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The 10 Best Schools in Tennessee Today

The 10 Best Schools in Tennessee Today

More families with children are moving to Tennessee, and it's easy to see why. The “Volunteer State” experiences a mild climate, extensive outdoor amenities, and a low crime rate.

The region also offers a great school system for its future leaders. In fact, the state ranked first place in a recent nationwide education study. From rural settings to bustling metropolitan areas, the state is home to vast institutions to enroll your young learner.

Of course, deciding what makes a “good school” will depend on your child's unique preferences and needs. But despite these subjective preferences, we all agree that a safe and supportive learning environment, proficient and passionate tutors, modern learning facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum can help a child achieve their full potential.

If you're a parent in Tennessee looking for such an institution, you're in luck. This all-inclusive article explores your ten best options.  

Best Elementary Schools

McFadden School of Excellence

221 Bridge Ave, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129

Murfreesboro is fortunate to host the reputable McFadden School of Excellence. The magnet school caters to 385 students between kindergarten and fifth grade, with a 16% minority student population. Schoolgirls form a larger chunk of the population at 53%, while their male counterparts trail at 47%.

The institution has a dedicated team of 22 board-certified tutors and a student counselor, forming a tutor-student ratio of 1:18.

Besides its rigorous curriculum, McFadden Elementary is reputable for technology application. Students in kindergarten to fifth grade have Dell laptops, while each classroom has a Microsoft Display adapter connecting to a widescreen projector.

The school's cafeteria and gymnasium also feature far-reaching sound and presentation systems, and the Media Center has a presentation podium, an Apple TV, and a class set of 25 iPads. With these tools, the school offers an immersive and interactive learning experience to prepare students for the modern world.

McFadden School tops 949 Tennessee elementary schools and 24 facilities in the district. It's also the best-performing of the 24 magnet elementary schools in the state. In addition, students performed beyond expectations in mathematics and reading. The school ranked top in the two subjects, with 98% passing math proficiency and 92% attaining the same in reading.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School

128 Township Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075

Merrol Hyde Magnet School isn't your typical elementary school. Unlike most institutions that stick to state-recommended instruction, the institution enhances students' learning experience by incorporating the Paideia philosophy. This approach entails educating the whole learner – body, mind, and spirit.

A diverse population of 670 students benefits from this program, with girls forming 51% and boys trailing at 49%. In addition, the institution has a 16% minority student enrollment.

The learners depend on 50 accomplished and dedicated tutors and two board-certified counselors. As a result, Merrol Hyde Elementary boasts one of the most flexible tutor-student ratios at 1:13. This team maintains a collaborative community where learners and staff actively participate in continual learning and personal development, explore their diverse values and ideas civilly, and enrich each other's lives.

These efforts have enabled the school to deliver remarkable yearly results on state-required examinations. The school also boasts impressive graduation levels.

Merrol Hyde is the second-best elementary school in Tennessee and among the state's magnet elementary schools. The school also ranks 1 among 27 Sumner County Schools District facilities.

In addition, the school ranked 2 and 3 for math and reading proficiency, with 98% and 93% of learners attaining or exceeding both subjects' pass marks.  

Elementary School
Quality schools should provide a positive atmosphere for learning while being inclusive of all ethnicities.


Discovery School

1165 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130

Discovery School is ideal if you place a high value on your child's school culture. Situated in Murfreesboro, this institution boasts a considerate and compassionate culture that acknowledges the efforts of teachers and learners. On this unique faculty, instructors, pupils, and families collaborate in mutual respect, united in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Discovery School has a student population of 389, serving from kindergarten to sixth grade. The student body comprises 54% schoolgirls and 46% schoolboys. Additionally, the facility has a 19% minority enrollment.

Discovery's success stems from a supportive educational community and a dedicated staff team. The school has 22 board-accredited instructors and a counselor, translating to a teacher-student ratio of 1:18.

These Teachers work alongside families, support staff, and administrative assistants to implement a robust STEAM program that enhances the educational experience. In addition, they engage community partners to create real-life learning opportunities beyond the typical classroom. The results are evident in the school's positive online reviews and impressive rankings.

Discovery School is the third best in statewide rankings and the magnet category and ranks #1 among the 12 elementary schools in Murfreesboro. The institution also excelled in reading and math proficiency, ranking 1 and 4 for the two subjects. In addition, 92% and 93% of learners passed the respective proficiency levels.

Clovercroft Elementary School

9336 Clovercroft Rd, Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Clovercroft Elementary School opened its doors in 2011 as part of the founders' efforts to address northeast Franklin's educational needs. In just a few years, the space turned from pastureland to one of the best elementary schools in the country. The school considers itself a family of students, staff, faculty, and community members who proudly wear its signature green and gold.

Clovercroft Elementary serves K-5 to 712 scholars and their families, with a 30% minority enrollment. The population of schoolboys is equal to that of school girls, a rare, unique coincidence. Every day, these students endeavor to “learn and live above the line” while motivating each other to be kind, positive, and respectful.

Learners benefit from the guidance and care of a dedicated staff team comprising 45 seasoned tutors and a student counselor. This means the instructor-learner ratio is 1:16, on par with that of the Williamson County Elementary Schools District. Together, these full-time professionals ensure every student learns, grows, and succeeds. In addition, they toil every day to ensure a positive climate for learners and their families.

Clovercroft Elementary ranks fourth best among the state's 949 elementary schools and 1 in the county. Scholars also achieved a remarkable pass rate in math and reading, with 94% and 82% scoring above the two subjects' proficiency levels. In addition, the school ranked 3 and 4 in Tennessee for the respective subjects.

Best Middle Schools

Central Magnet School

701 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130

Young scholars require a rigorous curriculum to excel in their middle school coursework and prepare adequately for high school. You'll get this from Murfreesboro city's Central Magnet School, or CMS, a top-ranking Tennessee middle school reputable for its emphasis on academic mastery, effective communication, critical thinking, and character development.

CMS opened for the first time in the fall of 2010 and currently sits on a 25-acre space. The academic magnet facility caters to 1,237 scholars between the sixth and twelfth grades with a 20% minority student enrollment. Of this, 45% are schoolboys, while female learners form 55%.

CMS boasts a dedicated staff team of 72 instructors and three counselors, hence the 1:17 teacher-student ratio. The teachers have an average experience of 17 years, and 76% have at least a master's degree.

Besides their knowledge and experience, these educators also leverage advanced learning tools and technology to guide students through the school's rigorous college-prep program. So it's no wonder Central Magnet School has impressive results in statewide examinations.  

CMS ranks top among the 535 middle schools in the state, 14 ranked facilities in Rutherford County, and among Tennessee's magnet institutions. In addition, 97% and 98% of candidates passed math and reading, explaining the facility's top statewide rank for both subjects.  

With effort and determination, she will no doubt reach her full potential.

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Thurman Francis Arts Academy/Magnet School for the Arts

221 Todd Lane, Smyrna, Tennessee 37167

Are you looking for a reputable middle school in Smyrna that can equip your child with problem-solving skills and knowledge to participate in character development experiences? Thurman Francis Arts middle school could answer your young learner's needs. The top-ranking institution boasts of providing well-rounded instruction and a dynamic, arts-enriched curriculum.

Thurman Francis is among Tennessee's magnet schools with the highest population. The school caters to 673 students, and learners from minority communities form 29% of this populace. In addition, female pupils comprise 57%, while their male counterparts represent 43%. 

The top-ranked middle school is home to highly effective personnel who are always out to supply the right knowledge and resources for high school preparation. In addition, the institution provides consistent professional development to administrative assistants and tutors, ensuring they meet the school's academic performance and graduation goals.  

Thurman Francis School ranks third best statewide in the Tennessee magnet schools category. The institution also occupies the second position in the Rutherford County Schools District. In addition, the institution performed exceptionally in math and reading, ranking in the third position for both subjects. This top rank resulted from the direct effort of 71% and 80% who passed the reading and math proficiency levels.

Meigs Middle

713 Ramsey Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Families in the Nashville City area can benefit immensely from Meigs Middle magnet school. The school's curriculum, instruction program, teaching methods, and extracurricular activities aim to craft students into creative thinkers, successful all-time learners, and responsible global citizens. So you can be confident that your child will be sufficiently knowledgeable and prepared for their next academic level.

The school community provides opportunities for students to develop skills in leadership, community service, the arts, the sciences, languages, athletics, and responsible citizenship.

Meigs Middle School serves 689 pupils between the fifth and eighth grades. The school's gender distribution comprises 49% schoolboys and 51% schoolgirls, and learners from minority communities make up 44%.

Learners depend on 35 teachers and a student counselor, leading to a teacher-student ratio of 1:20. The team comprises seasoned professionals working tirelessly to address various learning styles using vast assessment strategies for determining learner progress. Their experience, dedication, and unique approach have earned the school impressive rankings.

Meigs Middle School ranks fourth best in the state and among its magnet peers. It's also among the top 80 middle schools in the Davidson County Schools District. In addition, learners triumphed in math and reading, with 87% and 81% surpassing the two subjects' qualification levels. As a result, the school ranks fifth in math proficiency and fourth in reading. 

Best High Schools

Hume-Fogg Magnet High School 

700 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Famous as the first public school in Nashville, Hume-Fogg opened its doors to its first students in 1912. Later on, in 1983, it became the first secondary magnet school catering to the area's academically gifted learners. Fast forward, the faculty has progressed into one of the country's top-ranking college prep institutions.

Hume-Fogg is home to 907 talented learners between ninth and twelfth grade. These students experience a daunting and rewarding instruction program and an empowering culture prioritizing acceptance and support. In addition, the learning environment values every learner's voice and celebrates diversity. 

Hume-Fogg boasts competent tutors, administrators, and custodial staff. The school has 46 full-time instructors, each catering to an average of 20 learners. Trained and seasoned in their craft, the team effectively guides learners through the school's honors and advanced placement programs. 

Besides classroom support, Hume-Fogg can aid your child's educational progress in many ways, including internship programs or community outreach. In addition, the faculty's parent association allows family contributions to students' learning experiences through volunteering and fundraising. 

Hume-Fogg ranks 70 nationally. It's the third-best in the state and among its peers within the Nashville metro area. In addition, the facility ranks 1 out of the 33 high schools within Davidson County Schools District and takes up position 21 in the magnet school category. GreatSchools.org awards the school a 10/10 summary rating. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School 

613 17th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Established in 1986, Martin Luther King High is the only high school under the MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools) District. The institution has a socially and culturally diverse student population of 1,000, with 57% of learners from minority communities. Parents, teachers, and other staff members enjoy this diversity, and students gain from vast perspectives.

Martin Luther High has 60 board-licensed tutors, which creates a 1:21 teacher-student ratio. The dedicated instructors walk students through the school's rigorous instruction program emphasizing math and science. In addition, these professionals equip young learners with the expertise to thrive in their post-secondary academic pursuits and live purposeful and productive lives. 

Students can choose from over 25 advanced placement and honors classes, so your child will likely get a befitting program. In addition, the school boasts a 100% graduation rate. While almost all graduates proceed to a four-year university or college program, others leverage Tennessee Promise. The latter attend their preferred community college as they anticipate enrolling in the four-year program. 

Martin Luther High ranks 170 nationally. It's the fourth best in the Nashville metro area and second best among 33 ranked high schools in the district. Compared to its magnet peers, the facility ranks in position 42 and boasts a 10/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating. 

Brentwood High School 

5304 Murray Lane, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

The esteemed Brentwood High School is opening our best high schools category. The institution's “Excellence through Teaching and Learning” motto is evident in the faculty's efforts to equip students with bell-to-bell instruction and success strategies to beat the highly rigorous program.

Brentwood serves 1,739 students between the ninth and twelfth grades. Learners from minority communities comprise 21% of the total populace. 

This diverse and uniquely gifted student body thrives in a challenging instruction system with elevated expectations and timely performance feedback. In addition, they experience remarkable cultural diversity, undergo varied teaching methods, and have vast curriculum choices, all of which broaden their learning. 

Brentwood has 85 board-licensed instructors, hence a teacher-student ratio of 1:20. The seasoned teachers use practical methodologies to set up learners for the highest possible achievement in class, on the pitch, and in the arts. As a result, learners graduate with a solid lifelong learning foundation, inspiration to reach their goals, and knowledge to be responsible citizens. 

Brentwood High ranks in position 301 nationally and is the fifth best in state rankings and within the Nashville metro area. The facility is the best-performing among the district's ten high schools. In addition, the school boasts a 98% graduation rate and a 9/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating.

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Through collaboration, they're developing their problem-solving skills – while also having fun.


While our detailed list cuts the slack and narrows your search, choosing the ideal institution for your child's abilities and needs is still challenging. Fortunately, numbers don't lie, and attention to the most crucial ones can simplify your search.

First, you want to be sure that your child gets the dedicated attention they need to succeed in the demanding curriculum you wish for them. So check out the number of teachers, qualifications, and average experience. You should also know how the facility fairs against its district, state, and national peers. That's why reviewing the institution's rankings in the respective categories is important.

Other vital metrics include the school's graduation rate, students' math and reading proficiency performance, and ranking in these two key subjects. You will find a facility befitting your young learner by focusing your search on options with the highest metrics.

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