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5 Easy Ways to See How Others Live

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5 Easy Ways to See How Others Live


House Tours from Your Couch or Computer Chair


Looking Into Other People’s Houses


Most of us have walked down a street at night and peeked into the window of someone’s house when they’ve left the curtains open (the living room people!). Some have gone to open houses just to see how the other half lives, even if they could never afford to buy the house. Being a lookie-loo isn’t creepy when it comes to houses, as long as you aren’t actually going up to the windows or breaking in. 

A fantastic way to get an inside view of truly magical, opulent, famous or just pretty houses is through the hard work of bloggers who are house lovers themselves. They scour real estate listing galleries, movie promo articles, and word of mouth from others to showcase the insides and outsides of some amazing houses. 

To get a look at where other folks from all walks of life hang their hats, check out our 5 favorite house touring blogs.


Between Naps on the Porch

Magical interiors of enchanting storybook homes, fairy tale cottages and fabulous beach homes among other styles and sizes. 


Hooked on Houses

A huge listing of movie house interiors along with extensive before and afters. 


Tiny House Talk

Micro, tiny and small…this blog showcases them all. It’s incredible how beautifully people can live in such small spaces.


Pricey Pads

The opulent mansions and estates of the world. Included are historic homes and mansions along with current real estate listings for the fabulously wealthy.


Old House Photo Gallery

Victorian homes and historic houses as well as interiors of old houses of all kinds, this is the place for anyone who wants to step back in time.



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