The 6 Largest School Districts In Wyoming Are Massive

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The 6 Largest School Districts In Wyoming Are Massive

Currently, there are about 95,000 students enrolled in the 348 schools that are located in the 49 school districts in the state of Wyoming. Some of these school districts in Wyoming are massive, and they have some very high-quality institutions that can shape the young minds that visit them day after day. Today, we’ll talk about the very largest school districts in Wyoming, and we’ll tell you what makes them great and if you should consider enrolling your child today.

How to Select a School District

While school districts on this list are massive, that doesn’t mean they are the best for your child. Each district brings its own charms and values, so make sure to do your research. When looking at school districts, analyze their budget, look at reviews, and review data online specific to your concerns. When you narrow your list down to one you like, schedule a tour so you can get a close eye on the schools and ask all applicable questions. Don’t forget to ask about opportunities for clubs, extracurricular activities, and after-school programs.

Without further ado, here are the largest school districts in Wyoming:

Laramie County School District

When we look at the largest school districts in Wyoming, we find the winner to be the Laramie County school system, which has 38 schools. This district is located in Cheyenne, WY, and it has 14,164 students at the time of this writing. The students are within the grades of pre-kindergarten to high school, and many of them enjoy a student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, which means they get a fairly attentive educational experience.

Since it’s one of the largest and most recognized school districts in the state, it boasts fairly positive numbers. As of now, 48% of students have a proficient reading level, and 41% have a proficient math level. The district is rated as #3 out of 50 when it comes to athletic programs and #4 for diversity. 

High-ranking schools in the Laramie County school district include:

  • Poder Academy
  • Meadowlark Elementary School
  • Central High School
  • East High School

Natrona County School District

The next of the largest school districts in Wyoming is the Natrona County school system, which consists of 27 institutions. This district is located in Casper, WY, where 13,259 students currently call the schools home. When compared to the other districts in the state, Natrona County is rated as #7 for athletics, #8 for diversity, and #8 for being the best district to teach in Wyoming. 

Currently, there’s a student-to-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, which means that the kids get a pretty good classroom experience. That strategy seems to have paid off because the district currently shows a 52% proficiency rate for reading and a 44% proficiency rate for the students learning math. The Casper area gets decent grades for housing and cost of living, so it’s a nice place to bring your kids. 

High-ranking schools in the Natrona County school district include:

  • Ft. Caspar Academy
  • Park Elementary School
  • C.Y. Middle School
  • Casper Classical Academy
  • Kelly Walsh High School
  • Natrona County High School

Campbell County School District

Teacher Female Elementary School Pupil With Problem
Many of the schools in Wyoming offer a quality education and good student-to-teacher ratio.


The Campbell County district is located in Gillette, WY, and is home to 8,633 students that are in grades ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The students get a great experience because there’s fewer students per teacher, a 13 to 1 ratio, to be exact. Because of that fact, 45% of students are proficient in math, and 47% are proficient in reading. 

The district has varying levels of success as they’re rated #5 for athletics, rated #28 as far as having the best teachers, and #32 as the best places to teach. The town of Gillette is rated positively for the cost of living and housing, so it’s a good place to live if you have kids. 

High-ranking schools in the Campbell County school district include:

  • Pronghorn Elementary School
  • Sage Valley Junior High School
  • Campbell County High School
  • Thunder Basin High School
  • Wright Junior/Senior High School

Sweetwater County School District

Nestled in Rock Springs, WY, we have the next of the largest school districts in Wyoming, which is the Sweetwater County school system, which has 15 schools. There are just over 5,000 students in this district, and they’re in grades starting in kindergarten and going to 12th grade. Many rate this school district as middle-of-the-road when compared to the others.

Currently, there’s a fairly decent ratio of 14 to 1 for teachers vs students, which has helped them to achieve a proficient reading percentage of 49% and a math proficiency of 44%. There’s an average graduation rate of 77%, which is also promising. The town of Rock Springs is rather nice with a family-friendly atmosphere, so it’s worth a visit. This district is currency rated as #7 for diversity and #20 out of 50 for athletics.

High-ranking schools in the Sweetwater County school district include:

  • Sage Elementary School
  • Rock Springs Junior High School
  • Farson-Eden High School
  • Black Butte High School
  • Rock Springs High School

Albany County School District

With 18 schools, we have the next of our large school districts, and it’s the Albany County system out of Laramie, WY. This is one of the districts with the highest rating, and it gets A and B grades for academics, teaching, college prep, and clubs & administration. At this moment, the school district has just under 4,000 students that are in grades pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

This district has a lot going for it. In the 17 schools that make up the district, there’s a student-to-teacher ratio of 12 to 1, which means that each child gets a lot of personal attention and they’re better off because of it. Currently, the district boasts a 59% reading proficiency score and a 51% math proficiency score among the students. Out of the districts in the state, this district rates as #4 for the best overall district, #9 for the best place to teach in Wyoming, and #13 for the best teachers. The town of Laramie also gets great feedback for the cost of living, housing, and for being good for families.

High-ranking schools in the Albany County school district include:

  • Snowy Range Academy
  • Slade Elementary School
  • Snowy Range Academy
  • UW Laboratory School
  • Laramie High School

Sheridan County School District

Finally, we have the Sheridan County school system, which has 10 schools. Although it has fewer schools than the others on this list, we wanted to mention it because of the high rankings, which makes it great for your students. It gets A ratings for academics, teaching, and clubs and activities. 

Located in Sheridan, WY, the district has just over 3,500 students in grades K-12. The district has an excellent student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. The payoff has been huge because the district shows that 72% of students can read at a proficient level and 68% can do math problems at a proficient level. Currently, the school is rated #1 for the best school district in the state and #6 for the best places to teach. 

The town of Sheridan also gets great scores, and it has high marks for being family-friendly, for its housing market, and cost of living. This is a nice place to learn and live if you have kids looking for a good school system.

High-ranking schools in the Sheridan County school district include:

  • Woodland Park Elementary School
  • Sheridan High School
  • Highland Park Elementary School
  • Sagebrush Elementary School


This has been your tour of the largest school districts in Wyoming and the benefits that they provide to the students of the area. As you can see, there’s a mix of favorable and not so great results, but the teachers do their best, and so it’s worth a shot. Consider any of these districts if you have a child living in Wyoming. 

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