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Everything You Need to Know About Diet and Weight Loss

Healthy Pizza Burgers

Everything You Need to Know About Diet and Weight Loss

Dieting and losing weight can be tough. There are so many conflicting pieces of advice out there about what to do and what not to do. One article might tell you to eat more dark chocolate, while another tells you to avoid dark chocolate entirely. How can you possibly know right from wrong?

With our articles, we aim to break down some of the most important and oft-discussed topics surrounding diet and weight loss. We want to be clear that we are not professionals; we are simply here to help guide you in the right direction. None of the information in these articles should be taken as professional advice.

Whenever you're stumped by the issue of dieting and weight loss, talking to a medical professional is often the best course. They have the most up-to-date knowledge to provide, and are in the know about what's best for your body and your health. Don't be afraid to ask questions or discuss problems with your physician; that's what they're here for!

Without any further ado, here is a comprehensive selection of recipes and informative articles pertaining to dieting and weight loss. We hope you find the information you find useful, and the recipes easy and delicious! Make sure to bookmark any recipes you find, so you can come back to them whenever you want.

Diet and Nutrition

Roasted Pepper Pizza Burgers

Combine two family favorites into these delicious healthy burgers. Serve with sweet potato fries and a side salad with low fat dressing.

Roasted Fresh Pepper Pizza Burgers

Healthy Dinners

We put together 8 weeks of healthy menus our families (with kids ranging from 2 to 27) all approved of. Join us at our table for dinner, your body will thank you!

Healthy Dinner Menus

Scarsdale Diet Plan

Scarsdale Diet

This is one of the granddaddies of low carb diet plans. It still works for many dieters who want a low carb diet planned out for them.

The Complete Scarsdale Diet

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How to Manage Chronic Pain

Gout Diet

When it comes to treating chronic pain, there are few ways to do so. These are proven methods to manage your pain.

Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Aspartame Side Effects

Aspartame Side Effects

Brain tumors, Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia' Arthritis (including Rheumatoid)..

These are just a few of the reported side effects of Aspartame, which is commonly known as NutraSweet. Read more to find out why your diet may be helping you to die far too soon.

Side Effects of Aspartame

Foods High in Iron

Without proper amounts of iron the body's red blood cell production slows to a trickle. Iron deficiencies also create a problem with the body's ability to deliver oxygen to working muscles, your heart, lungs, brain, and more.

Find out which foods are high in iron so you can keep your body working the way it should.

Foods High in Iron

Reducing Kids Sugar Intake

Reducing Sugar in Kids Diets

Tips to cut back on sugar in your kids diets. Less sugar now teaches better health habits for life.

Cutting Back on Sugar

BMI Formula for Kids

Kids BMI Index

This screening tool can give you important information about your child’s health, and help fight childhood obesity.

Kids BMI Formula

Nutrition Demystified

Nutrition Guide

A person could starve to death trying to figure out what to eat. Even though more Americans are reading food labels, the information we get can be confusing.

If you’re trying to eat more protein, what foods should you eat? What are the new rules for fiber and where are you supposed to get it (without having to eat wood shavings)?

We have the lists and the facts on everything from fat burning foods to cinnamon’s role in weight loss. Get the scoop on the latest best strategies for high energy, glowing health and a fit body with our nutrition guide. Get the body and health you want starting now!

Fresh Vegetable Recipes

Vegetable Recipes

A unique way to make everyone's favorite vegetable.

♦ Orzo-Broccoli Pilaf

Fresh Fruit Recipes

Fruit Recipes

The taste of the tropics from your backyard grill.

♦ Grilled Pineapple

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Bad eating habits and inactivity create a breeding ground for serious illness, and more women succumbing to fatal diseases.

Our healthy recipes will help get you on the path to glowing health and energy by giving your body the fuel it needs.

Healthy Recipes

Vitamin Needs

Resolve to learn more about what foods and supplements can help you achieve your best health ever.

Diet and Nutrition

High Protein Foods

Selenium and Thyroid Health

Potassium and Metabolism

Probiotics for Gut Health

Quotes for Life

Quotes About Life

The right quote at the right time can make you feel like there is a kindred spirit in this world that thinks like you do.

Some quotes have no other purpose than to make you laugh…something we could all use more of. Get inspired or reassured, visit the quotes pages often.

Quotes to Live By

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