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20 Things to Buy BEFORE Your Trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld

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20 Things to Buy BEFORE Your Trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld

Preparing for a vacation can be stressful. It's tough figuring out what you need to buy, especially when you have an entire family to shop for. Many families decide at one point or another to take their children to Disneyland. It's a magical experience that few will ever forget.

To help make your trip easier and more stress-free for you, we've put together a list of 15 must-buy items. We strongly encourage you to buy these before your trip begins, so that you're as prepared as possible! Being prepared for a trip will help make it a success.

That being said, there definitely is such a thing as over-preparing. You don't need to bring everything but the kitchen sink on your trip! By sticking to this list, you'll be set for a wonderful trip without being bogged down by too many items.

We have a lot of great articles offering advice on trips to Disneyland, so make sure to give them all a good read. We want your family vacation to be a success, so that your entire family can make some truly amazing memories together. Let us help you with your magical vacation, and you're sure to have an excellent experience!

20 Things to Buy Before Your Trip to Disneyland

Rain Jackets

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It definitely can rain at Disneyland, so it's important to keep rain jackets on hand for everyone. Even if it doesn't rain, some of the attractions and shows at the park can leave you wet! It's better to be prepared for the possibility of getting wet; you don't want to be stuck buying expensive raincoats in the park!

Water Bottles

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Staying hydrated is essential. Buying good water bottles for everyone in your family will help prevent dehydration. The last thing you want is cranky and thirsty kids! Avoid buying overpriced water in the actual park by bringing it yourself.

Trading Pins

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These are awesome to take with you because they are a great price and you can trade with the characters for better ones. Have your kids stick them on their bag or on their clothes, or carry them around in your purse for whenever they want them.


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Lanyards are great for holding tickets or passes. Young hands often lose things! You don't want your trip getting an unexpected challenge thrown in when someone loses their ticket. Instruct your kids to always keep any ticket or pass you give them on their lanyard.


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If you plan to attend shows, the parades, World of Color, or Fantasmic and you have a baby or small children that are sensitive to noise, you will be wishing you had a pair of these! Keeping your young children calm during loud shows is difficult, but with a good pair of earmuffs it becomes a lot easier.

Beach/Pool Toys

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If you plan on spending a day at the beach or poolside, you'll want to have some toys on hand! Depending on whether you'll be traveling by car or plane, you may be restricted in terms of what you can bring. Get creative! Your kids will be able to withstand one day without going to Disneyland if they have something fun to do instead.


Salty snacks. Pretzels, chips, crackers


Kids get hungry, and hungry kids are often whiny! Prevent the annoying questions about when dinner is going to be by having snacks on hand. Buying snacks in the park is okay, but they're often expensive and lines can be long. Bringing your own snacks is the obvious solution.

Power Banks

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You often use more battery power than usual when at theme parks because you are using wait time apps, or texting/calling each other when you split up. One of the most frustrating parts of a trip is having one member of your group run out of cell phone battery and not being able to find them. Trust us, you do not want to deal with that nightmare. Take at least one power bank to recharge cell phones. It's also a safety issue, since if someone unintentionally gets separated from the family they'll need to be able to contact someone for help.

Glow Sticks

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These will save you when your kids start begging for all the fun light up toys. Go to your local dollar store and get some fun light sticks or get a fun glow stick party kit. You can also get blinking rings, and finger beams for really cheap.

Disposable Bibs

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If you have kids that are still young enough to spill and drip food, you will love yourself for bringing some disposable bibs. You really don't want to carry around extra outfits and soiled bibs when disposable ones are very cheap. Make sure to bring along some scented diaper sacks if you still have a child young enough to not yet be potty trained.

Small Toys/Activities

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Chances are your kids will get bored while standing in lines or waiting at restaurants. Get a bunch of fun little toys and activities at the dollar store ahead of time (ones you don't mind throwing away). Dover activity booklets are also good for this because they are small and there are a good variety of them.

Autograph Book

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These are going to be more expensive in the park. You can buy a typical autograph book ahead of time (you can usually find them cheaper at your hotel). You can also buy some Disney storybooks and have each character sign over their picture in the book! This is a cute and memorable way to handle autographs.

Good Shoes

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You'll be doing a lot of walking on this trip, so you'll want to have good shoes for everyone. Sneakers are ideal, but comfy open-toed shoes can work as well. Avoid dress shoes or flip-flops. Ideally, find a sneaker with a memory foam insert for added comfort.


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You'll be spending lots of time in the sun, so you'll want a good sunscreen to protect your family. It'll be more expensive at the hotel or in the park, so save yourself the money and buy it ahead of time.

Souvenir Wish List

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If your kids have had their eyes on certain park souvenirs, have them write these wants down before you go. That way, you won't forget about them and be left with disappointed kids!


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It's often warm at Disneyland, so you'll want to pack plenty of t-shirts for everyone. Buy your kids a couple of Disney-themed t-shirts ahead of time; they're much cheaper outside of the park! If your kids already have Disney shirts on hand, they'll be less likely to beg for new ones in Disneyland.


Concept: Trick or Treat. Getting ready for a kids costume party. Little snow whites dress hanging in the backyard. Halloween kids costume party.

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If your child is the type to love playing dress-up, then you'll want to bring a fun costume along for them! Whether it's a Disney princess dress or a prince costume, your child will delight at being able to show off their Disney love in the park. Plus, they can find that particular character and take a photo with them!

Gift Cards

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Rather than giving your kids money for Disneyland, give them each a gift card with a pre-loaded amount. Tell them that this is all they're allowed to spend at the park, so spend it wisely! By establishing this rule, you'll avoid the begging for extra souvenirs or other items.


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During travel time, you can keep your kids occupied with T.V. shows, movies, or music. If you don't want to listen to it yourself, having a pair of headphones for each kid is a must. You should also keep a pair on hand for yourself!

Child Leash

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If you have young kids who may wander off, having a child leash is a must. Disneyland is a busy, crowded place, especially during peak season. It's easy for a child to get lost in the crowd, especially if they're prone to not sticking by your side. Avoid the panic of losing track of a young kid with a simple purchase.

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