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You won't go hungry. With 3 meals, snacks throughout each day, and free foods to enjoy any time; you don't have to starve yourself to drop weight quickly.


Choose the plan that suits your taste or mix and match from Low Carb, Flexible Foods, Diabetic-Friendly, Low Calorie Super Kickstart, Vegetarian, or Extra Quick and Easy Meals.

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  • * You can download six full mix and match diet plans (e-book format), FREE.
  • * Each diet contains 28 days of meal plans, recipes and snacks.
  • * Each plan has an abundance of food substitutions for picky eaters.
  • * Mix and Match the plans. This is your ultimate personalized diet plan.
  • * Shopping Lists are included with each plan.
  • * Filled with delicious recipes and choices for convenience options.
  • * The solutions for eating out or on the run make the plan very flexible.
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As always, anyone with a medical condition should consult their doctor before beginning a weight loss program.
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