Creepers and Slammers

A great game for any get together

Items needed:

One of the best things about Creepers and Slammers is that there is almost no preparation needed. All you need is a quarter, a place to sit and your guest’s hands.

Ages appropriate:

Younger players may need a bit of help, but by the time kids are about 5 years old they can play on their own. The skills needed to play well are the ability to sit still and listen to instructions, knowing your right hand from your left and a bit of muscle coordination. Adolesants, teen agers and adults alike will enjoy playing together. Creepers and Slammers crosses generational lines.

Object of play (how to play):

One to for the money:

Step one: divide into two equal teams (if possible) and each team appoints a team captain. This is important because during the course of play only instructions from team captains should be honored by opposing teams.

Step two: Teams sit facing each other at a table. It is best if the table is not round and if the team members can all fit on one side, leaving the ends of the table unoccupied.

Step Three: use the quarter for a coin toss with team captains calling it in the air. The team that wins the coin toss goes first.

Two for the show:

-the Captain of the team who won the coin toss takes the quarter into a team huddle and the quarter is passed from hand to hand, careful not to let the opposing team know who gets the quarter.

-Once the exchange of the quarter is completed the opposing Captain consults with his team and calls either ‘creepers’ or ‘slammers’.

- The team with the quarter then either creeps or slams their hands in unison onto the table.

Three to get ready:

-Creepers: The creeping movement is done by closing your fingers over the palm of your hand, and beginning at the corner of the table slowly opening your fingers until palm and fingers are flat on the table. If you have the quarter you must do this without letting the opposite team know you have it.

- Slammers: While less complicated than creepers it can be a bit pinchy if you are the lucky quarter holder. The team holds closed hands above the table and slams them down together with palms and fingers flat on the table’s surface. Again the location of the quarter should be concealed.

Four to go:

-With the quarter in play and hands either crept or slammed onto the table now the bluffing and guessing begins.

- Team members help the team captain as he or she tells individual members of the opposite team to remove their hands, and whether or not they have the quarter. If the captain is correct continue to remove players hands, both or just right or left until the quarter is revealed.

-If the team finds the quarter correctly they now get to creep or slam. If they don’t guess correctly, the quarter is retained and the team gets a point. Play continues.

The first team to 10 points wins. Points can only be scored by fooling the opposing team about the quarter’s location.


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