One of the fairly common symptoms of pregnancy is the sensation of dizziness or sometimes even feeling faint. Early in your pregnancy you may have the sensation of feeling dizzy or faint because of low blood sugar. Your body is changing rapidly, both in hormone levels and blood circulation. As your uterus grows it applies pressure to the arteries in your legs. Your blood pressure can drop, causing you to feel light-headed or dizzy.

Another cause of lightheadedness is going too long without eating. Your blood sugar drops quicker than normal, because the baby needs nutrients and your body is the source of those nutrients.

Without proper fuel, your body starts to feel the effects first. Pregnancy Symptoms are also a reminder to tell you to take care of your body. Always make sure to keep healthy snacks available so your blood sugar doesn't drop too low. Fruit, crackers, and other small snacks eaten frequently will help you stay level. Also remember to drink plenty of water and to rest more often, particularly in the early stages of your pregnancy.

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