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The 4 Worst Schools In Delaware Today

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The 4 Worst Schools In Delaware Today

According to WalletHub, Delaware is ranked 14th in the nation for education. Ranked 25th for school quality and second for school safety, Delaware is holding its place in the top 20. Even so, there are always bad apples that come from the tree. Today, we're going to take a look at the worst schools in the state from college to elementary school. We'll determine this by looking at graduation rates, test scores, and other essential factors that might pertain to each level of education.

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There are 1,091 schools and approximately 138,414 students in Delaware as of 2021.

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Delaware Technical and Community College Terry

The Delaware Technical and Community College Terry is listed as the worst college in Delaware due to its low graduation rate of 14.4%. Located in Dover, DE, it is a two-year community college and has an open admission policy so anyone with a GED or high school degree can be enrolled. For colleges, a good way to measure success is the average salary students receive after 10 years. This college's average salary is $37,100.

Glasgow High School

Glasgow High School was rated 1/10 on GreatSchools. They don't score well for college readiness. Their average SAT score average is more than 100 points below the state average. Glasgow students also fall behind state averages when it comes to pursuing college degrees. The state average for students pursuing a two-year college is 14% and Glasgow averages 9%. The state average for students pursuing a four-year college is 36% and Glasgow averages 26%.

The Bayard School

The Bayard School is rated a 1/10 on GreatSchools. Based on their test scores, their middle school students are falling far below the state averages in every subject. Only three percent of their students are proficient in math, the state average is 30%. For English, the state average is 42% and Bayard students came in at 11%. The state average for social studies is 29% and the school average is 5%.

Elbert-Palmer Elementary School

Elbert-Palmer Elementary is also rated a 1/10 on GreatSchools. The test scores at this school are very concerning. Based on their averages, students at this school are not making progress similar to other students in the state. The state average for math proficiency is 44% and Elbert-Palmer's average is 7%. The state average for English is 53% and the school average is 8%.

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