Pregnancy Body Changes at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Your body is creating a new life, and at 5 weeks pregnant you may be feeling exhausted and unusually irritable or emotional. Your increased metabolism and growing uterus may be causing more frequent urination. Your breasts may be particularly tender now and you may find that sleeping in a sports bra helps. Support early will help you avoid pain and tenderness throughout your pregnancy.

During this trimester, your body is working extra hard so you may be feeling extra tired. You may be feeling tenderness in your breasts as the milk glands multiply. Morning sickness could make its debut (if it hasn't already), however some women never experience it after implantation. Going to the bathroom more frequently is normal, as are headaches due to the rise in hormones. You may have all of these pregnancy symptoms, some of them, or none at all. Each woman's pregnancy is different from another woman's and even different from first pregnancy on to additional pregnancies in the same woman.

Make sure you get plenty of rest to help your body do its job. Exercising can also help, keeping your muscles strong and your body moving is important all throughout your pregnancy!

Your Baby's Development at Week 5

Your baby's heart will begin to beat this week! Your baby is now called an embryo and is about the size of an apple seed.

5 weeks pregnant ultrasound
At 5 weeks pregnant, the mass of cells is now called an embryo.

Until now, the embryo has been a mass of cells, but starting at about week 5 of pregnancy, a distinct shape begins to form. A front, back, top, and bottom are now apparent. Also, a bulge in the center of the embryo develops into your baby's heart. The nervous system, muscles, and bones begin to develop. Your placenta and the amniotic sac will also begin to develop, so many developments are happening all at once!

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