6th Grade Math

During 6th grade math, many math topics are introduced that build upon prior knowledge and attempt to begin building the basis for the study of pre-Algebra. Students are taught more advanced topic in Numbers, Measurement, Geometry and Operations.

Students are expected to be able to understand the idea of ratios, rates, percentages and rounding. Furthermore, 6th grade math students should be understand the relationships between fractions and decimals and should be able to understand multiples, composites and factors of numbers. Students should be proficient in understanding and recognizing numbers up to 1 million and understand place value to at least 4 places on either side of the decimal point. Students should understand basic of integers and how to recognize them.

Students need to have complete understanding of units of measurement in both the standard and metric systems and be able to use that knowledge to solve problems. Students should be able to understand cubed, squared and linear measurements. They should be able to calculate the volume of rectangular prisms and be able to do measurement problems involving triangles, circles and rectangles. 

They are expected to come to a full understanding of several important geometric relationships and properties. 6th grade math students should be able to classify triangles by side properties and angle properties. For example, they should be able to identify obtuse and acute angles and as well as scalene and isosceles triangles. Students should be able to construct angles and triangles using just a protractor. 

Students should be able to understand beginning pre-Algebra problems such as being able to find the missing values when given equations that involve one or two operations. They need to be able to create their own data graphs from collecting the data to the final presentation in graph form. They should be able to analyze and interpret data from graphs they are given or that they construct themselves to complete 6th grade math.





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