Family Thankful TreeThanksgiving is just around the corner, and this year I really wanted to help my kinds understand why we celebrate it. Sometimes with the excitement of Christmas around the corner we don't give much time or thought to thanksgiving. So I loved the idea of making a tree and then having the kids write something each day that they are thankful for on leaves, starting on November 1st and going up until Thanksgiving Day. I'm a visual person and I think seeing all of your blessings written out and put up on the wall is a great way to see how many things we have to be thankful for. We did our tree pretty big which means that it took quite a few of those little leaves to fill it up. I like that, because it forces you to think outside of the easy things you think you are thankful for. 


Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree

You can put your tree trunk on white butcher paper or on a white poster like I did. I just drew the tree trunk with a brown permanent marker but it could also be fun to have your kids paint it or cut it out of brown paper. I have made some printable leaves that can be cut out and written on to make it easier.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree Leaves

What are some of YOUR favorite Thanksgiving “Thankful” Ideas?!?

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