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Eat to Keep Weight Off

Eat to Keep Weight Off

Eating to Keep Trim

The Keep Trim Plan is a two week period of time which Dr. Tarnower claimed would readjust your basal metabolic index to your lowered weight. The purpose is to maintain what you've lost so far and reset your body's metabolism setpoint.

What is Added During Keep Trim Eating?:

low-fat milk or skim milk
low-fat or fat free yogurt (no sugar)
Cheese (cheddar, swiss, american, camembert, etc (preferably low-fat & part-skim) & low-fat cottage)
2 slices protein bread a day (or other sugar free breads)
Low-Calorie Dressings (no more than 15 calories per tablespoon)
Sugar-free jellies, jams & preserves
Fruit Juice – No sugar added
Vegetable Juices (sugar free)
3 eggs a week
Soups (fat-free, no cream or whole milk)
Nuts (eaten sparingly)
No-sugar gelatin for dessert
1 small alcoholic drink a day (1 1/2oz liquor, 4.5 oz dry wine, 8 oz light beer)
Maintain eating the usual: Fruits – any fruit desired
Vegetables & Greens – your choice, unlimited
All Lean Meats
Chicken & Turkey
Fresh & Frozen Fish
Herbs & Spices
Condiments in moderation

Keep Trim Eating “Absolutely “Not's””

No more than two slices of protein bread a day.
No sugar-sugar substitute may be used.
No potatoes, spaghetti, or similar flour-based foods.
No dairy fats.
No candy or dessert foods, except fruit or no-sugar gelatin dessert.

Keep Trim Eating Don'ts

1. Don't use sugar; (you may use sugar substitutes).
2. Don't use cream.
3. Don't use whole milk; use skim or low-fat milk, if you wish, in moderation.
4. Don't eat ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard, sherbert, or any frozen products that contain sugar or milk fats.
5. Don't eat cakes, pies, cookies, sugar jellies, jams, preserves.
6. Don't eat candy or chocolate.
7. Don't eat potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, yams, lima beans, baking beans, kidney beans, avocado.
8. Don't eat spaghetti, macaroni products, noodles, other flour based foods.
9. Don't eat sausage, bologna, salami, etc., or fatty meats.
10. Don't eat sweet desserts made with sugar; you may enjoy no-sugar gelatin desserts in all flavors.
11. Don't add rich dressings, mayonnaise, or other similar salad dressings.
12. Don't use butter, margarine, oils, bacon fat, shortening, or any kind of fat in cooking, or as spreads or dressings.
13. Don't eat peanut butter.
14. Don't eat more than two slices of bread per day, preferably protein bread toasted.

Keep Trim Eating Do's

The following is a basic list of foods for your choice on Keep-Trim Eating:

All Lean Meats – hot or cold – Beef, Lamb, Veal, Lean Ham & Pork; always trim off visible fat before eating.

Chicken & Turkey – hot or cold – cooked in a variety of styles and recipes – not fired; always trim off skin and any visible fat before eating.

All types of fresh & frozen fish –
avoid those canned in rich sauces. Cook to your taste, but butter, margarine, oild, shortenings, or other fats should not be used in preparation.

All types of shellfish – Shrimps, scallops, lobster, oysters, clams, crab are fine.

Eggs any style -but no more than three a week – prepared without butter, margarine, oils, other fats; enjoy scrambled eggs, omlets, boiled, hard cooked, poached, fried( in a little instant chicken broth, or a skillet coated with non-stick vegetable spray.)

Cheeses- low-fat cottage cheese, low fat pot cheese, American Cheese, Cheddar, Swiss, Camembert – in fact, practically any cheese.

Soups, consomme, bouillon, with vegetables, meats, chicken, fish – without cream, whole milk, or fat.

Vegetables – generous servings of your favorite selection

Fruits – apples, oranges, pears, cherries, plums, grapes, grapefruit, melons, watermelon – any ruit you desire.

Fruit and vegetable juice may be enjoyed, but only natural fruit juices with no sugar added – apple, orange , grapefruit, etc. No-sugar tomato juice and Mixed-vegetable juices are fine.

Nuts may be eaten sparingly – walnuts, cashews, pecans, many of your favorites.

Bread is permitted on Keep-Trim Eating, but limit yourself to 2 slices per day, preferably protein bread. You may have other breads and rolls for a change, as long as you don't exceed the limitation and don't select any breads, rolls or muffins with sugar content or coatings.

Sugar-free jellies, jams, preserves may be used in moderation.

Green salads, almost any and every combination of greens you can imagine and in whatever quantities you wish is allowable, laced with low-calorie dressings (not more than 15 calories per tablespoon), or with lemon, vinegar, and non-oily mixtures.

Beverages, hot or cold, as much as desired – coffee, tea, no-sugar diet sodas; no sugar; you may use sugar substitues. Skim or lowfat milk may be added to coffee and tea, if desired.

Condiments – ketchup, coctail sauce, mustard, horseradish, pickle relish, pickles, olives of all types, in moderation (Sugar free /Low Carb recommended)

Herbs, seasonings, spices, to your taste.

An alcoholic drink daily, dry (not sweet), if desired- 1 1/2 ounces of hard liquor, or 4 1/2 ounces of dry wine.

You may have Scotch, bourbon, rye, Canadian whiskey, vodka, gin, dry rum, cognac and other dry brandies. No sweet cordials or liqueurs. No sweetened mixed drinks. A dry martini or dry manhattan are okay, but not sweet cocktails like old fashions or whiskey sours. No mixtures with sugar sodas; use diet sodas or club soda instead.

All dry red, white, rose wines, dry champagne, and dry sherry are fine. No port, sweet sauterne, or other sweet wines. Only low-calorie beer is permitted.

Restrict your alcohol intake to 1 1/2 ounces a day of hard liquor, or 4 1/2 ounces of dry wine, or 8 ounces low-calorie beer; no regular beer or ale.

Carrots and celery may be eaten at any time.

Two-On, Two-Off

If at the end of two weeks on the Keep-Trim Program, you need to lose more pounds, return for 2 more weeks to SMD. Under this unique Two-on-Two-Off program, you continue to lose weight safely and sensibly until you reach your desired weight. The rapid loss weeks are spelled by periods of slower loss.

Here's all you have to do in order to get down to your desired weight swiftly and surely:

1. Start with 2 weeks ON the SMD.

2. Then switch to 2 weeks OFF the Diet and on Keep-Trim Eating.

3. If you need to lose more weight, go back ON the SMD or ON your choice of the other alternate diets listed.

4. After 2 weeks ON one of the SMD diets, switch again to 2 weeks OFF dieting and on Keep Trim Eating once more.

5. Continue this Two-On, Two- Off program until you are at your desired weight.

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