Pregnancy Body Changes at 8 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, your uterus is now the size of an orange. You may have early pregnancy symptoms such as acne, tender, swollen breasts, nausea, and extreme fatigue.

Indigestion and bloating are common complaints of pregnancy. A slowed digestive process causes these symptoms and allows your bloodstream to better absorb nutrients that are then passed on to your baby. Try wearing loose-fitting clothes, eating small, frequent meals, chewing your food thoroughly and avoiding high fat foods. This discomfort is completely harmless to your baby.

Once you have confirmation of your pregnancy from a home pregnancy test or blood or urine test at the doctor's office, you should call and schedule your first prenatal visit.

What to expect at the first visit:

  • Urine Sampled (protein, hCG, etc.)
  • Blood Pressure (baseline)
  • Weight (baseline)
  • Pelvic Exam (size of uterus, cysts, coloring of cervix)
  • Pap Smear (some practitioners do this now, others wait)
  • Blood (Rh factor, iron levels, immunities, specifically rubella)
  • Family History (complications that may be predictable)

Be sure to ask any questions that have you have, your care provider should always be your primary source of answers for your pregnancy questions.

Your Baby's Growth and Development at Week 8

During your eighth week of pregnancy, your baby will likely begin developing webbed fingers and toes. This week your baby's gonads will become either testes or ovaries.

Elbows appear and the process of ossification (hardening of the bones) begins. The leg buds divide into thigh, leg, and foot units and the arm buds divide into hand, arm, elbow, and shoulder units. Your baby's arms and legs will begin to move spontaneously.

During week 8, your baby is developing webbed fingers and toes that sort of look like flippers.

In week 8 of pregnancy, the baby's eyelids begin to form, the ears, upper lip, and tip of the nose become recognizable and the tongue begins to develop. Teeth are developing under the gums.

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