Haunted House Ideas


Ghouls, Goblins and Ghosts, Oh My! Haunted house ideas for the very youngest Halloween revelers.

Most of us like the thrill of the unknown the pleasant tingle that runs down your spine when presented with the creepy unknown. We are never too old to enjoy a good fun scare, but what about our children who are both tender in years and heart? There is no reason they should be left out of all the fun, but there is a line between a good fright and childhood traumas that your child will discuss with a therapist later in life.

How Much is Too Much?

Before you plan your haunted activities get to know your audience. You know your child well and what types of activities are likely to be fun and what pushes the line a bit too far. If are including other children in your fright night plans consider their tolerance levels as well. (If you are not sure what this may be either keep it really tame and aim for the lowest common denominator, or make a quick call to parents to be sure your plans are fun for all.)

One of the best ways to have a bit of Halloween fun, and provide a large dose of chills is a good haunted house. You can do this on your front porch, garage or if you want to go all invite the party indoors and occupy different rooms inside your house.

Just a word of warning about the dark, most kids tolerate the darkness well enough, but when scary unusual attractions are added the darkness might really push the mood too far. Be sure you have the capability to turn up the lights in case of overwrought kids. Another trick is to give each child their own light to hold. This is the proverbial magic feather that will embolden them.

To get your haunted house set up you can have one theme for whole house, or a different theme for each room. Presented below is a haunted house geared to a one theme per room approach, but if a theme resonates with you fill as much as your haunted house up with it as you want. These ideas are also aimed at the younger crowd. Remember to keep is simple and appropriately cheesy; authenticity is not what we are after just a good feeling of Halloween magic and yuck with a pinch of fright along the way.

Autopsy Room

This is a favorite because there is so much you can do, and at so many scare levels. Set up a dummy with a sheet covering it. Stuffed clothing works great if you don’t happen to have a spare mannequin in the attic. Stain the sheet appropriately or leave it crisp and white. The person in this room can wear scrubs and a doctor’s mask, and really ham it up. Tell the children that they can touch the brains (cold noodles) or the eyeballs (peeled grapes) or the guts (jell-o). All these items are hidden under the sheet. Children who want to touch put their fingers under the sheet and feel. Eww!


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