High Fiber Foods

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High Fiber Foods! Your new best friends everyday for a strong, healthy happy body.

With all the fiber press lately, you'd may wonder what all the hoopla is about. Especially now that we're all supposed to get 50 grams of fiber per day. Most people currently get only 15-20 grams per day!

Fiber helps to maintain healthy digestive tract function from top to bottom. Want to say good-bye to constipation, irregularity and hemorrhoids? Say hello to 30-40 grams of fiber each day.

Fiber also lowers your risk of obesity, colon cancer, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and heart disease? Have you been converted to the benefits of fiber? Good.

Where in the world is it? What foods are high in fiber?

To make your new found quest for fiber easier, use this list of common high fiber foods:

Whole GrainsServing sizeGrams of Fiber
Bran cereal1 cup19.94
Oats, rolled dry1 cup12.00
Pasta, whole wheat1 cup6.34
Rice, dry brown1 cup7.98





Serving size


Grams of Fiber

Apples with skin1 medium5.00
Apricots, dried5 pieces2.89
Avocado (fruit)1 medium11.84
Banana1 medium3.92
Blueberries1 cup4.18
Figs, dried2 medium3.74
Grapefruit1/2 medium6.12
Orange, navel1 medium3.40
Peaches, dried3 pieces3.18
Pear1 medium5.08
Raspberries1 cup8.34
Strawberries1 cup3.98





Serving size


Grams of Fiber

Beets, cooked1 cup2.85
Beet greens1 cup4.20
Bock Choy, cooked1 cup2.76
Broccoli, cooked1 cup2.30
Brussels sprouts1 cup2.84
Cabbage, cooked1 cup4.20
Carrot1 medium2.00
Carrot, cooked1 cup5.22
Cauliflower, cooked1 cup3.43
Cole slaw1 cup4.00
Collard greens, cooked1 cup2.58
Corn, sweet1 cup4.66
Green beans1 cup3.95
Kale, cooked1 cup7.20
Onions, raw1 cup2.88
Peas, cooked1 cup8.84
Peppers, sweet1 cup2.62
Pop corn, air-popped3 cups3.60
Potato, baked w/skin1 medium4.80
Spinach, cooked1 cup4.32
Summer squash, cooked1 cup2.52
Sweet potato, cooked1 cup5.94
Swiss chard, cooked1 cup3.68
Winter squash, cooked1 cup5.74



Nuts and Beans


Serving size


Grams of Fiber

Almonds1 oz4.22
Black beans, cooked1 cup14.92
Flax seeds3 tbls6.97
Garbanzo beans, cooked1 cup5.80
Kidney beans, cooked1 cup13.33
Lentils, red cooked1 cup15.64
Lima beans, cooked1 cup13.16
Peanuts1 oz2.30
Pistachio nuts1 oz3.10
Pumpkin seeds1/4 cup4.12
Soybeans, cooked1 cup7.62
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup3.00
Walnuts1 oz3.08