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Where to Sell Your DVDs and Video Games for Quick Cash

Whether you need money fast or just want to clear clutter, you can turn your unwanted DVDs and video games into quick cash.

If don't want to deal with eBay or Craigslist, you can sell them online to wholesalers or resellers who pay you one lump sum for what you sell them.


Cash for DVDs

We used this one to sell DVDs. There were a lot to sell and while other places offered a little bit higher on a couple of the titles, overall the total price for Eagle Saver was the best. They also include a prepaid shipping label when others reimburse you. If you don't have the money to tie up in shipping (which can add up), prepaid labels are a must.

For all the details and step by step instructions go to www.eaglesaver.com


Cash for DVDs

SecondSpin offered more on a few DVDs that we were selling. Their offers are right in line with eaglesaver.com, some higher some lower. They also buy games and music, and sell previously owned titles at fantastic prices.

Check their offers and the how-to at www.secondspin.com


Cash for DVDs

We did not use this one but it offers the same services as the above sites. They did offer the lowest of all three for the titles we were selling, but you may have better luck with other items.

You can find out what they're buying and how much they pay for the items here www.selldvdsonline.com