Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party GamesThese Halloween party games are sure to keep the haunters too entertained to play any nasty tricks!

Halloween is all about fun! At least that is what the modern holiday has come to be. This is one night in the year when we dress like freaks; eat pure sugar for dinner and all with a smile on mom's face. If the same old Halloween time traditions are getting old, or if your youngsters are looking for more entertainment than a pillowcase full of tootsie rolls can offer keep reading. You will find scads of games fit for the witching hour.

Trick or Treating

Ok, so you'd really have to be as old as the hills and twice as dusty not to know about this bit of entertainment. But why settle for plain trick or treating when you can kick it up a notch without causing a misdemeanor.

Candy Swap, or Let's Make A Deal with the Halloween Candy

Simple twists that make gathering free candy more fun include the great candy exchange. Establish a fair trade system to that the younger kids aren't hoodwinked into trading all their snickers for a tootsie roll. Then let the good times roll. If you want to charge of the candy and have the kids happily hand it over to you play a round of "Let's Make a Deal"  upon your return from trick or treating.

You can also create a simple scavenger hunt to do while trick or treating. This will take the focus off of the candy and add an element of fun. Scavenger hunt items can include having the kids try to find certain costumes, decorations, or even specific kinds of candy.

Silent Movie

The era of silent horror movies can provide great ideas for Halloween party games. This might be best for older kids who can grasp the concept of not talking. One silent movie game involves the actual use of video cameras and props. You can either prepare bags of props, costume clothing and make-up before hand, or have this be part of the game. Divide into teams and have each team gather items that should be used in the other team's movie and pick a theme. Once the items are gathered and themes picked switch bags. It is helpful to assign a time limit for preparation and filming. Then let the groups go! When the films are complete come together and have a screening. The results will range from zany to terrifyingly terrific, but no matter what this party game is a scream!

Murder, They Played

No childhood or Halloween party is complete without a good game of murder. This game has many variations and be very simple, or complex complete with a corpse. One of the funniest versions is played sitting in a circle, with or without a corpse. The murderer is chosen at random. (This can be done by marking the underside of the chair, or pulling papers out of a hat.) Once your killer knows who he or she is play is deadly. This killer kills with a single look, and with a wink of the eye. In other words the killer tries to kill as many players as possible by winking at them without being caught by another player. The unlucky victims must fall over dead; dramatics are fun but not necessary. To make an accusation, and anyone can at any time, a player announces "I would like to make an accusation". If they are correct a new killer is chosen, all victims are revived and a fresh game is begun. If they are wrong, they die.

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