Pregnancy Body Changes at 25 Weeks Pregnant

During week 25 of pregnancy, you will be starting to show more and your skin begins stretching to accommodate your changing body. Make sure you keep your skin hydrated to ease or avoid itching associated with your enlarged belly.

When you're 25 weeks pregnant, you may also experience a few more not so wonderful side effects of pregnancy (hopefully not all of them!). You may be constipated, have frequent indigestion or heartburn, increased sweating, vivid dreams, and forgetfulness. Hemorrhoids may develop, which are dilated blood vessels in the rectal area. Let your care provider know, there are many options available to soothe hemorrhoids, they will offer the best solution for you. This too shall pass, but mention anything unusual (or even worrisome to you) to your doctor or health care provider.

As your uterus continues to grow it places some pressure on your back and pelvis. Because of this, some women will experience a condition called sciatica. This often happens when the baby's head presses against the pelvic bones causing the nerves in your lower back and legs to be compressed. Severe pain often results and can occur in the lower back, leg or legs and even buttocks. Some women will also experience numbness or tingling in the legs.

Some suggestions to help ease pain and discomfort caused by sciatica:

Apply a hot or ice pack for 10 minutes to the area that is most painful.
Avoid sitting for long periods of time.
Avoid frequent bending at the waist.
Don't engage in movements that make the pain worse.
Use support cushions and a full body pillow in bed.
Don't lift anything heavy and when you do lift be sure to bend from the knees.

In many cases the pain subsides within 1-2 weeks, though it may not disappear completely until after delivery.

Your Baby's Growth at Week 25

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is starting to gain weight. By pregnancy week 25 your baby is approximately 1 ½ pounds and just under 9 inches long. From this point on however your baby's weight and length may vary somewhat. Every baby is different as you'll soon realize during your pregnancy week by week. Other fetal development that is occurring when you are 25 weeks pregnant includes the following:

The structure of the spine begins to form
Taste buds are forming
If you are having a boy, his testes have dropped into the scrotum
If you are having a girl, the vagina has hollowed out
The hands are fully developed — fingerprints and all!
The blood vessels of the lungs are developing
The nostrils are beginning to open.

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