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The 13 Largest Schools In Delaware Are Massive

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The 13 Largest Schools In Delaware Are Massive

Not only does Delaware have a low cost of living compared to surrounding states, but it also has many excellent schools. With 19 school districts and over 200 public schools, there are a number of schools with large student populations. When it comes to high schools, some of the largest schools in Delaware have over 2,000 students.

If you’re looking for a school in Delaware with a diverse community and numerous resources and activities, check out some of the largest schools in the state.

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Large universities like the University of Delaware offer numerous opportunities for building community and connecting with other students.

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University of Delaware

210 South College Ave, Newark, DE 19716

The University of Delaware is a four-year public university in Neward, DE. The student population is 23,996. Aside from the main campus in Newark, the university also has locations in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, and Lewes. The mission of the University of Delaware is to help students develop knowledge through the free exchange of ideas.

The University of Delaware is a major research university that offers more than 150 major fields of study for students. The university’s motto is “Knowledge is the light of the mind.” Their core values include academic freedom, diversity and inclusion, and innovation.

Notable University of Delaware Alumni

Joe Biden – Current 46th President of the United States

Jill Biden – Current First Lady of the United States

Chris Christie – Former Governor of New Jersey (until 2018)

George Thorogood – American Musician known for Bad to the Bone

Richard F. Heck – American Chemist who won the Noble Prize in 2010 for the Heck Reaction


Wilmington University

320 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720

Wilmington University is a private college with 13,129 students. This university has an open admission policy, which means any student who has graduated high school or holds a GED can enroll. Wilmington University offers over 200 degree and certificate programs for students.

In addition to their academic programs, community is essential to being a Wilmington student. The university offers over 40 clubs and organizations for students to join including the Toastmasters Club, Digital Film Making Club, and Sports Management Club.  

Notable Wilmington University Alumni

Cordell Hull – Longest serving Secretary of State (1933-1944)

Stanley Plumly – American Poet

John W. Harreld – First Republican Governor of Oklahoma


Delaware Technical Community College

100 Campus Dr, Dover, DE 19904

Delaware Technical Community College is a college in Delaware with open admission. They have four different campuses and the largest campus is in the state capital of Dover. The Terry campus alone has 12,402 students.

The mission of Delaware Technical Community College is to empower students through educational opportunities. To fulfill this mission, they offer more than 100 degree, diploma, and certificate programs for students. These degree programs span across numerous industries including Agriculture, Business, and Education.

Newark Charter School

2001 Patriot Way, Newark, DE 19711

Newark Charter School is a public charter school with 2,432 students in K-12th grade. The mission of this charter school is to promote student achievement and effort through rigorous academic challenges. Newark Charter School has ranked as the top public elementary school in Delaware.

The staff at Newark Charter School aims to challenge each student academically. One of the ways they achieve their mission, vision, and goals is by encouraging parental involvement. They also have numerous athletic teams where students can build community.

William Penn High School

713 E Basin Rd, New Castle, DE 19720

William Penn High School is a co-educational high school in New Castle, Delaware. Also known as Penn High, this public school has 2,297 students in grades 9-12. They pride themselves on having a diverse student body and ranked as the 4th most diverse public school in the state.

The academic program at William Penn High School includes honors-level courses, Advanced Placement courses, and college-level courses. They also offer a wide range of sports throughout the year including football, basketball, volleyball, and track.

Caesar Rodney High School

239 Old North Rd, Camden, DE 19934

Caesar Rodney High School is a public high school just south of the state capital. With 2,116 students, Caesar Rodney High has a diverse student body. The school ranked in the top 10 best college prep high schools in Delaware.

The community of Caesar Rodney High School is committed to excellence in education and students can choose from 23 Advanced Placement Courses. They also offer an expansive art program that includes Thespians, Visual Art, Instrumental Music, and Video Production.

Odyssey Charter School

4319 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805

Odyssey Charter School is a highly-rated charter school in Wilmington, Delaware. They have 1,926 students in grades K-12. The mission of Odyssey Charter School is to help students become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.

One of the ways they accomplish this is through a focus on mathematics and the addition of the Modern Greek language into their curriculum. Additionally, their curriculum focuses on the ideals of Hellenism and democratic methods. Odyssey Charter School has ranked in the top 5 as one of the best charter elementary, middle, and high schools in the state.

Sussex Central High School

26026 Patriots Way, Georgetown, DE 19947

Sussex Central High School is a public high school in Delaware with 1,821 students. As part of the vision of Sussex Central High School, the leadership strives to make Sussex a premier school in Delaware.

The mission of Sussex Central High School includes creating a diverse and dynamic community of students. Additionally, the staff aims to prepare students to become responsible global citizens. Their academic program includes Career and Technical Education and an IB program. 

High schools like Dover High prepare students for the future through rigorous academic programs.

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Dover High School

1 Dover High Dr, Dover, DE 19904

Dover High School is a public high school in Dover that serves 1,798 students. Previously, this high school was ranked as one of America’s Best High Schools for five years straight. They’re known for their rigorous academic program and diverse opportunities for learning.

Students at Dover High School can participate in the Advanced Placement Program, Career and Technical Education, or the Academy of the Arts. They also offer students opportunities for extracurricular activities such as academic and leadership clubs or athletic teams.

Middletown High School

120 Silver Lake Rd, Middletown, DE 19709

Middletown High School is a public high school in Middletown, Delaware that serves 1,701 students. This high school has consistently ranked as one of the top 10 best high schools in Delaware. They’ve also been recognized as one of the best high schools for athletes.

Part of the academic program at Middletown High School is its interactive learning environment. They have high expectations for student achievement and offer numerous opportunities for students to learn through research assignments and class discussions.

Cape Henlopen High School

1250 Kings Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958

Cape Henlopen High School is a highly-rated public school with 1,637 students. Located in Lewes, Delaware, this school has the goal of helping every student succeed and prepare for the future.

Their academic program includes a Career and Technical Education Program. They also offer a variety of courses for students including honors, dual enrollment, advanced placement, and college prep courses.

MOT Charter School

1156 Levels Road, Middletown, DE 19709

MOT Charter School is a public charter school in Middletown that serves 1,383 students. It has ranked as one of the top 5 best charter elementary, middle, and high schools in Delaware. MOT Charter School has also had a 99% college acceptance rate since its first graduating class.

At MOT Charter School, students are part of a strong school community and learn from a challenging curriculum. The school has been open since 2002 and they’re committed to meeting the needs of each individual student.

Kathleen Wilbur Elementary School

4050 Wrangle Hill Rd, Bear, DE 19701

Kathleen Wilbur Elementary School is a public elementary school with 1,162 students. In 2015, Wilbur Elementary was chosen as a National Model School. The amenities available on campus reflect their large student population and the school building includes two cafeterias, gyms, and playgrounds.

Part of the mission of Wilbur Elementary is to inspire excellence in all its students. One of the ways they accomplish this is by teaching students how to use the latest technology including SMART boards, iPads, and Chromebooks.


Despite the many amenities in Delaware's largest cities, it’s a state with undeniable small-town hospitality. Delaware is the second smallest state in the nation, but it still has a number of massive schools. Whether you’re looking for a university or high school for your child, consider one of the largest schools in Delaware.

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