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10 Tips to Save Time and Money

Money Saving Tips

10 Tips to Save Time and Money


10 Tips for Saving Time and Money

1. Always shop with a list. Save time and money by only purchasing the items from your list, no more wandering from isle to isle looking for ideas on what to make for dinner or pack for lunch.

2. Use multipurpose products. Everything from beauty products to cleaning products. Use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, multi-surface cleaners, etc.

3. Pay bills online. This one I just started doing recently (I know crazy) but you save on the cost of stamps and checks plus the trip to the post office.

4. Enroll in automatic bill pay. This might seem redundant but hear me out. Enrolling in autopay means you will never again pay a late payment if something slips your mind.

5. Double your meals. When you’re buying for and cooking dinners, double up, freeze the extra one and you will have a dinner prepped for a busy night that you would otherwise order in. Save on calories and bucks.

6. Get cash back. Avoid extra trips to the bank or ATM plus out-of-network fees by using the cash back feature at the store.

7. Shop online. Use websites like ebates.com to shop for the lowest prices on items you know you want and get cash back. Plus save on gas you would use price shopping.

8. Stock up on sale items. Buy paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), cleaning products, and dried or canned goods when they are on sale. Buy in bulk at lower prices and save the extra trips out later.

9. Sign up for grocery store rewards. Our grocery store offers gas rewards points with just the swipe of a card. No coupon clipping required.

10. Combine your services. Call around and see about combining your internet, cable, and phone services and home, car, and life insurance. Often times you get discounts for combining these things, and don’t forget to ask for any discounts they might be able to offer. Plus one bill versus 2 or 3 saves time on paying bills.

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