Healthy Recipes




These are the Best Healthy Recipes on the Internet


These are the Best Healthy Recipes on the Internet

We've put together tasty, healthy dinner ideas, including eight weeks worth of healthy weekly meal plans. Recipes for each day's main dish are included.

Healthy doesn't mean bland; as these dinner recipes show, you can have a tasty meal that everyone will enjoy while keeping it healthy.

The nutrient list that is at the beginning of each of these healthy recipes can help you keep your diet in check. Choosing healthy homemade foods instead of over processed supermarket or takeout food is an easy way to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle for your whole family.

Click on the link for each week to get the full week of healthy recipes and the meal plans that go with each day. Plan ahead and forget about worrying what to have for dinner, while knowing you are providing your body with great fuel.

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy Chicken Recipes


Healthy Chicken Meals

Delicious Chicken Dinners

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Healthy Stir Fried Beef


Healthy Beef Meals

Healthy Beef Dinners Full of Flavor

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Healthy Pork Recipes


Healthy Pork Meals

Healthy Pork, Bacon and Ham

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Healthy Meatless Recipes


Meatless & Seafood

Pasta, Seafood and Meatless Meals

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Healthy Soup and Side Dishes


Soups and Sides

Healthy Soups & Side Dishes

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Healthy Bread and Dessert Recipes


Breads and Desserts

Healthy Bread & Dessert Recipes

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8 Weeks of Healthy Dinner Menus & Recipes

Healthy Menus

Healthy Dinner Menus with Recipes

Week One

Week One Menu

Week Two

Week Two Menu


Week Three

Week Three Menu

Week Four

Week Four Menu

Week Five

Week Five Menu


Week Six

Week Six Menu

Week Seven

Week Seven Menu

Week Eight

Week Eight Menu


Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is easier if you follow these weekly meal plans, but sometimes it can still be a challenge. Follow these tips to make eating healthy easy on you and your family.

It's okay to have a cheat day. Some people diet thinking that they need to eat healthy every single day, or else. It's okay to have a cheat day once in a while! The important thing is to ensure you aren't having cheat days constantly. Aim to have no more than one cheat day every other week. What this day looks like is going to differ from person to person. Just be sure you moderate yourself; eating three cheeseburgers and a slice of pie might not be the best idea!

Change up your diet. If all you're eating is salad, chicken, and rice, you're going to get burned out and fail at your diet. It's important to switch it up when you can; follow our weekly recipes, and come up with other healthy ideas for your family that don't involve lettuce, chicken, and rice. By introducing variety into your diet plan, you'll ensure that you and your family will be able to stick with it over the long-term.

Make healthier versions of your favorite foods. You don't have to give up mac and cheese and pizza just because you're on a diet! There are healthier ways to make both of these foods. Lowering the calorie content and the fat content is key to making your favorite foods healthier. For example, using lowfat cheese can significantly cut down on both the calorie and fat content of your mac and cheese. There are a number of videos online walking dieters through how to make their favorite foods healthier.

Don't obsess. It's easy to start obsessing over the nutrition in your food and the amount of calories you're consuming. Try to avoid doing this if you can. Obsession is unhealthy, and it can quickly spiral into an eating disorder. If you ever find that you're unable to stop fixating on your diet, speak to your doctor or to a therapist. They can help get you on a healthier track. In addition, know the warning signs of eating disorders so you can watch for them in yourself and in others.

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