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The 13 Largest Schools In Houston Are Massive

The 13 Largest Schools In Houston Are Massive

Houston, Texas is a large city with over 2.2 million residents. Despite how populous the city is, the cost of living is below the U.S. average and homes are affordable compared to other places, making it a great place for families to settle down. The Houston area alone has over 20 school districts with the largest being the Houston Independent School District, or HISD. In this district, you’ll find some of the largest schools in Houston.

Whether you’re new to the area or you’re looking for a new school for your child, keep reading to find out how about the 13 largest schools in Houston.

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Schools like Texas Connections Academy allow students to learn from home and get one-on-one support from teachers.

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Texas Connections Academy at Houston

10550 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77042

Texas Connections Academy at Houston is an online public school for students in Texas. This online school is tuition-free and accepts students from grades 3-12. They currently serve over 8,000 students. The goal of Texas Connections Academy is to provide students with a high-quality education that is personalized to meet their individual needs.

In public schools, some students are unable to get the help they need due to staff shortages and large classes. At Texas Connections Academy, can receive one-on-one support from qualified educators. On a typical day, 30% of a student’s time is spent exploring online lessons while the other 70% is independent work.

North Shore Senior High School

353 N Castlegory, Houston, TX 77049

North Shore Senior High School is a public high school in Houston with a student population of 4,602. This school has placed in the top 50% for overall test scores compared to all other schools in Texas.

This high school includes students in grades 9-12 on three separate campuses. At North Shore Senior High School, there are 4,602 total students enrolled. They have several athletic teams for students to join including baseball, basketball, football, water polo, and swimming.

Elsik High School

12601 High Star, Houston, TX 77072

Elsik High School is a public school in Houston with 4,224 students. 97% of the student body are minority students and the student: teacher ratio is 16:1. The mission of Elsik High School is to help students develop a love of learning and prepare them to become responsible, compassionate citizens.

The core values at Elsik High School include empathy, compassion, and integrity. In addition to their extensive athletics program, they also have a fine arts program for students. High school students can participate in a variety of fine arts classes including art, band, cheerleading, dance, and orchestra.

Hastings High School

4410 Cook Rd, Houston, TX 77072

Hastings High School is a public high school with a student body of 4,134 students. The motto of Hastings High School is “Dream! Believe! Achieve!” and the school has a mission to provide exemplary education in a safe environment.

This high school is part of the Alief Independent School District and has a separate campus for 9th-grade students. Hastings High School was originally Alief Junior-Senior High School, but the junior high later became Alief Middle School. Hastings High School has a rigorous academic program that includes options for Advanced Placement, test prep, and college prep courses.

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Schools with a larger student population often have more sports teams, clubs, and organizations for students to join.


Dobie High School

10220 Blackhawk Blvd, Houston, TX 77089

Dobie High School is a public high school for grades 9-12 with 3,877 students. The mission of Dobie High School is to create learning opportunities for students with a focus on relationships. The dedicated staff members help students reach their full potential and celebrate the success of students.

Founded in 1968, this school was named after the Texas-based writer J. Frank Dobie. Dobie High School is currently the largest school in the Pasadena Independent School District. Students can participate in a variety of sports, clubs, and organizations.

Klein Cain High School

10201 Spring Cypress Rd, Houston, TX 77070

Klein Cain High School is a high school in Houston with 3,777 students in grades 9-12. This public school ranked in the top 30% of all Texas schools for their test scores. They’ve also ranked as one of the most improved public schools, highest reading and language arts proficiency, and one of the most diverse public schools.

The purpose of Klein Cain High School is to cultivate an environment where students are fully engaged in learning. They aim to foster a culture of acceptance, where investing in students is their top priority. 

MacArthur High School

4400 Aldine Mail Rt, Houston, TX 77039

MacArthur High School is a public school in Houston that serves 3,559 students. Their vision is to empower students to become lifelong learners and they accomplish this through exemplary education and numerous learning opportunities. 

The staff at MacArthur High School focuses on student support. In addition to their administrative team, they have 10 school counselors who are available to support students and encourage them in their academic journey.

Klein Forest High School

11400 Misty Vly, Houston, TX 77066

Klein Forest High School is a public school in Harris County, Texas. They serve 3,487 students and their mission is for every student to find their purpose. As a school, they set high expectations for students and encourage them to reach their full academic potential.

In addition to their standard academic program, they offer numerous opportunities for students to excel. Klein Forest High School offers over 20 Advanced Academic courses, career and technical education, Air Force JROTC, and an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.

Cypress Creek High School

9815 Grant Rd., Houston, TX 77070

Cypress Creek High School is a public high school with 3,374 students. This school opened in 1977 and their first class of seniors graduated in 1980. Cypress Creek High School has consistently ranked as one of the top 1500 schools in the nation by Newsweek.

Cypress Creek High offers a Career and Technical Education that includes over 130 courses and 70 industry certifications. They also offer numerous courses within their gifted and talented program and have an expansive fine arts program. 

Jersey Village High School

7600 Solomon St, Houston, TX 77040

Jersey Village High School serves 3,346 students in the Houston area. This public school ranks among the top 20% of public schools in Texas for reading and language arts proficiency. Jersey Village High School serves Jersey Village, parts of Houston, and parts of Harris County.

In addition to their academic programs, they have numerous clubs and organizations for students to join including Environmental Club, Guitar Club, Water Polo, and Key Club.

Davis High School

12525 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77067

Davis High School in Houston has a student population of 3,298 and a 98% minority student enrollment. Over the past five years, the student body and teacher population have grown by over 10%. Davis High School was named after Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. the former commander of the Tuskegee Airmen. 

As far as student life, they have numerous sports such as volleyball, cross country, swimming, golf, and tennis. 

Cypress Ridge High School

7900 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041

Cypress Ridge High School, another public high school in Houston, serves 3,086 students. This high school is placed in the top 30% of Texas schools for overall math and reading proficiency. Cypress Ridge High School has a strong tradition of culture and achievement both academically and for its athletic teams.

Cypress Ridge High School has numerous student activities including cheer, theatre, drill team, and journalism. They also have clubs and organizations that fit the various interests of the student population.

Taylor High School

7555 Howell Sugar Land Rd, Houston, TX 77083

Taylor High School in Houston has a student population of 3,086. This public school has placed in the top 5% of all Texas schools based on overall math and reading test scores.

The mission of Taylor High School is to teach students the skills necessary to thrive in society. They achieve this by inspiring and fostering creativity in their students. The core values of Taylor High School include self-respect, respect for others, and integrity in their actions.

Finding the Right School in Houston

As the most populous city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the nation, Houston is home to several schools. Additionally, many of the public schools in Houston are massive, with over 3,000 students.
There are pros and cons to choosing a larger school for your child, but the schools with more students often have more athletic teams and clubs, and additional resources for your child. If you’re looking for a new school in the area, consider one of the 13 largest schools in Houston.

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