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Themed Halloween Costume Ideas (group/family Halloween Costumes)

Our family likes to do themed Halloween costumes every year. Here are some halloween costume ideas for groups or family

Themed Halloween Costume Ideas (group/family Halloween Costumes)

My husband like dressing up with our kids on Halloween. We feel like it's a fun way to have fun as a family, and the neighbors usually get a kick out of it! Two years ago I cut and painted a cardboard box, and made the perfect “UP” costume for my husband (he wore the box and tied a bunch of balloons to the top). Last year we went as the Incredibles:

incredibles halloween costume
Our Halloween costume last year

Each year I never seem to learn. I always want to make our costumes, and I always end up stressing over the last details on the day of Halloween because they aren't finished yet. Last year I was cutting out all the felt, making iron-on appliques for the shirts, and running through stores trying to find red tights 🙂 I almost completely gave up on our costumes when both children were throwing fits (and losing their shoes) as I frantically dashed through Walmart.

This year, we took the easy route and got our costumes at buycostumes.com.

Here's a sneak peak at our themed costumes this year:

Toy story halloween costume

I'm totally taking one for the team by agreeing to be Buzz Lightyear so that my daughter can be Jesse! Her dad will be Woody (of course), and baby sister will be the green alien. Should be a good time. If you're looking for some other fun group themed Halloween costume ideas, check these out:

Themed Costumes

Group Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Duck Dynasty. Of course this one is going to be at the top! I can't even tell you how many beards came trick-or-treating to my door last year!

Frozen. Are you anywhere surprised that this one came second? I can bet by the length of the line at Disneyland this year (to see Elsa and Anna), and I am going to be seeing many variations of these costumes this year!

Avengers. One day when my girls know who they are, this will be a choice pick.

Toy Story. Yep. That's us. This year.

Wizard of Oz. Lots of fun options for this one.

Up. As mentioned previously.

Incredibles. I'm hoping my daughter never notices that we dressed her up as the boy (Jack-Jack). She had no hair, so we kind of had to.

Star Wars. This one will always be a classic.

Ninja Turtles. Another one I would like to do as a family one year.

Minions. You can never have too many minions walking around on Halloween night!

Alice in Wonderland

Harry Potter. Another theme I hope to dress as one day.

Decades. This would be a fun one for a group of adults. Each person goes as a different decade.

What are your favorite Group Themed Halloween Costume Ideas?

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