 elementary schools in New Hampshire. In addition, the school ranks in the top and second for reading and math, and 95% of the most recent graduates scored above the two proficiency levels. 

Middle Schools

North Hampton School

201 Atlantic Ave., North Hampton, NH 03862

North Hampton School can make a great option if you prioritize a school's overall performance on statewide tests, graduation, and college preparation. A school that performs exceptionally in these standard assessments will likely deliver the ideal learning environment for your child to grow into a valuable global citizen.

The facility boasts a remarkable history of academic triumph and is home to 320 students between pre-kindergarten and eighth grade. Of this population, 52% are schoolboys while 48% are schoolgirls, and 7% come from minority communities. In addition, 3% of learners come from economically limited families.

North Hampton Middle hires 30 teachers and one school counselor working full-time. The school's instructor-tutor ratio is 1:11, equal to the districts. In addition, 99% of this dedicated staff team comprises national board-certified professionals, and the educators have served students for over three years.

North Hampton School's focus on qualified staff, rigorous curriculum, and impressive student culture is evident in the facility's vast accolades and impressive results. The institution is the third best among the state's middle schools and ranks in position 11 and top for math and reading proficiency. Additionally, 66% and 82% of learners excelled in the two respective proficiencies. 

Rye Junior High School

501 Washington Rd, Rye, NH 03870

Nestled in the Rye, New Hampshire, small suburb, Rye Junior High School is home to 168 gifted and self-driven learners between fifth and eighth grade. This populace comprises 52% schoolboys and 48% schoolgirls, with an 11% minority student enrolment. In addition, the school offers equal opportunities for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, offering 6% enrollment for apprentices with financial limitations. 

Rye Junior High School prioritizes staff qualifications. The facility hires a team of 20 seasoned tutors and one full-time counselor. Thus, each instructor caters to 8 students, equal to the district's average student-teacher representation. All these teachers hold nationally recognized accreditations, while about half have taught middle schools for over three years. 

Rye Junior High School is among the state's most reputable, top-ranked middle schools. The facility ranked second best out of 144 in New Hampshire. In addition, 87% of learners achieved and exceeded the proficient level for reading, while 82% attained the same for math. As a result, the school performed exceptionally in both subjects, ranking in third and second positions for reading and math.

Examinations aside, Rye Junior High School students also showed impressive preparedness levels for advanced academic levels, and most of them graduated. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the school day, these students take a moment to enjoy each other's company.

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Academy for Science and Design Charter

486 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063

Academy for Science and Design Charter is in Nashua, New Hampshire, a small city setting. The school's middle section caters to 319 students between sixth and eighth grades. The male gender forms a greater percentage of the populace, at 51%, while girls follow closely behind at 49%. 

Considered one of the most culturally diverse student bases, the Academy for Science and Design Charter comprises 52% of learners from minority communities. In addition, 3% face financial limitations. 

Academy for Science and Design Charter is home to a dedicated team of seasoned staff members. The teacher population is 21, and the school hires one full-time counselor. As a result, the school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:15, which is better than that of the district. In addition, 55% of these teachers are nationally accredited, and 95% have served middle school students for over three years. 

Academy for Science and Design Charter is among the best performing in the state, ranking as the best elementary school out of 114 ranked facilities. The facility also ranks in the top position among the charter schools in New Hampshire. 

Learners also performed above expectations in math and reading, registering 86% and 88% pass rates for math and reading proficiency. Consequently, the facility ranked in the second best and top position for the two proficiencies. Academics aside, students also thrive in extracurricular activities tailored to their whole growth. 

High Schools

Hanover High School 

41 Lebanon St., Suite 1, Hanover, NH 03755 

Every parent craves to enroll their young learner in a top-ranking high school with exceptional graduation rates and a college readiness index. If you're looking for an environment to help your child reach their optimal potential, Hanover High School is here for you. 

Hanover High is home to 697 students between ninth and twelfth grades. This diverse population comprises 20% of learners from minority communities, while 5% comprise learners facing economic challenges. Fortunately, the facility ensures a favorable academic environment by serving needy students with a free, reduced-price lunch program.

Hanover High School has a qualified and seasoned faculty comprising 697 board-certified instructors. As a result, each tutor is responsible for about 11 scholars. This impressive teacher-student ratio ensures learners get dedicated attention to navigate their unique challenges and triumph in the rigorous learning environment.

Hanover High ranks in position 884 nationally. It's also the third-best facility in the state and ranks in the top position in the Lebanon metro area. Additionally, 87% of learners passed math proficiency, and the school boasts a 96% graduation rate and a college readiness index of 34.0/100. Finally, GreatSchools.org rates the facility at 9/10. 

Notable Alumni

With its impressive academics and high graduation rate, it's no wonder that Hanover High School has some pretty noteworthy alumni. Here are a few of those individuals:

  • Reed Morano – Golden Globes and Emmy-winning Director
  • Barbara Bedford – Olympic Swimmer
  • Charlie Clouser – Musician

Windham High School 

64 London Bridge Rd., Windham, NH 03087 

Another top-ranked high school facility worth your attention is the reputable Windham High School. The facility takes pride in being the first high school to grace the Windham, New Hampshire, community. The school's founders sought to achieve shared community interconnectivity and experiences, and the facility has lived up to these expectations since opening its doors.

The school is home to one of the biggest student populations in the state, catering to 1,200 students between ninth and twelfth grades. Apprentices from minority communities form 18% of the populace, while 2% of learners face economic setbacks and leverage the school's reduced-price and free lunch programs.   

Windham High School caters to the stretched student population with an experienced team of 70 instructors. The nationally accredited faculty members boast vast combined experience and focus on ensuring each learner gets a learning environment ideal for their unique capabilities and educational needs. Compared to the student population, this translates to a tutor-learner ratio of 1:15. 

Windham High School ranks in position 737 nationally. It's also the second-best school in the state and ranks in position 24 in the Boston metro area. In addition, the facility registered a 97% graduation rate in the last academic year and boasts a college readiness index of 60/100. GreatSchools.org rates the school at 10/10.

Academy for Science and Design (ASD) 

486 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063 

Nashua's Academy for Science and Design is the only college prep institution in Academy for Science and Design Charter. The facility is home to 222 brilliant and responsible learners between ninth and twelfth grades, a culturally diverse population registering a 33% minority student enrolment. 

In addition, 1% of the student body comprises economically disadvantaged students. Besides enrolment opportunities, the school also serves a free lunch program for needy students, ensuring equal learning opportunities.

This vast student population depends on 13 instructors, hence a tutor-student ratio of 1:17. The faculty members are qualified and board certified, and they boast years of experience guiding self-directed adolescents to be responsible leaders of the future. Thus, your child will certainly get all the guidance to succeed in the rigorous curriculum. 

ASD High School in Nashua, NH, excels in state-provided examinations. The school ranks in the 112th position nationally and occupies the top seat in the state and Manchester metro area. In the charter category, ASD ranks 25, and the facility takes up the 167th position in the STEM category.

In addition, the facility boasts an 87% graduation rate, a 70.2/100 college readiness index, and a GreatSchools.org summary rating. Former students and parents have a lot of good things to say about the school, as evident in its numerous online reviews. 

Happy teenage students examining DNA models and taking notes in science class
Unlocking the mysteries of life, these biology students carefully examine the DNA model.


Build a Strong Foundation for Your Child's Future

New Hampshire offers a variety of excellent schools that can help students acquire their full potential and achieve their academic and personal goals. Ultimately, the right school will depend on each family's unique needs and preferences. Still, you can find the perfect fit with careful research and consideration.

Generally, you must consider several factors. Academic superiority, adept educators, myriad extracurricular activities, safe learning environments, and supportive communities are just a few of the key consideration elements for parents. By prioritizing these key factors, families can rest assured that they are providing their children with the best possible education in one of the top-ranked education systems in the country.

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