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Many of you may know from our Disney Travel Series, that we will soon be embarking on our trip to the happiest place on Earth! All this time I thought the day would never come, and now I'm panicking that it's coming too fast!

Lately I've been trying to figure out what snacks we will take with us into the park since we are only going to pay for one meal a day while we are there (If you are planning on buying food at Disneyland, check out our post Tips for Eating at Disneyland).

Since many of us will be on-the-go this summer whether it be museums and zoos or pools and theme parks, I thought I would compile a list of some fun and healthy snacks that are easy to eat while out and about!

This is a great resource of on-the-go snacks for our upcoming trip!


  • Dried Fruit
  • Graham crackers and On-the-Go peanut butter packs
  • Whole Fruit. Apples and bananas are especially easy to throw in your bag and take along!
  • Granola. Granola is a perfect snack for long days and can be purchased in so many varieties. We love the Clif Kid ZBars because everyone (child and adult) enjoys eating them. They are cheaper than adult energy bars yet just as good (or better).
  • Frozen cheese sticks (they warm up fast, so freezing is a great idea).
  • Applesauce pouches. Our entire family loves these.
  • Frozen grapes
  • Carrot sticks and cut up veggies (Pack them in sandwich boxes with dip to avoid smashing them in your bag)
  • Nutella on-the-go
  • Crackers and chips (Pack them in take and toss sippy cups to avoid smashing them to crumbs throughout the day. This also leaves you with a cup if you need it, and they are so cheap that it's not a big deal if they get lost).
  • Happy Squeeze on-the-go Superfoods. A nice clean, and portable way to get fruits and veggies into your kids!
  • Greek Yogurt Granola Bites. Good source of protein!
  • Trail Mix or Nuts
  • Fruit snacks or Fruit leather. We prefer fruit leather since it's 100% fruit.

What are YOUR favorite snacks to pack when you are out and about?

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