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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Vermont Today

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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Vermont Today

New England's beautiful state of Vermont is among the most picturesque locations in the country. The name translates to the Green Mountain State, although the region experiences a real rainbow of colors as winter turns to spring and the summer gives way to fall.

The tiny state has a moderately low population of slightly below 647,064, making it a quiet and quaint location. But it has its distinct vibe, and its small-town hospitality prevails at every turn. Vermont is also home to some of the country's best learning institutions, so you're sure to find multiple good options for your child.

Understandably, the term “good school” is largely subjective. But you want a facility with a welcoming, student-focused culture and impressive performance.

Fortunately, this guide will simplify your search with its comprehensive analysis of the best schools in the state based on GreatSchools.org ratings, online reviews, and curriculum type.

Best Elementary Schools

Albany Community School

351 Main Street, Albany, VT 05820

Interested in a reliable public learning facility that acknowledges your child's capabilities and offers a curriculum that prepares them for tomorrow's leadership? Albany Community School makes a superb choice.

This renowned elementary school serves 93 learners from different parts of the remote rural setting of Albany, Vermont. The population includes 52% male learners and 48% females. In addition, the institution boasts an 11% minority student enrollment, and 6% of learners are from financially limited households.

The entire student population benefits from the services of 9 full-time tutors. While the institution doesn't have a counselor, the 7:1 teacher-student ratio means all students get the utmost attention. Moreover, the elementary school's staff team comprises five paraeducators and multiple SEL specialists.

The school aims to ensure a valuable learning experience beyond the typical classroom sessions. Students participate in the Nature's Classroom program that brings learning outdoors. Thanks to the multi-day excursion, learners gain hands-on experiences around nature, team building, and science.

Classwork aside, the facility also has multiple nature trails for students and community members. Learners use these spaces safely and respectfully while enjoying their time in the institution.

Albany Community School's impressive facilities and rigorous curriculum have made it one of the best-performing in the district. 

Academy School

860 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Academy School is among the best-performing public middle schools. It's in the distant town setting of Brattleboro and serves 397 learners from kindergarten to sixth grade. In addition, the facility has a 23% minority student enrollment. 

The Academy School administration believes in project- and student-focused learning and strives to enrich each learner's experiences. Moreover, the school encourages families to participate actively in their children's education. 

There are more boys than girls in the Academy. Males represent 53% of the population, while females make up 47%. Furthermore, students identifying as financially disadvantaged comprise 45%. 

All these students depend on 33 board-certified instructors with years of experience helping students reach their full potential. The team strives to provide the best learning environment for students to navigate the school's gruesome and fulfilling curriculum. 

The instructors offer tutoring and multiple other programs to support and enrich young scholars’ lives. Moreover, students experience three after-school program sessions annually, which run for six to eight weeks at a time. 

The robust curriculum, dependable staff team, supportive parents, and dedicated students have earned the school a great reputation and impressive performance in competitive examinations and co-curricular activities. Consequently, GreatSchools.org rates the school at 6/10, and the facility boasts numerous positive reviews. 

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Addison Central School

121 Vt Route 17 West, Addison, VT 05491

One of the top-ranking institutions in the Addison Central School District, Addison Central Elementary should be among your top considerations for your young scholar.

The facility exists to serve learners' emotional, social, behavioral, and academic needs, and the faculty commits to delivering a trusting, predictable, and caring environment. Moreover, students' needs and interests drive the school's teaching and learning practices.

The facility serves a student population of 79 from prekindergarten to sixth grade, with an 11% minority student enrollment. Of this population, 51% are boys, and 49% are girls. Furthermore, four seasoned teachers and one counselor serve the student population full-time.

Addison Central's curriculum, organization, and activities are student-focused and intentionally tailored to ensure each learner's success. Staff members provide direct and scaffolding instruction that supports learning while students note down the knowledge and exhibit mastery of skills.

The school's foundation is based on best practices, and the administration emphasizes a trauma-sensitive environment that connects students to helpful and caring adults and peers. In addition, the facility implements restorative practices that enable a prevention and healing school culture.

These practices and beliefs have been instrumental in students' growth and development. They've also earned the school impressive rankings at the local and state levels. GreatSchools.org awards the facility a 6/10 test score rating.

Albert Bridge Elementary School 

108 Brownsville Hartland Road, Brownsville, VT 05037

Albert Bridge Elementary School is also popularly known as West Windsor. The public school serves the rural setting of Brownsville, Vermont, and is at the lower end of Mt. Ascutney. The school administration works hand in hand with the community to deliver insightful and growth-focused instruction comprising outdoor and place-based learning.    

Albert Bridge Elementary has only 60 students, with a 3% minority student enrollment, one of the lowest in the country. This populace comprises 53% male students and 47% female scholars. In addition, the facility sets aside 12% of enrollment opportunities for learners identifying as financially lacking.

The school's staff team has seven board-certified instructors working full-time. These teachers honor, encourage, and celebrate diversity and each student's aspirations and excellence through motivating and creative challenges. Moreover, the school's curriculum is rooted in best practices in universal and multi-age learning that highlight and support each student's talent, strengths, and capabilities.

Apart from the standard academic courses, the facility integrates music, art, physical education, and guidance into a typical school day. Furthermore, volunteers enrich the school's education through hands-on science lessons via the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.

A comprehensive curriculum, a dedicated staff team, and committed learners have enabled the school to perform exceptionally in state-mandated examinations. As a result, the school has a GreatSchools.org test score rating of 6/10.

Best Middle Schools

Arlington Memorial

529 East Arlington Road, Arlington, VT 05250 

Vermont's middle schools are among the best in the country in terms of student-teacher ratio, examination performance, and amenities. Arlington Memorial is one of these schools, offering a comprehensive curriculum, seasoned tutors, and extensive amenities to enable the overall growth of students.

Arlington Middle School boasts the New England Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation. The public facility's first lot graduated in 1925, and the school has maintained quality education and unmatched graduation scores ever since.

It's located in Bennington County and serves 216 learners with a 6% minority student enrollment. Of this population, 42% are female learners, and 58% are boys. In addition, the school offers 43% enrollment to learners facing financial hurdles.

Arlington Middle School is also home to qualified professionals who strive to provide students with a respectful, caring, and safe learning environment. The team has 19 experienced tutors and two full-time counselors, leading to a 1:11 teacher-student ratio on par with the district's average.

Arlington's curriculum meets students' individual needs, interests, and abilities. It also provides unique challenges to help students reach their potential. Students who experience it grow their critical-thinking skills, which enable them to make informed, responsible decisions. 

Alburg Community Education Center

45 Champlain St, Alburgh, VT 05440 

Very few Vermont middle schools can match the educational experience, curriculum quality, and remarkable student performance of the Alburg Community Education Center. The public learning facility serves PK-8 in the distant rural setting of Alburg, VT, and stands out among its top-ranking peers at the local and state levels.

ACEC middle school is in the heart of North Main Street's Alburg Village. The facility caters to 183 students, 58% male and 42% female. In addition, the population of economically limited students makes up 62%, and those from minority communities form 6%.

The school's 22 board-certified tutors collaborate with the counselor to provide the right conditions for students to navigate the demanding curriculum and prepare for advanced education. This means the school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:8, one of the lowest in the country.

ACEC's instruction and programs focus on academic success, environmental impact management, building social skills, and strengthening community involvement.

Students who undergo this learning experience grow into talented professionals and valuable citizens who contribute enormously to society. Moreover, the facility equips them with the important skills to aid their academic progression. Thus, students perform well academically and in other aspects of their lives.

Writing their way to success, these students are paving the path to a brighter future.


Albert D. Lawton School

104 Maple Street, Essex Junction, VT 05452

Albert D. Lawton School ranks among the best-performing learning institutions in Vermont. Located in Essex Junction's mid-size suburb setting, the reputable and top-ranking institution triumphs on the power of everyday effort. The faculty's primary mission is to nurture a vibrant community of connected, caring, and inspired leaders of the future.

Albert Lawton middle school cares for about 360 students between sixth and eighth grade. Boys comprise 53% of this population, while girls comprise 47%. Furthermore, students from minority communities form 23% of the populace, and the administration sets aside 26% of enrollment chances for financially lacking students.

Albert Lawton has one of the highest numbers of teachers among the district and state middle schools. The staff team comprises 31 teachers and a certified counselor, all working full-time. Thus, the school's teacher-student ratio is 1:11, enough to ensure personalized attention in line with each student's needs.

The teachers foster a love of education and self-belie in a caring, healthy environment. Furthermore, the faculty values and respects the efforts and contributions of every member of the school's learning community. Thus, collaboration is a huge component of the school's culture.  

Albert Lawton Elementary has a GreatSchools.org summary rating of 6/10.

Best High Schools

Champlain Valley Union High School 

396 Champlain Valley Union Road, Hinesburg, VT 05461 

Champlain Valley High School caters to 1,291 students from Williston, Hinesburg, Charlotte, St. George, and Shelburne. Learners from minority communities form 10% of the population, and 12% face financial limitations and leverage the school's free lunch program. 

Moreover, the facility has 88 board-licensed tutors vastly experienced in their areas of specialization. This translates to a 1:11 teacher-student ratio. 

Champlain Valley Union High School strives to nurture respectful and responsible global citizens, active and collaborative learners, critical and creative thinkers, and individuals who can contribute to the community.

Students experience an extensive curriculum. They're free to choose the academic paths befitting their learning goals, needs, and abilities. While the school doesn't offer honors courses and curricular tracks, students can sign up for Advanced Placement coursework and exams. The numerous demanding academic programs, student discipline, and staff dedication have earned the school a spot among the US's most reputable, top-ranking facilities.

Champlain Valley has an 8/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating. In addition, the school ranks third best in Vermont and among its peers in the Burlington metro area. Nationally, the facility ranks at #1,450.

In the News

On March 12, 2023, NBC 5 reported that Champlain Valley captured the first boys' basketball title in the school's history after defeating players from Rice High School. This is the sixth state championship that Champlain Valley attained in the 2022-23 school year, highlighting the current quality of the school's athletics teams. Vermont has had intercollegiate basketball for over 100 years, making it quite the feat for this team to become the first in their school's history to secure a basketball championship.

If you'd like to read another news story about this school, check this story from June 2023 out.

South Burlington High School 

550 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT 05403

South Burlington High is a godsend for residents of this northwest suburban community. Students from this region gain immense value from the facility's honors and accelerated programs in social studies, world language, mathematics, science, and technology. In fact, about 5% of students also study courses at the technical centers in the area.

SBHS is the only high school in the district. It serves about 935 students with a 24% minority enrollment rate and enrolls 12% of students with financial limitations. On average, 75% of students advance their education right after graduating. In addition, the facility has 75 teachers, translating to a 1:11 teacher-student ratio.

SBHS' leadership functions collaborate to ensure the ideal learning environment for students to triumph academically and outside of the classroom. The administrative leadership team manages daily operations while providing evaluative and supervisory staff, student life, and budget oversight. 

On the other hand, academic leaders run the facility's academic policy, budget process, and initiatives relating to the curriculum, staff supervision, and instruction.

South Burlington High ranks #2 among its statewide peers and high schools in the Burlington metro area. Nationally, the institution takes up position 906 thanks to its examination performance, graduation, and college preparedness. In addition, GreatSchools.org rates the institution at 9/10. 

In the News

On April 6, 2023, Vtdigger reported that South Burlington's principal decided to prohibit students from ordering food from food delivery services, such as DoorDash. The principal, Patrick Burke, stated that he believed the orders were becoming disruptive to students' learning. He pointed out that all students have access to free breakfast and lunch, so there should be no need for ordering food. Since delivery drivers cannot get into the building, students had to leave class to pick up their orders. Some questioned whether the motives students had for ordering food should be investigated, pointing to a possible issue with the school's meal plan.

If you'd like to read another story about South Burlington High, please check this story out from June 2023.

Mount Mansfield Union High School

211 Browns Trace Road, Jericho, VT 05465

Jericho-based Mount Mansfield Union High School is among Vermont's most reputable high schools. Almost every graduate from this place ends up as an engaged and effective global citizen with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute positively to the constantly changing world.

Mount Mansfield High School serves 782 students with a total minority enrollment of 8%. In addition, economically disadvantaged students comprise 10% of the population, with 6% on the free lunch program and 4% on the reduced-price lunch program.

These talented learners work hand in hand with 53 instructors, hence a teacher-student ratio of 1:15. The teachers commit to providing a healthy surrounding that can foster honesty, trust, and respect for diversity. They also work full-time to ensure learners meet social, civic, and academic expectations. 

Besides the school's unique curriculum, students can enroll in advanced placement programs; the school has an AP participation rate of 51%.

As expected, Mount Mansfield Union High excels in state-mandated exams and college preparation. The school ranks in the top position among its peers in Vermont. It's also the top-ranking facility in the Burlington metro area and ranks #703 nationally. GreatSchools.org rates the facility at 8/10.

In the News

On June 16, 2023, the Newport Dispatch reported that local police were investigating an alleged underaged drinking party at Mount Mansfield Union High. When police were tipped off to the party and arrived, they found several underaged individuals clearly intoxicated. All of these individuals were ordered to attend a diversion program. It is unknown who supplied the alcohol.

If you'd like to read another news story about Mount Mansfield Union, check this story from January 2023 out.

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Guide to Choosing the Right Learning Institution

Deciding the right school for your child to attend is one of the biggest challenges you'll encounter as a parent. So often, institutions claim to be better than their peers down the block. But this isn't about finding the best school in Vermont. Rather, it's about finding the best environment for your young student.

That said, you must heed multiple considerations when making this crucial decision. For instance, your location greatly influences the available educational options. Therefore, prioritize an institution with the lowest possible commute time while considering your child's needs.

It's also important to choose a school you can afford. Generally, public schools are your cheapest option, but you'll still need to budget for school supplies, extracurricular activities, and certain field trips.

Finally, and most importantly, consider a school culture and curriculum that aligns with your child's interests, gifts, and personality.

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