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The 13 Largest Schools in South Carolina Are Massive

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The 13 Largest Schools in South Carolina Are Massive

South Carolina is among the most appealing locations in the southeast for family life. One of its greatest attractions for families is the quality of its education and school systems.

The 2023 Quality of Education Index awarded the “Palmetto State” a C Grade (76.43/100) for its education system quality. These rankings are based on public school funding teacher-student ratio, average ACT and SAT scores, and high school graduation rate.

Besides its impressive quality of education, South Carolina is also known for its populous learning institutions. But just how big are the student populations in these facilities? This detailed piece will answer you, taking you through the 13 largest institutions in South Carolina.

Cane Bay Elementary

1247 Cane Bay Boulevard, Summerville, SC 29486 

Cane Bay Elementary opens our list of the largest elementary schools in South Carolina. The reputable public school is nestled in the Summerville, SC, rural setting and is reputable for its impressive rankings in statewide examinations and learner preparation for advanced levels of education. So how massive is the school? Let's explore.  

Cane Bay Elementary School services a student population of 1,220. The learners span from prekindergarten to fourth grade, and the gender distribution comprises 46% female and 54% male pupils. In addition, the school boasts a 34%minority student enrollment, and 23% of learners are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Cane Bay Elementary is home to a dedicated staff team with years of combined experience. The team comprises 71 educators and two full-time counselors. In addition, the faculty's dedication and collaboration with relevant stakeholders have ensured the facility performs above expectations.

Cane Bay Elementary ranks 294 out of 647 peers in South Carolina and is the tenth best in the Berkeley 01 Elementary Schools District. In addition, 59% and 61% of students passed math and reading proficiency.

York Road Elementary

2254 West Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29732 

York Road Elementary opened its doors in 1972 to communities within the Rock Hill, SC, city setting. The facility is famous for providing an enabling educational environment where learners collaborate to develop robust critical thinking and communication skills. Despite catering to one of the largest student populations in the state, learners from this school grow to fulfill their academic and personal growth potential,

York Road Elementary serves a diverse student population of 392 pre-kindergarten to fifth-grade students. This populace comprises 54% males and 46% females, with 70% coming from minority communities. In addition, all learners in this school face financial difficulties. Fortunately, the school and district provide incentivized programs and services to ensure each learner attains their academic potential. 

The vast population at York Road depends on 29 tutors, which creates a teacher-student ratio equal to the district, where one teacher handles 13 students. The school also performs above expectations, ranking in position 428 out of 647 primary schools in the state. 

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York Road Elementary has been a cornerstone of the South Carolina community for decades.

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Little Mountain Elementary

692 Mill Street, Little Mountain, SC 29075 

Little Mountain Elementary is popular for providing relevant education programs in a supportive, safe environment. This reputable facility's faculty members and staff leverage the shared responsibility approach to ensure each learner gets the attention they need to thrive. Interestingly, this method has been successful throughout the years, despite the school serving one of the largest student populations in Mountain, SC.

Little Mountain Elementary has 392 pupils with diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Spanning from prekindergarten to fifth grade, the student population comprises 53% male scholars and 47% females, with a 25% minority enrolment rate. Furthermore, the public primary school's entire population is economically disadvantaged.

Little Mountain hires 29 equivalent educators and one full-time school counselor, so each staff member handles 14 pupils. All teachers are national board certified, and 96.7% of this team comprises tutors with over three years of service. This explains the school's impressive rankings of 114 out of 647 in the state and top position in the Newberry 01 Schools District. 

Dennis Elementary

321 Roland Street, Bishopville, SC 29010  

Bishopville, SC, is home to one of the state's largest facilities, Dennis Elementary School. The public collaborates with its diverse partners, community, and families to promote learning ownership through data-informed education programs. In addition, the accredited and seasoned faculty and staff strive towards a positive setting for each learner's academic excellence. 

The population of Dennis Elementary comprises 390 students from prekindergarten to fifth grade. Of these, 52% are females, and male students make up 48%. Furthermore, 94% of learners in this massive facility are from minority communities, and all students face financial hurdles and rely on the school's and district's aid.

Dennis Elementary hires 27 educators and one counselor, so each staff member handles about 14 scholars, which is quite flexible. Also, about 94% of staff members are certified, and 96.9% have served for over three years.

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Dennis Elementary strives to provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment where they can explore their academic and creative potential.

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Berkeley Middle

320 North Live Oak Drive, Moncks Corner, SC 29461 

If you live in Moncks Corner, SC, you won't be surprised that Berkeley Middle School made it into our list of the largest middle schools in the state. The public facility is densely populated and considers itself more than a school but a community of partners with a common goal of empowering each learner towards their academic goals and promoting their unique talents.

Berkeley Middle serves one of the largest middle school populations in the state, at 1,448 (from sixth to eighth grades). Students from minority communities comprise 53% of this population, and 47% face financial hardships and need assistance. In addition, the school hires 77 certified tutors and four counselors.

Berkeley Middle never disappoints in performance. The school ranks 224 out of 312 in the state and 10-13 in the Berkeley 01 Schools District. In addition, 28% and 39% of scholars triumphed in math and reading proficiency. 

Cane Bay Middle

1175 Cane Bay Boulevard, Summerville, SC 29486 

The Summerville, SC, community is fortunate to house one of South Carolina's largest middle schools, Cane Bay Middle School. But the population isn't the only attribute that makes the school famous. In addition, the facility boasts a reputation for valuing stakeholder input and prioritizing community partnerships. Thus, the administration team and faculty members foster constructive conversations focused on using the highest quality of education.

Cane Bay Middle serves 1,381 scholars between fifth and eighth grades. About 38% of students come from minority communities and 28% face economic limitations. Interestingly, the population has an equal distribution of schoolboys and schoolgirls.

The vast student body needs a robust, skilled, dedicated staff team, and Cane Bay offers just that. The school hires 79 teachers and three school counselors, all working full-time. 

A place of learning, growth and discovery. Cane Bay Middle School in South Carolina is a great spot for young minds to explore their potential.

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L. Wright Middle

2740 Alpine Road, Columbia, SC 29223 

E. L. Wright Middle wouldn't miss our review. The magnet school is in Columbia, SC, suburb setting and is known to empower and challenge its learners to thrive in the dynamic and highly competitive world. 

Compared to Cane Bay Middle School's population E. L. Wright isn't badly off. The school caters to 1,375 students from kindergarten to eighth grade, and 79% come from minority communities. This population has an almost equal gender composition, with male students 49% and females comprising 51%. Moreover, about half the student population faces financial limitations.

As expected, E. L. Wright hires a packed team of seasoned staff members. The school has 93 educators and three counselors, all qualified and working full-time. In addition, about 88.4% of these professionals have served for at least three years.

Despite its vast population, E. L. Wright Middle School thrives in exam rankings. The school ranks 97 in the state and is the second best in the Richland 02 District. In addition, the school ranks 14 in the magnet school category. 

Wilson High School 

1411 Old Marion Highway, Florence, South Carolina 29506

Established in 1869, Wilson High School is among the oldest facilities on our list. Since opening its doors, the facility has experienced both technological and physical expansion and has grown to join the state's largest high schools. The staff members here work to mold young learners to be knowledgeable, creative, and productive citizens in the challenging, ever-changing world.

The population at Wilson High School is about 1,241 spanning from ninth to twelfth grades, with an average class size of 25. About 81% of the population comes from minority communities, while 70% face economic limitations. As a result, 4% rely on the school's reduced-price meal program, and 66% are under the free lunch program. In addition, the school hires 96 lecturers, so each caters to about 13 scholars. 

Wilson High ranks 7,793 nationally and 86th in the state. It's also the second-best high school in the Florence metro area and ranks top in the Florence 01 School District. 

From the strong academic program to the unbeatable spirit that fills the hallways, Wilson is truly a place where dreams can come true.

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Dorman High School

1050 Cavalier Way, Roebuck, South Carolina 29376

Dorman High School was established in 1964. Thus, it may not be among the oldest schools on our list. However, the school boasts one of the highest populations in the state. The school's mascot is the Cavaliers; the primary colors are Columbia and navy blue.

The massive facility is home to 3,589 scholars spread between the tenth to twelfth grades, comprising 51% male and 49% female scholars. Learners with financial limitations form 49%, where 44% are under the free lunch program, and 5% rely on the slashed-price lunch program. 

Dorman High has 188 full-time teachers, so each faculty member caters to about 19 scholars. The teachers' primary focus is on the students, and they work to ensure each of them feels respected, valued, and safe. They also ensure the best learning experience by providing vast educational opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 

The school ranks 13,383-17,843 nationally, 166-221 in the state, and 9-10 in the Spartanburg metro area.

Wando High School

1000 Warrior Way, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina  

Wando High School is the second-largest high school on our list. But apart from its population, the school is known to be a conducive space where students come first. In addition, most parents prefer the facility thanks to its nurturing environment, first-class facilities, and challenging curriculum.

The public high school serves a diverse population of 3,330 scholars between ninth and twelfth grades. Wando High School's population comprises an equal distribution of male and female scholars, and 18% of the populace comprises students from minority communities. In addition, 9% of learners face economic hurdles and rely on the school's incentivized meal programs.

These learners depend on 176 lecturers, creating a teacher-student ratio of 1:19. The professional staff members boast an average education experience of 15.7 years, and three-quarters hold master's degrees and above. 

Looking at the latest statewide exams and graduation rates, Wando High is truly an educational powerhouse. The school ranks 849 at the national level and 5th in the state. It also ranks fourth in the Charleston metro area and third in the district.  

Group of High School Students - Schools in Florida
It's exam time at Wando High School and these students are proving that hard work pays off.


University of South Carolina-Columbia

Columbia, SC 29208, USA

Popular as USC, the University of South Carolina-Columbia is arguably the largest higher learning institution in the state. The facility is at the state's center, approximately 45 miles east of South Carolina's capital, Columbia.

About 35,471 students call the University of South Carolina-Columbia home. This population comprises a gender distribution of 15,280 male students (43.08%) and 20,191 females (56.92%).

The institution's undergraduate school caters to 14,801 females and 12,063 males, while the graduate school comprises 5,390 females and 3,217 males. Additionally, the school has 3,896 part-timers and 31,575 full-timers. 

The University of South Carolina-Columbia also offers distance learning opportunities, with about 3,416 students enrolled in the exclusive online program.

Many factors make USC one of the most popular choices for students in the state and beyond. For instance, the school offers affordable tuition, and learners enjoy vast athletic opportunities and club activities. But most importantly, the facility is reputable for its solid academic foundation. 

Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina 29634 

Clemson University is the second-largest higher learning institution in South Carolina. The public research institution prides itself on the environment where purpose-driven scholars, staff, and faculty team up on projects that positively impact our state, nation, and the world at large. The facility offers over 130 graduate degree programs and 80 undergraduate majors.

Clemson draws and unites scholars and faculty whose primary objective is to make a difference. The institution boasts a total enrollment of 27,341, comprising 13,224 males and 14,117 females. The undergraduate school has 21,653 undergraduates, while the graduate school has 5,688 students. 

Furthermore, Clemson University has 23,929 full-timers and 3,412 part-timers and offers online degree programs to 2,166 students.

The faculty, staff, and scholars at Clemson instantly plug into a network of mentors and leaders in vast industries. All the guiding figures are interested and willing to guide their fellow Tigers.

Clemson University in the News!

Clemson is usually making headlines for their sports programs but as of the summer of 2023, the stories are a bit more interesting than just a big game win. Take a look below.

Former Clemson defensive lineman has died, Clemson University announces

Big Ten discussing expansion, but Clemson Football is not on the agenda

Clemson University team working to save endangered tigers

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after a long day of studying.


College of Charleston

66 George St, Charleston, SC 29424

Last on our list of the largest colleges is The College of Charleston. The public university opened its doors in 1770. Consequently, it's the oldest higher learning institution in the state. This also makes it the 13th oldest in the country.

The College of Charleston serves 10,941 scholars, comprising 3,569 males and 7,372 females.  This population comprises 974 graduates and 9,967 undergraduate students. The undergraduate school has 6,618 females and 3,349 males, while the graduate school caters to 754 females and 220 males.

College of Charleston has 1,392 part-timers and 9,549 full-timers. Moreover, the facility offers distance learning opportunities to 842 students. 

The school has attracted such a vast population with its devoted faculty, stellar location, and devoted faculty. These attributes have made it one of the country's greatest public universities.

Be Sure to Find the Right School

South Carolina offers many educational facilities, some of which rank among the country's largest. So regardless of what motivates your search, you're sure to find a befitting learning institution.

But how do you finally pick the right facility from our list? Well, this will depend on your needs. Parents looking for schools for their young scholars should consider commute distance, quality of education, values, and ranking in statewide examinations. But if you're seeking work opportunities, consider the work culture, remuneration, and recruitment qualifications.

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