Green Smoothie For My Baby

green smoothies for baby

Green Smoothie For My Baby

I used to be really into green smoothies, and then I got pregnant with my first.  Morning sickness got the better of me and despite how determined I was to get some nutrients to that little fetus of mine, too many of those green smoothies ended up in the toilet.  It took me almost a year to try another one and I still wasn't ready.  Now that little “fetus” is 14 months old and I'm proud to say that they are back on the menu!  And my husband is so glad, because he loves them.  But even better news is that my little munchkin also loves them and now I will probably feed green smoothies to all my babies (ironically, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, but not nearly as sick this time around so fetus #2 is getting a head start).  New to green smoothies?  I will explain more as well as give some green smoothie recipes at the end of this post.

Green Smoothies for Babies

green smoothies for babyKinley (our 14-month old) has struggled with constipation on and off since we started her on solids.  We have tried various natural methods to try and get her regular and I am now thrilled to find that green smoothies are the trick!  I only give her a green smoothie every other day, but she never has a problem with…uh…making good use of her diaper.  My sister also feeds them to her three kids and they are always very regular (oh the things we moms talk about).  We also find this a good way to get some greens in her as they are the hardest to convince her to eat.  We started Kinley at 13 months, but I heard you can start giving your baby green smoothie as early as 7-9 months.  I guess it just depends on when you start solids and how long you breastfeed.

Green Smoothie Recipes

The great thing about green smoothies is that you can customize them according to what you like. Here is the basic foundation of all my green smoothies:

  • First I blend a few handfuls of spinach with a couple of cups of water (you can also add other greens.  Sometimes I add Kale).
  • I always include banana because I think it makes it creamier and tastier
  • If I have any fresh fruit like oranges or pineapple I will throw some of that in as well
  • I then add about a cup of frozen berries (makes the smoothie purple rather than green…more visually appealing in my opinion)

Sometimes I will also add frozen juice concentrate, or greek yogurt if I feel like making it a bit sweeter that day.

Blend it all together and that's it!

For another basic green smoothie recipe using flaxseed, go here: Basic Green Smoothie Recipe


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