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The 4 Worst Schools In Nebraska Today

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The 4 Worst Schools In Nebraska Today

Nebraska currently ranks in the top 50% of states for best education. Although it ranks 33/50 for student success, it holds the 21st spot in the nation factoring in that it's in the top 20 for student safety and school quality. Today we're going to take a deeper look into why their student success is only 33/50 by determining some of the worst schools the state has to offer. We determine this by looking at test scores, college preparedness, and other factors that are relevant to each grade. The four worst schools in Nebraska are Nebraska Indian Community College, Ralston High School, Ralston Middle School, and Druid Hill Elementary School.

Nebraska Indian Community College

Located in Macy, Nebraska, Nebraska Indian Community College ranks as the worst college in the state due to its graduation rate. With a graduation rate of 5.8%, it is the only college in the state with a graduation rate below 10%. The national median graduation rate is 41.9%. Although not confirmed, it is possible that their graduation rate is low because the majority of their students are only enrolled for part-time. The graduation rate is calculated by how many student graduate within 150% of normal completion time. If the majority of students are studying part-time, it is possible that their students are graduating, just at a slower rate.

Another way to determine if a college is successful is to look at the average salary of graduated students after 10 years. Nebraska Indian Community College students, unfortunately, fall well below the national median for salaries. After 10 years, their graduates are making an average of $19,200 while the national median is $34,300.

With a low tuition cost of $4,080 a year, this school is a very affordable option. They also keep their tuition the same for out-of-state students. With the cost being so low, scholarship/grant opportunities, and a built-in tuition payment plan system, it does not seem that many of their students apply for financial aid.

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High School is the time when students can learn and prepare for their college education.

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Ralston High School

Ralston High School is rated a 1/10 by GreatSchools.org. Although this school is rated one of the lowest in the state, it does not score far off from the state averages in test scores, college readiness, and college success.

Test scores at Ralston in Reading and Science almost meet the state averages. In Reading, the state average is 72% and Ralston scores 71%. For Science, the state average is 74% and Ralston scores 70%. Although scoring lower in Math and Writing, Ralston students are scoring 10% or less away from the state averages. The state average for Math is 62% and Ralston scores 52%. In Writing, the state average is 71% and Ralston students score 63%.

For college readiness and success, they score decently well just falling below the state averages. Falling 10% or less below the state average, Ralston High School scores decently in their graduation rate, ACT scores, AP course participation, and the number of students pursuing college.

Ralston Middle School

Ralston Middle School is rated a 2/10 on GreatSchools.org. According to their test scores, they are falling below the state averages meaning that their students are likely not performing at grade level. In English, the state average is 44% and Ralston scores 31%. The state average for Science is 63% and students at Ralston scored 53%. In Math, the state average is 43% and Ralston scored 23%.

The middle school has a slightly above-average percentage of students who are chronically absent, being absent for 15 or more days. High rates of chronic absence mean less time for teaching and learning, ultimately leading to lower grades and test scores.

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Parents play a large role in their student's success. Helping them with their school work, ensuring they are getting the attention they need, and making sure they have good attendance is vital to their education.

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Druid Hill Elementary School

Druid Hill Elementary School was rated a 1/10 on GreatSchools.org. Their students are falling significantly below state averages. This means they are making far less academic progress as they move from one grade to the next compared to students at other schools in the state.

In English, Math, and Science, Druid Hill fails to come close to the state averages. The state average for English is 50% and Druid Hill scores 14%. For Math, Druid Hill scores 6% while the state average is 48%. Lastly, the state average for Science is 70% and Druid Hill averaged 27%.

Druid Hill also has a high rate of chronic absence. With the state average of 15%, Druid Hill has an average of 29% of its students being chronically absent. Elementary school is an important part of a child's education. They are building the foundations that are needed to understand more complex subjects as they graduate into middle school. It's important that parents prioritize their students having good attendance during this period.

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