Homemade Halloween Costumes


Home truly is where the heart of everything begins, including memorable homemade Halloween costumes.

There are many things that make the Holiday season great for individuals and families; Halloween stands and the starting gate of the happiest times of the year, especially in the world of childhood.

Some of the stress of the ghost and ghoulie holiday revolves around the question of what the children are going to wear. In many cases out of last minute desperation a harried late night trip to the store yields a costume that is neither the right character, nor the right price.

By making a homemade Halloween costumeboth the problems of last minute searches and endless mind changes of your fickle 5-year old will become a memory of Halloween’s past. The fun of creating a costume together will also become a cherished tradition remembered with fondness for years to come.

Where’s the duct tape?

If you plan to make the costume yourself an ounce of planning is worth a pound of prevention. Start making your plans early, so that the million mind changes most kids experience don’t land in the middle of costume creation.

Don’t let the idea of doing it yourself scare you, after all it is the costume that should be scary, not the prospect of creating it. There are a few basic supplies you will find useful no matter what type of costume you choose to make. A short list of necessary items for do it yourself costumes 101 are: a needle and thread, tape, yarn or string, face paints or at least a wide variety of make-up dedicated for Halloween use, and a variety of dress-up clothes.

The exact supplies you will need depend of course on what your child chooses to be. Help him of her decide well in advance and keep their decision firm by including them in the process of making the costume. Much like dinner, your kids are more likely to really enjoy the end result if they are included in process of creation.

The following are a few homemade Halloween costumes that are sure to please.

Classic Halloween Characters

A few costumes are as classically Halloween as a ghost, mummy, witch or zombie.

Haunting Ghost

Ghosts are among the easiest homemade costumes to create. For a basic ghost take a large white sheet and cut out eye holes to allow your child to see. There are a few obvious draw backs with this simple costume. It falls off easily, and is difficult to see out of the small eye holes. It is also not very creative or fun. To remedy these problems and add a bit of pizzazz try altering the basic plan. You can use just about any color sheet and give your specter a personality all its own. Instead of eye holes try cutting a whole large enough for your child’s head to poke through. You can paint your child’s face white and add a bit of makeup in keeping with the chosen ghostly persona. Your child can be the ghost of a movie star or a politician.

The ill fit of a bed sheet is easily remedied with the addition of a belt. Don’t settle for a standard belt; try chains, or ropes, or vines. Anything will do, just think of the personality your ghost is trying to portray. In addition to a belt, a few simple stitches may go a long way to helping the sheet fit properly.




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