4th Grade Math

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4th grade math students are becoming more comfortable with math by this time. By the fourth grade, they have learned all of the basic operations and know how to use them. The 4th grade is a chance to consolidate and solidify that knowledge. You can see this in the topics of numbers, measurement, geometry and manipulation of numbers that they are studying. 

Students are expected to be able to count by various numbers all the way to 100. For example, 4th grade math students must know how to count by 8's, 8, 16, 24, etc. all the way to 100. Students should understand the multiplication table from 1 to 10. 4th grade math will teach your child to be able to understand decimals to the one hundredth place and be able to recognize fractions. 

Students need to have an understanding of their units of measurement such as inches, feet, miles, centimeters, meters, ounces, pounds and grams. They need to be able to measure perimeter and area for triangles and rectangles. They need to be able to measure volume and mass. They need to understand how to make change for various amounts up to $50.

A 4th grade math student should be able to make various geometric shapes using straws, popsicle sticks or even string. They need to be able to measure angles using their protractor. Finally, they need sort and identify geometric figures and shapes.

Students should be able analyze the rule of equations and find missing values in an equation. They need to be able to create and label a variety of graphs as well as read and interpret information from graphs. 4th grade math heads into algebra and geometry, so it is important that your child gets any extra help they need to understand the basics.