Fatigue during pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. You may become easily tired or exhausted during pregnancy, especially in your first trimester and fatigue can appear as early as the first week after conception.

Your body is working extra hard to produce certain hormones and to supply nutrients to your baby in the womb. The pregnancy symptom of fatigue is caused by all of the transformations that your body is experiencing along with increased levels of hormones.

The start of pregnancy is when a woman’s body is going through a lot of changes like increased hormone production, as well as the fact that the heart is pumping harder and faster due to the rise in blood flow – necessary to bring nutrients to the developing fetus. Amplified progesterone production is the chief reason for the pronounced fatigue most pregnant women experience early in their pregnancy. Feeling drowsy and unusually sleepy is normal; it’s the body’s way of using resources wisely.

Try to pamper yourself when you feel tired. The fatigue usually passes after the first trimester, so patience and care for yourself and your body is important. Try to take naps, or rest often to keep your energy levels up. Don’t let yourself get too exhausted. Your pregnancy fatigue will end at some point, most likely way before your nine months are up!

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