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The 10 Best Schools in Kansas Today

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The 10 Best Schools in Kansas Today

Kansas is known for many great things–endless fields of wheat, friendly and hospitable communities, and beautiful sunsets, to name a few. The state also has a reputation for having one of the best US education systems.

Families moving to any Kansas State city can take comfort in knowing that their students will have access to reliable, top-performing institutions. While what makes a “good” school can vary from family to family, you want a safe and supportive environment, quality education, and opportunities for well-rounded growth.

Whether you're new here or a long-time resident seeking a new learning experience for your child, this article will ease your search with our comprehensive reviews of the ten best schools in Kansas.

So, let's dive in without further ado!

Best Elementary Schools

Timber Creek Elementary School

16451 Flint Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66062

Timber Creek Elementary is arguably the best top-ranking elementary school in the state. And if you live in Overland Park, you can let your child enjoy the school's unique learning experience.

Timber Creek serves 607 students from kindergarten to sixth grade with a minority enrollment rate of 20%. Of this population, 53% are boys, and 47% are girls. In addition, 1% of this reputable facility enrolls financially limited students.

The entire student population at Timber Creek experience vast developmentally-appropriate learning experiences focused on their academic and social goals. This curriculum provides young learners with a solid foundation in the core subjects, including mathematics, language and reading arts, social studies, art, science, music, health, technology education, and physical education.

Timber Creek Elementary employs 33 full-time tutors, leading to a teacher-student ratio of 1:18. This ratio is higher than that of the Blue Valley Schools District. But you can still count on this team because they are board certified, and 95.2% of the teachers have over three years of experience. 

Timber Creek is ranked at the top of the 645 elementary schools in the state and 21 facilities in the district. The school's reading and math performance is also impressive, ranking in positions 1 and 5 for the two subjects. In addition, the facility enjoys numerous positive reviews, and GreatSchools.org rates it at 9/10.

Prairie Creek Elementary

17077 W 165Th Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062

Situated in the rural setting of southern Olathe, Prairie Creek Elementary (PCES) is highly preferred by parents looking for small-sized classes that ensure their children get teachers' personalized attention. 

PCES boasts an average of 25 students per class. The facility caters to a student body of 437 between prekindergarten and fifth grade, with 9% of learners coming from minority communities. Of this population, 54% comprises schoolboys, while schoolgirls make up 46%. In addition, the school enrolls 4% of students from financially limited backgrounds. 

Prairie Creek is reputable for hiring top-shelf talent and professionals with all it takes to help scholars attain their maximum potential. The school has 31 instructors and one student counselor, translating to a 1:14 teacher-student ratio. 

All the tutors in this top-ranking facility are board certified, and 56.3% have at least three years of working experience. Such skills, advanced instruction tools, and a student-centered approach enable teachers to deliver 21st-century learning opportunities. 

Prairie Creek ranks second best out of the 645 statewide elementary schools and 1st in the Spring Hill School district. Students also performed exceptionally in reading and math, earning the school a statewide ranking of 3 and 1, respectively. This was the effort of 82% of learners who excelled in both subjects.

Besides its impressive rankings, Prairie Creek has also earned the Standard of Excellence award ten times thanks to its high performance in state-mandated examinations.

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Corinth Elementary

8301 Mission Road, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66206 

Corinth Elementary School in Prairie Village is another remarkable place where students grow and learn. The school has built its reputation on robust educational progress, addressing individual learners' needs, a dedicated facility, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, the school prides itself on its impressive parent involvement.

The facility serves PK-6 to 521 learners who mostly reside in Leawood. Of this, 45% are boys and 55% are girls, and the school has an 8% minority enrollment rate. In addition, 3% of learners face financial difficulties.

The talented and diverse student body depends on 30 qualified and seasoned tutors, translating to a tutor-student ratio of 1:17. All the faculty members are board certified, and 90.7% boast over three years of experience teaching elementary school kids.

These dedicated teachers work hand in hand with students, their parents, and the administration team to empower each learner to achieve their personal best. As a result, the group has collectively maintained a tradition of excellence in and out of class.

Corinth Elementary School is the third best in Kansas rankings and ranks 1st out of 31 in the Shawnee Mission Pub School District. Learners also thrived in reading and math, with 83% and 77% passing the two proficiency levels. Consequently, the school ranks 1st in the state for reading proficiency and 6th for math.

Wheatland Elementary

15200 E. 21St Street, Wichita, Kansas 67230

Wheatland Elementary School represents Wichita City in our comprehensive review of the best schools in Kansas. One of the best-performing institutions in the state, the school is famous for its safe and nurturing school environment and focus on academic, social, and emotional growth.

Wheatland Elementary caters to 358 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school has 53% boys and 47% girls, and 18% of the population comes from minority communities. In addition, the leading institution labels 6% of its enrollment as economically limited learners.

Wheatland Elementary is also home to certified, dedicated, and experienced faculty members. The team comprises 24 instructors and one counselor, hence a 1:15 teacher-student ratio. Together, these professionals promote social and emotional development, foster a love of learning, and prepare students for academic success in later years via a comprehensive curriculum.

Wheatland Elementary ranks fourth best in the state and is the top-ranking facility in Andover Public Schools District. The institution also performed above expectations in math and reading, ranking 1st and 7th. This impressive performance resulted from 82% and 78% of students who excelled in math and reading proficiency. 

Best Middle Schools

Maize Virtual Preparatory School

905 W Academy Avenue, Maize, Kansas 67101

Maize Virtual Preparatory School, famous as MVPS, opened its doors in 2011 with a simple and clear objective of helping learners from the Maize community find their love for education. So far, it's true to say that the public institution has attained the objective and is among the greatest contributors to Kansas's education system. 

The school is considered a Kansas pioneer virtual school and has created an exciting opportunity for scholars throughout the state to learn and grow in an online instruction program.

MVPS serves 416 students with a 10% minority student enrollment. This population includes 44% boys and 56% girls, and the school also set aside 1% of enrollment slots for financially limited learners. 

Students at Maize Virtual Preparatory School benefit from the partnership of a dedicated and experienced virtual team of 19 teachers with all it takes to help them reach their full potential. All these full-time instructors are Kansas-Certified and boast over three years of teaching experience.

A combination of seasoned tutors, a robust educational program, engaging enrichment activities, and superior online instruction offerings makes MVPS one of the best-performing middle schools in the state. The school ranks 1 out of 287 in Kansas and is the best-performing facility in the district. In addition, the school ranks in positions 8 and 1 for math and reading proficiency.

Prairie Star Middle

14201 Mission Road, Leawood, Kansas 66224 

The founders of Prairie Star Middle School sought to create an enabling environment for young adolescents to grow intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Since opening its doors, the school has always set the pace in quality education, faculty cooperation, and student performance in the state's ranking examinations.

Prairie Star Middle School caters to 445 students from sixth to eighth grades. The population comprises 52% male and 48% female learners, and 29% are from minority communities. In addition, the facility provides 4% of enrollment slots for financially limited scholars.

Students at Prairie Star experience a rigorous, exploratory program comprising the core subjects, physical education, the arts, and a host of extracurricular activities. In addition, those living beyond 2.5 miles from the facility benefit from the school's free bus transport.

Prairie Star Middle School has 31 instructors and two counselors, translating to a 1:14 tutor-student ratio. All the teachers are board certified, and 97.6% have more than three years in the field of education.  

Prairie Star is the second-best facility in the state and ranks 1st in the Blue Valley Schools District. The students here performed exceptionally in math and reading, with a 59% and 63% pass rate in the two proficiency levels. 

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With careful observation and careful analysis, these young scientists have the potential for incredible discoveries.


Patton Junior High

1 Patton Loop, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Also called the “home of the Tigers,” Patton Junior High can’t be missed in our comprehensive review thanks to its impressive performance in statewide examinations, high graduation rates, and extracurricular success.

Patton Junior High is known to maintain healthy relationships with pupils and their families, promoting an atmosphere where learners feel welcome and inspired to be lifelong learners. In addition, the practices, policies, and processes reflect the school's commitment to ensuring progressive, high-level learning.

Patton Junior serves 287 learners between the seventh and ninth grades, with a 37% minority student population. The student body comprises 55% girls and 45% boys, and 9% are students from financially limited households.

Patton Junior High employs dedicated and seasoned professionals. The staff team comprises 27 tutors and one counselor, leading to one of the best tutor-student ratios in the state at 1:11. Also, 96% of instructors are board certified, and 73.9% have three or more years of teaching experience. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the school is among the highest ranking in the state. 

Patton Junior High is the state's third-best middle school based on student performance on Kansas standard examinations and graduation. Learners also excelled in reading and math, with 55% scoring at or exceeding the reading proficiency mark and 61% attaining the same for math. 

Best High Schools

Sumner Academy of Arts and Science (SAAS)

1610 North 8th Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66101

Most parents find the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) World School program ideal for their uniquely gifted learners. If you're a Kansas City resident looking for this experience for your child, the reputable Sumner Academy of Arts and Science (SAAS) can be your best pick.

Established in 1978, SAAS boasts a major historical significance and has maintained a remarkable reputation since opening its doors. The nationally ranked facility got its name from Charles Sumner, a strong abolitionist famous for his fight for Black rights.  

Sumner Academy serves 896 students between eighth and twelfth grades, with an 88% minority registration. In addition, 78% of learners face financial limitations, with 16% and 62% registered in the reduced-price and free lunch programs.

The culturally diverse and academically gifted learners depend on 58 lecturers, hence a tutor-student ratio of 1:19. These certified and seasoned tutors strive to implement a global thinking culture that nurtures inquisitive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens. In addition, successful students develop essential decision-making and communication skills.

Sumner Academy ranks 32nd nationally and is the top high school in the state, Kansas City metro area, and the Kansas City Public Schools District. The facility also ranks 12th in the magnet school category. In addition, 57% passed reading proficiency, and 55% achieved the same for math. The school boasts a 98% graduation rate and a 9/10 summary rating on GreatSchools.org.

Notable Alumni

John McClendon – First African-American head coach in any sport

Carmell Jones – Jazz musician

Lea Hopkins – LGBT rights activist

Paul Graham – Former head coach of the Washington State men's basketball team

Charles Wilber Rogan – Early baseball player and manager

Leonard Gray – Former player for the Seattle SuperSonics

Delano Lewis – Former U.S. ambassador to South Africa

Blue Valley North High School 

12200 Lamar Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas 66209-2711

Blue Valley North High opened its doors in 1986. The school serves 1,501 learners from ninth to twelfth grades, with a 34% minority enrollment rate. Of this, 12% are financially disadvantaged, with 7% under the free lunch program and 4% utilizing the reduced-price lunch program.

BV North High School is home to a dedicated team of 74 trained, certified, and experienced faculty members. This leads to a teacher-student ratio of 20:1.

These professionals offer a well-rounded education balancing academic and elective courses. The learning program incorporates essential skills, provides opportunities for hands-on learning, and is flexible enough to accommodate diverse student needs. Besides the core subjects, students can also take AP coursework and tests.

Outside the classroom, students at BVN High are part of the state's High School Activities Association and participate in vast sports programs. Other extracurricular activities include school publications, performing arts, and clubs.

Blue Valley North High ranks at position 560 nationally and is the second-best high school in the state. In addition, the facility ranks 4 and 1 in the Kansas City metro area and Blue Valley Schools District, respectively. Students also performed beyond expectations in science, reading, and math, with 47%, 51%, and 55% passing the three subjects' proficiency levels. BVN High boasts an 8/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating and a 96% graduation rate. 

Notable Alumni

Casey Crawford – Former professional basketball player

Jon Kemper – Former goalkeeper for the LA Galaxy

Todd Bosley – Actor

Graham Mertz – Quarterback for the Florida Gators

Harry Higgs – Professional golfer

Eric Sock – Professional tennis player

Frances Silva – Former midfielder for FC Kansas City

Jack Sock – Tennis player and Olympic gold and bronze medalist

Shawnee Mission East High School 

7500 Mission Rd, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66208

Shawnee Mission East High School has been a godsend for Shawnee Mission residents. The facility opened its doors in 1958, and since then, it's exhibited outstanding educator merit and parent involvement. These, together with the school's conducive learning environment that puts students first, have made the school rank among the best performers in the state.

Shawnee caters to 1,723 students between the ninth and twelfth grades. The school's minority population is 18%, and students from economically limited households account for 8%. Of this, 6% and 2% are in the free and reduced-price lunch programs.

These talented and academically gifted students depend on 97 board-certified instructors boasting impressive experience levels. This statistic results in a 1:18 teacher-student ratio.

Besides the school's demanding yet insightful curriculum, your young learner can also enroll for advanced placement; the school has an AP participation rate of 56%. The program will challenge your child academically, prepare them for college-level coursework, award them college credit, and demonstrate their readiness for higher education to prospective colleges and universities.

Shawnee Mission East High School ranks in position 775 nationally and is the third best in the state. The renowned institution also leads in Shawnee Mission Pub School District. In addition, students demonstrated an above-average reading and science proficiency performance, with 50% and 55% attaining or exceeding the subjects' proficiency levels.

Finally, Shawnee Mission East has a 96% graduation rate and a well-deserving summary rating of 8/10 on GreatSchools.org.

Notable Alumni

W. Bruce Cameron – Author

John D. Carmack – Co-founder of id Software and one of the developers of legendary PC game Doom

Eric Darnell – Director and writer

Bruce Branit – Emmy-nominated visual effects artist

Nancy Opel – Singer and actress

Melissa Rooker – Former member of the Kansas House of Representatives

Joey Wentz – Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers

Brooke Dillman – Actress and comedian

George Brophy – Former baseball executive

Congratulations on reaching new heights.


Choosing the Right School in Kansas for Your Child

You now have an idea of Kansas's educational landscape and some of your top options. But the problem now lies in making your final selection, especially now that you have vast options with unique learning environments, school cultures, and statewide rankings.

Generally, your decision should narrow to your child's specific needs and areas where they show the greatest potential.  

Generally, go for a rich school culture that aligns with your personal and family values. However, don't shy away from rigorous curriculums; your child needs such programs to enhance their resilience, critical thinking, and decision-making. You also want convenience, so prioritize a facility close to your home or workplace or one that offers reliable transport services. Consider the staff qualifications and how the school performs against its peers in the district, state, or nationally.

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