Robot Party Theme - The Control Center

Cover your front door with foil, and then glue on container lids to make the door look like a robot control panel. Use purple, silver and black for balloons and streamers. Use a piece of silver cloth as a tablecloth. Use any robot toys your child owns as table toppers and centerpieces. Put out baskets of Legos, tinker toys and Kleenex to allow your guests to make their own robots. Make a robot centerpiece using empty tin cans and string. You'll need a total of 12 cans. Ten should be soup or vegetable sized, one should be a 5 gallon paint can, and the other a quart paint can.

Cover and sharp edges with black electrical tape after you've removed all the labels from the cans. Punch a hole in the top of each can using a hammer and nail. Tie together two sets of three vegetable cans, and two sets of two cans, leaving 18 inches of extra string at the top. These will be the arms and legs. Thread the strings from three can strings through he bottom of the largest can, and through he hole on the top. Tie a knot on top. Using the hammer and nail, make holes in the side of the can where the arms will go. Attach the sets of two can strings through those holes. Tie the medium sized can to the body to make the head. Use a black marker to make a robot face.

Robot Party Theme - Mechanical munchies:

Use aluminum pans as plates. Serve nuts and bolts snack mix using pretzels, cheese crackers, M&M candies and cereal. Rename everyday party food with robot themed names. Pizza can become sprocket pizza, potato chips can be computer chips, etc. To make a robot cake, bake an 8" round and a 9x13 inch cake. Allow to cool and remove from pans. Put the rectangle cake on a cake plate or foil covered cookie sheet, with the round cake above it as the head. Use two Twinkies on each side as arms, and three Twinkies each as legs. Frost the cake and all the Twinkies. Decorate the cake with a variety of candy pieces to make a face and control panel.


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