Weight Loss and Milk

Weight Loss and Milk

Does milk really melt fat like a magic elixir? What kind of milk helps a dieter drop pounds faster, full fat or skim milk?

Milk is perhaps one of the more controversial foods regularly brought to the meal. It is a staple of childhood. It is full of vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of dietary protein. One the flip side it is also full of fat. To this end skim and low fat milk offerings have been made available to the diet conscious populace. Instead of quieting the milk controversy this has only served to kick it up another notch.

Pro and Con

Some of firmly pro whole fat, organic just as nature intended milk. Others are against the ingestion of milk in any form. Then there are the average middle of the road types who drink what they drink in what ever fat quantity they like until they get a cholesterol test which spurs the move to skim milk.

The issue only gets murkier when taking current advertisement campaigns into account. According to accurate and published medical studies people who drink milk are generally thinner with more lean muscle mass. For those whose goal is the attainment of a thinner body with lean muscle mass milk is a proven ally. Diet studies those subjects who ate, or drank three servings of dairy daily lost the most weight. Not just any random fats stores were lost, drinking milk as part of a diet plan seems to target that ever problematic spare tire area around the middle.

He said, She Said

With all this propaganda who is right? What should the earnest dieter do? If weight loss is really the goal then the first thing that needs to happen is to simmer down and keep it simple. Starting at the beginning, before real weight loss can become permanent, life style change needs to become permanent.

Drinking milk of any kind might aid the body in sloughing off body weight. Drinking whole milk is a great choice to get the protein needed for building lots of muscle mass. Any fat content of milk increases the good cholesterol levels while lowering or at least stabilizing bad; although skim milk is the real cholesterol champion of the group.

When it comes to milk and dieting, then any milk or even products made from milk like cheese will help regardless of fat content. Where the fat content makes any real difference is as it applies to calorie count. Full fat milk has more calories per serving than skim milk does.

The Happy Medium

To use milk’s weight loss benefits to their fullest potential calorie count must be the main consideration. If the three servings of milk per day are accompanied by a dozen chocolate chip cookies then the weight loss benefits of milk consumption are cancelled out. Likewise if full fat milk and its bulkier calorie count propels your daily calorie totals skyward it is not the best weight loss choice. This does not give license to quaff thirst with gallons of skim milk either, because the calories will accumulate.

Milk is a weight loss help, but there is no magic fat content formulation which outshines another when the dieter keeps their eyes on the best weight loss tool of all: calorie intake and output.



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