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The Most Expensive Schools In Kentucky Today

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The Most Expensive Schools In Kentucky Today

Education is the centerpiece of a child's life. A child is typically in school from around 3 to their 20s. They learn about their peers, the world, and the teachers around them. How a child thrives in school depends on the school and parent involvement.

This is no different in Kentucky. The Bluegrass state has some of the finest and most expensive educational institutions in the United States. Parents who live in this state have a lot of options to consider, from elementary to high school to college. However, some of these schools are also remarkably expensive.

In this guide, we'll look at the most expensive schools in Kentucky. You'll have a better understanding of what makes these schools so expensive. You'll see what they offer around education, how the teachers are different, and how they prepare students for the working world.

The Most Expensive Schools In Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.

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Although Kentucky ranks no. 43 out of 50 on the list of the best education in the United States, they still have some of the best schools that compete against any school in the United States. Here's a list of Kentucky's four most expensive schools and what makes them distinct.

Louisville Collegiate School

Louisville Collegiate School is one of the most expensive schools in Kentucky, with a tuition of $27,000. Founded in 1915, this school now has around 640 students. From junior kindergarten to 12th grade, students learn academic excellence. For example, students learn how to develop a character of respect, honor, responsibility, and compassion.

Additionally, Louisville Collegiate School is one of the best private schools in America, achieving a ranking of no. Two hundred thirty-three out of all the private schools in America. They were also ranked no. 2 for best private schools in Kentucky.

Sayre School

The Sayre School is also one of the most expensive private schools in Kentucky, with a tuition of $18,000 for elementary students and $27,000 for high school students. Founded in 1854, Sayre School now has about 600 students.

The Sayre School remarkably keeps class sizes small, allowing teachers to focus more on individuals. The student-teacher ratio is 7:1, which shows how small the classes are. One of the reasons this school stands out and is so expensive is its commitment to preparing students for college. Some of the things that students learn at Sayre School are:

  • Extensive Writing Assignments
  • 18 Advanced Placement Courses
  • Public Speaking Classes

Centre College

Some of the most expensive colleges and universities are in Kentucky. But they are also considered some of the best schools in the United States. One of these schools is Centre College, with a tuition of $46,000 a year. Founded in 1819, this school embodies so much historical significance. They now have a student population of over 1200 students.

Located in Danville, Kentucky, Centre College is known for its prestigious liberal arts education. It was ranked no. 55 out of 210 in Liberal Arts Colleges. Other notable things about Centre College are that they have an 85% graduate rate, a 9:1 student-teacher ratio and almost 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students.

Here are some of the most notable graduates from Centre College.

  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Basil Duke
  • Caleb Powers
  • James Jackson
  • Tiffany Reisz

Bellarmine University

Founded in 1850, Bellarmine University is another one of the most expensive higher education institutions in Kentucky, with a tuition of $44,000 a year. The school has about 3,800 students and a 12:1 student-teacher ratio in classrooms.

Bellarmine University is recognized as the Premier Catholic School of the South. Additionally, the school has some of the best educational programs. Some of the most popular degrees are nursing, psychology, and business administration.

Notable alumni to graduate from this college are:

  • Bruce Tinsley
  • Susan Cameron
  • William Medley
  • Charles Thompson
  • Tom Galligan

Kentucky Has Expensive Schools But Also the Best Schools

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Kentucky has some of the best educational programs for students.


Kentucky may be known for its bourbon and horse racing, but they also offer some of the finest and most expensive schools of any state. The schools from elementary to college show the prestigious education available to families. While these schools do cost more than any other school in the state, they also give students the opportunity to thrive more than any other school.

With small class sizes, rigorous programs, and supportive teachers, these schools show why they ranked as some of the best schools in the nation. It shows what makes them unique from each other. Overall, Kentucky is a state that offers some of the best education.

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