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The 13 Largest Schools In Virginia Are Massive

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The 13 Largest Schools In Virginia Are Massive

Virginia is a state known for its commitment to education. This reputation has made “The Old Dominion State” a powerhouse attracting families and students from the nation’s different corners and beyond.

Virginia houses about 149 school districts catering to over 1,900 K-12 learning institutions. Therefore, students can explore a diverse range of educational opportunities at any age or academic level. In addition, the state's 92.1% average public high school graduation rate highlights the impressive quality of education.

But academic success is not the only focus in Virginia. Rather, the state has sizable schools with vast resources, enriching programs, and diverse extracurricular activities for an enhanced educational experience. But how large are the state's 13 largest institutions? Let us explore.

Goshen Post Elementary

24945 Lobo Drive, Aldie, VA 20105

Goshen Post Elementary, located in a rural setting in Aldie, is also among the state's most expansive elementary schools. The school provides students with daily authentic learning experiences, encouraging a culture of risk-taking in the classroom and promoting professional development for teachers. 

Serving 1,293 scholars, Goshen Post boasts a teacher-student ratio of 21. In addition, the school's minority student enrollment is 58%, with an even distribution of both genders.

Goshen Post Elementary students triumph both academically and in extracurricular activities. The school ranks 257th in the state and is the 9th best elementary school in the Loudoun County Public Schools District. Moreover, 93% of students here achieved a proficient level in math, and 88% passed the same level for reading.

Buffalo Trail Elementary

42190 Seven Hills Drive, Aldie, VA 20105

Located in Virginia's Aldie rural setting, Buffalo Trail Elementary stands out among the largest elementary schools in the state. But, population aside, the public school is reputable for empowering students to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Buffalo Trail serves PK-5 and has a diverse and gifted student population of 1,159. The school has a fairly balanced gender distribution of 51% male and 49% female students, with a minority enrollment of 64%.

With 53 educators working alongside three full-time counselors, each tutor caters to 22 learners. This is worse than the district's student-teacher ratio. However, the school boasts 100% accredited teachers and 81.0% of teachers have served students for over three years.

Buffalo Trail Elementary is also an academic giant. The school ranks 663 in the state and is the 38th-best primary institution in the Loudoun County Public Schools District. In addition, 87% of learners passed math, and 79% passed reading proficiency.

Climbing the tightrope of life. This student is conquering her fears and pushing her limits with determination.


Madison's Trust Elementary

42380 Creighton Rd, Ashburn, VA 20148

Madison's Trust Elementary is a public school situated in Ashburn's rural setting. Its current and past students consider it a safe and welcoming environment that facilitates personal and academic growth, and they're right about it.

Madison's Trust Elementary caters to a student population of 1,137, with 64% of this populace comprising learners from minority groups.

In addition, the school hires 57 teachers and two school counselors. This means each teacher addresses the needs of 20 students, which is higher than the district teacher-student ratio. But 98% of the professionals are accredited, and over three-quarters of the faculty team boast at least three years of experience. Therefore, you can be sure of a high-quality instruction program.

Madison's Trust Elementary is among the district's best-performing primary facilities. The school ranks 120th in the state and is the third best in Loudoun County Public Schools District. In addition, 97% of students passed math proficiency, and 90% achieved the same threshold for reading.

Winterpock Elementary

9000 Elementary Way Loop, Chesterfield, VA 23832

Winterpock Elementary is a great choice for parents or professionals seeking a reputable institution with a large student population. The National Blue Ribbon School serves learners from different sections of Chesterfield, VA, and is known to strive for excellence in all aspects.

Winterpock Elementary serves a student population of 1,127 between prekindergarten and fifth grade. This populace consists of 48% schoolgirls and 52% schoolboys, and 32% from minority communities.

Winterpock Elementary School employs 69 teachers and two counselors, all board-certified, experienced, and working full-time. This creates a teacher-student ratio of 1:16. Notably, 92.1% of these professionals have served for the last three years or more. Their experience and qualifications allow them to emphasize positive behavior by supporting and instilling kindness, safety, and responsibility in their students.

Winterpock Elementary boasts a longstanding reputation of academic excellence, ranking 224th statewide and fifth best in the Chesterfield County Public Schools District. In addition, 92% of scholars passed the math proficiency level, and 89% triumphed in reading.

Learning in an interactive environment encourages students to think critically and develop problem-solving skills.

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Glasgow Middle

4101 Fairfax Pkwy, Alexandria, VA 22312

Glasgow Middle School is a diverse magnet school located in Alexandria, VA. The institution creates lifelong learners and nurtures knowledgeable, caring, and actively engaged scholars. With a mission to attain academic achievement and personal responsibility, the school fosters global connections and intercultural understanding to create a more peaceful world.

With a student population of 1,923, Glasgow Middle School boasts a highly qualified and experienced faculty of 148 teachers and eight counselors, resulting in a favorable teacher-student ratio of 1:13.

Despite its huge population, Glasgow Middle School is also an academic giant in the district. The school ranks 277th in the state and takes up positions 20-26th in the Fairfax County Public Schools District. Furthermore, the facility also ranks 26-34th among its peers in the Virginia Magnet Middle School category, with 76% and 67% of students passing the proficient levels for math and reading. 

Richmond Alternative

119 West Leigh Street, Richmond, VA 23220

Richmond Alternative is a public school situated in Richmond. The facility offers two exceptional programs to support students facing academic, behavioral, and attendance challenges. In addition, it ranks among the schools with the largest populations.

With a student population of 3,241, the school prides itself on a highly certified and experienced teaching staff. These students experience the Spartan Academy and the Individual Student Alternative Education Plan. The two programs provide a tailored learning environment for students who may not succeed in a traditional classroom setting.

Richmond Alternative students perform well in statewide tests and exhibit impressive graduation rates. The school ranks 275th in the state and is the second-best middle school in the Richmond City Public Schools district. In addition, 66% and 83% of learners in this school scored above the math and reading proficient levels.

Schoolgirl presenting in front of science class
Confidently presenting her project to her classmates, this middle schooler is an example of what it means to be a leader.


Tomahawk Creek Middle

1600 Learning Place Loop, Midlothian, VA 23114

Tomahawk Creek Middle School opened its doors in 2008 in Midlothian, VA. The school emphasizes a dynamic and inspiring learning environment, and educators focus on fostering self-directed learners while promoting public education for all. But what qualifies the facility to be part of this comprehensive guide is its vast student population.

Tomahawk Creek has 1,642 students in grades 6-8, with a gender distribution of 51% schoolgirls and 49% schoolboys. The institution's minority enrollment is 29%.

Tomahawk Creek Middle School employs 104 teachers and four counselors, creating a teacher-student ratio of 1:16. While this is slightly higher than the district's average ratio, the majority of the school's teachers are certified (98%), and 95.2% of them have taught for over three years.

The dedicated and seasoned faculty members partner with students, families, and the community to provide each student with vital knowledge, skills, and core values for personal success and community enrichment.

Tomahawk Creek Middle performs exceptionally among its peers at local and state levels. The facility ranks 150th among Virginia middle schools and is the third best in the Chesterfield County Public Schools district. In addition, 89% and 87% of students in this school passed math and reading proficiency levels.

Alexandria City High School

3330 King St, Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Promoting racial equity is the top priority of ACPS. This school constantly aims to provide quality classroom instruction alongside all the resources students need to enhance their learning experiences. However, the school is known for hosting one of the largest populations in the state.

ACPS has 4,173 students, with 49% of schoolgirls and 51% of male scholars. Each of these scholars grows to be advocates for equity and social justice.

The teacher-student ratio is 14:1, thanks to the school's 299 full-time instructors who strive to develop well-rounded Titans. The tutors promote self-awareness and civic engagement while emphasizing a community mindset that breaks down barriers to success.

Alexandria City High School performs above expectations in statewide tests and graduation rates. According to the latest test scores, the school ranks 12,072nd nationally and 247th in the state. Moreover, the school ranks in position 149 in the Washington metro area, boasts a graduation rate of 82%, and has a college readiness index of 36.2/100.

A group of high school students sits on the grass in a circle.
High school students come together to discuss important topics in a safe, inclusive environment.


Robinson Secondary School 

5035 Sideburn Rd, Fairfax, Virginia

Robinson Secondary School provides an environment that fosters academic, ethical, and social development. The school is reputable for its strong emphasis on personal responsibility and for instilling core values like frankness, integrity, and regard among all members of the community.

All that aside, Robinson High is among the largest college-prep programs in the state. The school caters to a total enrollment of 2,579 students, with a 43% minority enrollment. In addition, the teacher-student ratio is 15:1, allowing lecturers to create a culture of confidence and empower pupils to succeed beyond high school.

Robinson Secondary School isn't just among the largest institutions in the state; it is also a top performer. The facility ranks in position 618 nationally and is the 15th-best high school in Virginia. In addition, the school also ranks 21st in the Washington metro area, 10th in the Fairfax County Public Schools District, and 99th in the magnet high schools category.

Robinson Secondary School boasts a college readiness index of 61.8/100 and a 100% graduation rate.

Lake Braddock Secondary School 

9200 Burke Lake Rd, Burke, Virginia

Lake Braddock Secondary School also stands out among Virginia's largest high schools. The school has always been committed to preparing all Bruins for success. Tutors achieve this through authentic teaching and learning experiences focusing on curiosity, rigor, and transferable skills.

Lake Braddock has a total enrollment of 2,824 students in seventh to twelfth grades. The gender distribution comprises 48% females and 52% males, and the population comprises 54% minority enrollment.

The school hires 270 teachers, creating a 1:16 teacher-student ratio. Therefore, each student receives individualized attention and support from educators.

Lake Braddock Secondary School ranks in position 796 nationally and is the 17th-best high school in Virginia. The institution also takes up position 26 in the Washington metro area and 11 in the district (Fairfax County Public Schools). In addition, the school boasts a college readiness index of 59.3/100 and a graduation rate of 99%.

Cheerleaders paying attention to the football game while cheering for the home team at a local high school.
From their bright uniforms to their smiling faces, these cheerleaders show what it means to be a true fan.


Liberty University

1971 University Blvd Lynchburg, VA 24515

Since 1971, Liberty University has maintained its reputation of training Champions for Christ who possess the values, knowledge, and skills necessary to positively impact the world. That aside, the higher learning institution ranks as the largest in the state.

Liberty University serves 94,709 students, a population comprising 40.87% males and 59.13% females. Of these students, 20,500 males and 27,196 females are enrolled in undergraduate programs, while 18,204 males and 28,809 females are in graduate programs. Moreover, the university serves 52,833 full-time and 41,876 part-time students. In addition, Liberty University offers online degree programs, with an impressive 79,906 students currently enrolled exclusively online.

The university's campus spans over 7,000 acres, comprising over 7.5 million sq. feet of building space and 177 structures and buildings. In addition, scholars access state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including cutting-edge technology and modern learning environments. Whether on-campus or online, Liberty University equips scholars to succeed and transform the world.

Besides being the largest higher learning institution in the state, Liberty University also ranks 331st-440th nationally, and its Undergraduate Engineering Programs are the 177th best in the country. The institution also ranks 477th in the nursing category and is number 339 among the top social mobility performers.

Notable Alumni

Tim Lambesis – Lead vocalist for the band As I Lay Dying

Pete Kelly – Former president of the Alaskan Senate

William Franklin Graham IV – Evangelist and grandson of Billy Graham

William Byron – Professional NASCAR driver

Eric Green – Former tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Sid Bream – Former first baseman in the MLB

Vic Mignogna – Voice actor

Troy Nehls – U.S. Representative

TobyMac – Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist

George Mason University

4400 University Drive Fairfax, Virginia 22030

George Mason University is more than just a center of academic excellence. Rather, the university serves a higher purpose – creating a better tomorrow by emphasizing collaboration and taking action. Here, students learn from the world's complex truths and become wiser.

The university serves 38,628 scholars, a population of 47.43% males and 52.57% females. Of these students, 13,547 males and 13,335 females are undergraduates, while 4,775 males and 6,971 females participate in graduate programs. George Mason also offers online degree programs, with an enrollment of 8,748 students. The facility boasts a 1:16 faculty/student ratio and 44% of classes have less than 20 students.

George Mason University ranks 137th among National Universities and is the 64th best in the Top Public Schools category. In addition, the facility ranks 165th in best value schools and boasts a 49% four-year graduation rate.

Notable Alumni

Mike Draper – Former pitcher for the New York Mets

Mike Colangelo – Former MLB outfielder

Christine Fox – Former Deputy Secretary of Defense

David Jolly – Former U.S. Representative

Karl Rove – Former Deputy Chief of Staff under the Bush administration

Rhea Seehorn – Actress

Ian Weakley – Olympic hurdler

Callie Brownson – Assistant wide receivers coach for the Cleveland Browns

Parents congratulate a student who has graduated from his studies.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

925 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Virginia Tech, a public university established in 1872, is known for its innovative approach that combines education and technology. This has revolutionized teaching, research, and community engagement.

With a total enrollment of 37,279 students, the university has a fairly balanced gender distribution of 57.13% male and 42.87% female students. Undergraduate programs have 17,049 male and 12,711 female students, while graduate programs have 4,250 male and 3,269 female students.

Among these, 34,448 students study full-time, and 2,831 are part-time scholars. In addition, Virginia Tech also offers online degree programs, which have attracted 1,581 students.

The diverse students at Virginia Tech connect the knowledge they gain in their lecture halls with real-life experiences, developing profound knowledge. As a result, the school is among the top-ranked in the state and nation.

Virginia Tech ranks in position 62 nationally and 23 in the Top Public Schools category. The institution also ranks 156th in best value schools and offers the 16th best undergraduate engineering programs.

Notable Alumni

Mohammad Alavi – game developer known for highly rated Call of Duty levels

Steve Bannon – White House Chief Strategist for Donald Trump

Jim Buckmaster – CEO of Craigslist

Jess Cliffe – Co-creator of Counter-Strike

Chris Kraft – First flight director for NASA

Roger K. Crouch – Astronaut

Andrew S. Boutros – Prosecutor for the Silk Road case

J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. – 58th Governor of Virginia

Alan H. Shaw – President & CEO, Norfolk Southern Railway

Unlocking Your Potential with Virginia's Finest Academic Institutions

Virginia State houses numerous large-sized institutions. So whether you're looking for a school to take your child to or an institution to work in, the above insights will aptly guide you.

The schools highlighted above are some of the best-rated in the state and nation, offering a plethora of educational opportunities to their scholars. From quality resources and state-of-the-art facilities to innovative approaches, these schools are your gateway to success. Unlock your potential with Virginia's finest academic institutions today.

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