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Maybe it's the slowness of January that always has me thinking vacations, but Disneyland has been all I can think about lately! We decided to go last summer (not knowing how our 1 & 2-year olds would do), and it was our best memory all year! We LOVED it! We had originally decided to go because of a deal site we bought a voucher on (more on that here), but after a nightmare of an experience, we jumped ship and booked through Getaway Today. I cannot say enough good things about this travel agency! They are amazing and Disney trips are their specialty. We are now planning a repeat trip with them this summer. If you are looking into a trip to Disneyland, you can find a coupon code at the end of this article (MOTHERSNICHE).  In the meantime, here are some fun ways to surprise your kids with a trip to Disneyland:

So Fun! We can't wait to surprise our kids with a trip to Disneyland

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt


Disney Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable! Great way to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney, or just have fun on a rainy day!

3 Frozen-Themed Ideas

Creative Ways to Surprise Your Kids with a Trip to Disneyland

Frozen is all the rage right now, and if your girls are anything like ours, this is THE perfect way to surprise the kids. For 3 different “Frozen” inspired ways to suprise your kids, go here. Also! Disneyland has caught on to the buzz and more Frozen fun is coming to Disneyland! Besides meeting Anna and Else themselves, here are some other fun happenings to watch for:

Printable Boarding Passes

These printable boarding passes are adorable and would make for a super fun surprise! Use our free printable tickets template and print some of your own!

Free Printable Tickets Template for Gifting a vacation



A Mickey Themed Breakfast

Disney Breakfast to surprise kids!

This can be simple or fancy, whichever you choose. You can use some simple Mickey Mouse Cookie cutters to make pancakes, or you can go all out with Mickey shaped eggs and waffles. The kids curiosity will be perked at all the Mickey-themed foods, and you can choose how you want to surprise them from there! If it were me, I would put a paper or ticket inside of a helium balloon (Black so they can't see it, or clear if you like to see them going crazy all through breakfast). I would then let my kids “pop” the balolon that is tied to their chair. FUN FUN!

Mickey Breakfast to Surprise the kids with our Trip!


A Surprise Basket/Backpack/Goodie Box

Surprise kids with a Disneyland Trip!

I love these buckets from Dixie Delights. Fun things to include would be things you can use at the theme park.

A Surprise Visitor

Fun Ways to Surprise Kids with a Disney Trip!

I thought this idea of leaving Mickey on your kid's pillow was so cute! What a fun way to surprise them! Get the pattern for the pillow (and other fun ideas) here.

Mad LibWays to Surprise your kids with your Disneyland trip

Another Fun way to announce a Disneyland trip! Get the printable here.

Mickey Mouse Surprise

Creative Ways to Surprise Your Kids with a Trip to Disneyland!

Let Mickey Mouse deliver the news himself with this life-sized Mickey Mouse air walker balloon! These things are so cool and you can get the other characters too!

What are YOUR ideas for surprising a trip to Disneyland???

Don't forget to check out my tips and tricks for saving money and making the most time of your trip! You can find them here: Disneyland Tips

And if you end up booking through Get Away Today, you can get $10 off your package with code MOTHERSNICHE