25 Costco Services That May Surprise You: From Life Insurance to Truck Rentals

Costco Membership Cards

25 Costco Services That May Surprise You: From Life Insurance to Truck Rentals

Costco offers a series of that many members aren’t even aware of. On this list, you’ll discover many of the services offered by Costco and the partners they’re working with. From pet insurance to bath remodeling, let’s review the more than two dozen services offered by Costco.

Fun Fact: Costco Sold More than 800,000 Cars in 2021

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That’s an astounding number of cars, but it’s true! The book The Joys Of Costco got access to Costco management and they revealed that Costco’s Auto Program sold more than 800,000 cars in 2021!

Costco Auto Program


Costco’s Auto Program works to get members prearranged pricing from approved dealers. If you’re hoping to take the hassle out of car buying, it’s an exceptional service. The Auto Program includes both new and pre-owned vehicles, and also gives members parts & services discounts up to 15%.

In total, Costco says the Auto Program has over 5 million satisfied members the past five years, so this is definitely one of Costco’s most popular perks!

Costco Travel

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Here’s another fun fact: Costco Travel employs more than 900 travel agents! Costco Travel sells packages, hotels, cruises, and rental cars. Even if you’re going to Disney it’s a good idea to check Costco Travel. Right now they’re offering Disneyland packages that include 15% off select stays, gift cards up to $260, and early theme park entry.

Auto and Home Insurance


Costco CONNECT partners with American Family Insurance to offer members both home and auto insurance. One big caveat is that Costco Insurance Agency is currently not offering policies in California or Florida.

Reviews online have been mostly positive – with CONNECT members saying Costco was cheaper than alternatives. In addition, there was satisfaction with the ease with which claims were handled. With insurance rates ballooning across the country, if you’re a Costco member it’s worth getting a quote to see if this service can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Life Insurance


Costco partners with Protective to offer Life Insurance. I got a personalized quote, and was surprised how good the rates were. You can get coverage from $100,000 to $5 million. It’s worth noting that Executive Members receive additional savings.

Personalized Photo Services


Costco partners with Shutterfly to offer prints, photo books, cards and stationery, home decor and photo gifts, calendars, wall art, and more. It’s worth noting that some online reviews of Shutterfly’s services have been generally negative.

My recommendation would be to test out a cheaper service such as prints, and if you’re happy with the quality you can use more of Costco’s photo services. An online alternative for prints that reviewers have been happy with is Mpix.

Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance is a partnership with FIGO. Costco Gold Star and Business Members get a 15% discount while Executive Members also get their enrollment fee waived. It’s worth noting that pet insurance won’t cover pre-existing conditions and certain operations like spaying or neutering. It does include emergency hospitalizations, chronic conditions, dental illnesses, prescriptions, imaging, prosthetics, hip dysplasia, and other conditions.

Custom Closet & Storage Design


Costco has partnered with the Closet Factory to give members a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying Closet Factory home organization purchases.

Closet Factory has organizational solutions for almost every room. Whether you want to build more storage into your garage, add a wall bed, design the home office of your dreams, or build a home library. If you’re an Executive Member you’ll also get a 2% reward on any Closet Factory purchases.

Bottled Water Delivery

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Costco has plenty of business perks, and one is bottled water delivery. The company partnered with Primo Water to offer water in 5-gallon and 3-gallon bottles. The bottles fit on water dispensers and are perfect for offices.

Budget Truck Rental

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Yes, Costco even has a deal with Budget Truck Rental! If you’re looking to move, you’ll definitely want to check with Costco since members can get up to a 25% discount on rentals. If you’d like to call Budget Truck they can be reached at 800-971-1052. From there you’ll want to ask about the Costco Member discount.

Solar Panel Installation


If you’re thinking of adding solar panels to your house, you’ll want to check with Costco first. Thanks to a partnership with Sunrun, Costco members can receive a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying purchases. Executive Members will also earn a 2% reward on this purchase.

Member Prescription Program

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Costcohas a site where you can search prescriptions to see if you get a discount with your Costco membership. Simply type in the name of your medication, show your Costco card to a participating pharmacy, and you’ll save up to 80% on medications.

Other Costco Services

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Beyond all the services listed above, Costco offers plenty more. Here are some others that may be of interest to you:

  • Business Health Insurance
  • Checks and Forms
  • RV Discounts
  • Payment Processing (for businesses)
  • Blinds, Shades, and Shutters
  • Generator Installation
  • HVAC Installation & Replacement
  • Flooring and Carpet Installation
  • Bath Remodel
  • Garage Door & Opener Install
  • Quartz & Granite Installation
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Water Treatment & Softeners
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