Make Money Fast

These are great ways to get extra cash without getting scammed by unscrupulous affiliate marketers and cons.

How to Make Extra Money Fast

1) Sell on eBay the Smart Way.

The things most of us have sitting around the house can bring in some fast cash. The benefit of selling what you already have is that you aren’t investing any current cash to make money.

Unless something is a sentimental heirloom, part with it if you need the money. In the age of the internet, you can find anything...which means that Gilmore Girls boxed set you don’t want to part with can always be bought again when you have extra money to spare.

To make even more money on things, sell their parts. We sold the working parts to a Keurig that no longer brewed coffee. The total of the parts was almost triple what we would have gotten for a fully working Keurig. People don’t want to spend big money replace their whole machine/game/thing-with-missing-parts. They would rather spend money in only the part they need. If you have a little bit to invest, thrift shops are great sources of things like Keurig machines.

This also works perfectly with board games, toy sets, brand name kids outfit sets (like Gymboree) among other things.

2) Referral Cash

This is a super quick way to make cash. Simply share with your friends the things that you love. Two great companies are Coupon Cabin and eBates. Both companies give you $10 and your friend gets $10 each and every single time. This adds up super quickly! You earn cash back on all your purchases as well.

3) Resell

Buy for less and sell for more. This is pretty common using thrift stores as a source, but you can even go to Craigslist or Facebook’s Yard Sale and find curb alerts, get the free stuff, fix it up and sell it. The possibilities are endless.

You can restore old furniture. You can sell clothing, toys, repair vacuums, anything really. Anything you can get for a cheaper price, sell it for fair market value, you profit. It’s as simple as that.

4) Make Money from Your Skills

Maybe you are great at writing articles or researching topics. Maybe you’re really good at English grammar and can proofread. Maybe you have a knack for fixing computer issues, or setting up websites or blogs. Maybe you love creating beautiful pictures on photo editing software.

Whatever it is that you like to do and your good at, you can monetize. A couple of the sites to use for this are Fiverr and Odesk. You get paid fast and it’s not hard to build up a long term stream of income.

5) Take Surveys for a Survey Company

Did you know that when a new product, service, tv show or similar things are introduced, the company producing the item hires survey companies, who hire you, to test the products and/or give them feedback for your opinions? There are MANY scammer survey companies out there, please be advised. One of the best survey companies is Pinecone Research. < /p>

None of them pay a lot per survey or post, but if you sign up for most of them, it adds up fast.

Legitimate survey companies:

1. American Consumer Opinion
2. Pinecone Research
3. Harris Poll Online
4. Survey Spot
5. Inbox Dollars

Others include Survey Downline, Vindale Research, E-Poll, Points2Shop, ClixSense, CashCrate, Opinion Outpost, Bzz Agent, Crowdology, and iPoll

6) Become a Mystery Shopper

Like taking surveys, you won’t get rich quick, but you can make some quick cash. The average you make is approx. $10-$25 and you get to keep what you purchase through MarketForce. This is a HUGE scam-filled area, so avoid any company that asks you to pay to join or to obtain a list of companies. Do NOT pay to find work in this field. MarketForce is legitimate.

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