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A Glimpse of Summers Past: 17 Amazing Photos From the 1950s

A Glimpse of Summers Past: 17 Amazing Photos From the 1950s

As children everywhere are dropped at camp while their parents go to work, or some teens work their first summer job, it’s easy to forget that June, July and August are historically a time to enjoy a more slowed-down pace. The lazy days of summer are called that for a reason. For children of the 1950s, it was a time to get outside, enjoy some play time, explore nature, and just relish the opportunity to simply be a kid. Take a look at some curious kids enjoying their summer months in this collection of photos.

A Little Light Reading

This little girl relaxes in her Lexington, KY treehouse while she peruses the latest publication.

Taking to the Streets

This pack rides their wooden scooters through the streets of Boston in the mid-1950s.

Hit the Road

This little girl gets some pointers from Mom before she hits the streets of Detroit circa 1955.

The Gift of Gab

Sometimes it’s fun to just sit around and chat with your bestie. That’s how these little girls passed the time in Mt. Vernon, Alabama in 1956.

Stay Hydrated

Here, a young boy takes a cool sip of water from the fountain at his summer camp, circa 1950.

Grab a Shower

Here, two small children enjoy a cold spray courtesy of a water hydrant in New York City circa 1950.

Gone Fishing

Two kids exploring the river, one with a rod and reel, circa 1950.

Roller Skating

This young fella laced up his skates and took to the streets of his Hawaiian neighborhood back in the mid-1950s.

Diving Into Summer

This Indiana swimming pool was a popular place to cool off in the mid-1950s.

Take Aim

These boys learned the sport of archery at their summer camp circa 1950.

Family Entertainment

Here, a mother and her daughter take in a mail train robbery re-enactment at an entertainment ghost town in Buena Park, California in the mid-1950s.

Stealing Some Shade

Here, two boys and their father enjoy a shady respite with their pooch during a hot Long Island summer circa 1956.

Easily Amused

Children take a spin on a ride at the Playland Amusement Park in Rye, NY circa 1955.

Sand and Sea

Some activities are timeless, like a day at the beach. All you need is a bucket and shovel to create endless hours of fun and lifelong memories like these children did circa 1950.

Greetings From Camp

Here, two boys at summer camp take a moment to write a letter home, circa 1950

Riding a Rubber Ring

Before the fancy and fun inflatables of the 21st century, kids enjoyed floating on old tire inner tubes. Here, a young boy floats on the water in New York circa 1955.

Take a Summer Snooze

And finally, an image that perhaps best illustrates the notion of a lazy summer, this 6-year-old boy enjoys a summer snooze in a giant tree in Upstate New York in 1952.

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