Insulin Resistance Symptoms and Treatment


Some of the biggest topics in the medical media today are that of Type Two Diabetes and obesity. Insulin resistance a less dramatic disorder and much overlooked by the media machines that churn out endless articles on the dangers of diabetes. This is a shame because insulin resistance is a precursor to both diabetes and obesity. By curing the body of insulin resistance a whole host of more serious medical problems are quite literally nipped in the bud.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance occurs when the body becomes insensitive to the hormone insulin. It can be compared to the selective listening skills of a three year old when being told to eat their greens. Insulin signals to the body when it is time to absorb extra glucose out of the blood stream to keep blood sugar levels in line. An insulin resistant person has to release higher than healthy and normal amounts of insulin before the body system responds to the signal and rids the excess glucose from the blood stream.

What Problems Can Result?

The most obvious health problem that results from insulin resistance is the development of Type Two Diabetes. Yet this is not the only serious health concern on the horizon for insulin resistant individuals. Obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure and heart problems, skin changes and polycystic ovarian syndrome are just a few of insulin resitance’s bed fellows.

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

There is good news in the cause area of insulin resistance. The cause is almost entrierly lifestyle related. This might not seem like such a great silver lining, but it really is. There is no poison in your foods, air, home or genetics that irreversibly disposes you to suffer endlessly from insulin resistance.

The average American will at some point suffer from insulin resistance. Estimates state that upwards of 35-40% of individuals over 45 already are insulin resistant. This is due to the diet of the average American.

The human body was never designed to consume so many empty calories composed of simple carbohydrates and little else. These simple sugars raid the blood stream coursing through the body in the form of glucose in high amounts. This make insulin work over time, and the body is slower to listen each time.

Can Insulin Resistance Be Reversed?

Yes. It is true that there is no reversal of Type Two Diabetes, but there is the full ability to stop insulin resistance in its tracks. The cure is simple, if not so easy to swallow. Remember the veggie hating three year old? That is the cure. Changing the daily meal plan to include vegetables and fruits in large amounts with lean meats and little if any refined carbohydrates is the cure.


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