Soothing Tips for Dry Hands

Chapped Hands Treatments


Soothing Tips for Dry Hands

Dry Chapped Hands


Soothing Tips for Dry, Cracked, Chapped Hands

Winter is my most dreaded season of the year. Along with the cold, snow, the dreaded snow days from school, wind, early sunset, there is also the dry, itchy, cracking hands that drive me crazy!

1. Stay away from water. Duh? Well we just had the stomach bug in our house so I’ve been cleaning and scouring puke and germs from everything, including my hands. But seriously, think of water as liquid acid to your poor chapped hands and only wash when necessary.

2. Stick with the palms. When you do wash, try washing just your palms and not the backs of your hands that have thinner skin that’s more prone to drying out.

3. Lotion up. Instead of washing with typical hand soap try using oil-free cleansers. Rub it on, work it into a lather, then wipe away with a tissue. Your hands will thank you!

4. Go topical. Not tropical, unless you have the money to. Apply a topical emollient after washing and before bed. Try lotion first, then a cream, and if all else fails pick up an ointment.

5. Stay away from hand dryers. The hot-air models won’t help with your dry, cracking skin. Air dry or towel dry whenever possible.


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