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The 4 Worst Schools In Houston Today

The 4 Worst Schools In Houston Today

Houston schools rank 3/10 which is in the bottom 50% of Texas public schools. Let's take a look at schools in Houston from College to Elementary and what makes them the worst schools. Using test scores and college readiness/success if applicable, let's determine the four Houston schools you might want to avoid: Texas Southern University, Yates High School, Mcreynolds Middle School, and Martinez C Elementary School.

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Picking the right college is important so students can grow their critical thinking skills, develop innovative ideas, and have new experiences that will prepare them for adulthood.


Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University is rated a 3/10 by CollegeSimply. This rating puts them in the lower 27% of four-year colleges nationally. It is an easy college to get into with lower admission standards. They will accept SAT scores of 820 and ACT scores of 15. Also, a 3.0 GPA is the entry-level grade needed to be admitted.

For colleges, looking at the average salary for alumni and graduation rates is a good tell of the success of the school. At Texas Southern University, they have a low graduation rate of 17%, the national median is 42%. Within 4 years, 5% of their students have earned their bachelor's degree. Within 5 years, that number increases to 10%. Around the six-year mark, about 12% of their students have graduated with their bachelor's degree. For salaries, after 10 years the average alumni salary is $36,200.

In-state student tuition is $7,427. For out-of-state students, annual tuition is $19,677. The student loan debt average for students at Texas Southern University is $29,000. Approximately 68% of their students receive financial aid. Of that 68%, only 22% are actively repaying their loans. The national average for students repayig their loans is 47%.

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High School is a great time to build lasting relationships and explore passions that will take them through their college years.

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Yates High School

Yates High School scores a 2/10 on GreatSchools.org. They scored a 1/10 for college readiness and a 2/10 for test scores. These ratings mean that the school is making less academic progress than it has in previous years.

Based on SAT scores and graduation rate, Yates is below the state average for college readiness. For SAT scores, the state average is 1019 and Yates's average score is 827. With a graduation rate of 78%, they come in below the state average at 90%.

Looking at test scores for the basic subjects, Yates High School falls far below the state average in almost every category. For English, the state average score is approximately 50% and the students at Yates score between 14-19%. The state average for Biology is 63% and Yates scores at 28%. For Algebra, the state average is 62% and Yates scores at 22%. The students at Yates do score higher under US History although they still fall below average. The state average is 75% and they score at 62%. So what does this mean? With these low scores, it simply means that the students at this school are not performing at their grade level.

Middle schools is often where students start to learn important and valuable social skills.


Mcreynolds Middle School

Mcreynolds Middle School scores a 3/10 on GreatSchools.org. They score a 2/10 for test scores and a 4/10 for student progress. These low scores mean that have fallen below the state average and are making less academic progress than other students in the state.

For test scores, in almost every category they fall far below the state average. For reading, the state average is 44% and Mcreynolds scores in at 20%. The math state average is 46%, and Mcreynold's score is 32%. For social studies, the state average is 35% and Mcreynolds scores at 14%. The science state average is 49% and Mcreynolds scores 15%. For writing, the state average score is 40% and Mcreynolds scores at 22%. Although all of these subjects are scoring well below average, algebra seems to be the one subject that the students excel at. With the state average for algebra at 62%, Mcreynolds scores in at 100%!

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Elementary school is a vital portion of a child's education that prepares them for more advanced learning.

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Martinez C Elementary School

Martinez C Elementary School receives a 2/10 rating on GreatSchools.org. They score a 1/10 for test scores and a 3/10 for student progress. These low scores mean that they are scoring less academically than students similar to them in the state.

In math, reading, science, and writing, Martinez students score far below the state average. The state average for math is 50% and Martinez scores at 19%. For reading, the state average is 46% and Martinez is at 19%. The state average for science is 48% and Martinez scores 26%. What seems to be the lowest score so far is in writing, where the state average is 33% and Martinez scores at 4%.

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