Do you have a little boy who loves the outdoors? A Lumber Jack party is a perfect choice! It is especially fun for a fall or winter party. Find tutorials for everything you need to throw the best party this side of the forest! You will be so PLAID you did! PLUS, All the FREE PRINTABLES you need to make a perfect celebration! This theme would also make an awesome winter or Christmas holiday party with family and friends.

lumberjack party and free printables

lumberjack party table and decor


I used small artificial pine trees and grass. The cake stands are real wood. I asked a neighbor who I saw cutting down tree limbs, if I could have some of the wood. He agreed and after telling him what I was using it for he was kind enough to cut some into nice logs for decor and slices in different sizes for the dessert stands. It worked out perfectly. You can also buy wood desert stands here. The dutch oven frying pan was perfect for the lil' smokies and the red lantern were a perfect accessory to the table. The free food labels are found at the end of the post. The paper mache deer head and Forest animals were a sweet touch to the table.

Lumber Jacks


As the boys arrived at the party we painted on some manly beards. One of the boy's mom's had asked him before arriving at the party if he wanted her to paint a beard on his face. He said,”No, she always paints beards on our faces.” haha! He remembered from the pirate party the year before. I can't help it. They just look so, stinking, cute!

lumber jack snacks


I used the small stick pretzels for the logs, and the kids devoured them. The salt pretzel is a nice balance with all the sweet snacks. Some of the kids were trying to chop the logs with their pretzel axe. It was pretty cute!

chocolate animal cookies


I found a recipe on Pinterest for chocolate sugar cookies. These turned out really yummy but were tricky because the dough has to be cold, I mean REALLY cold all the time. The dough is very soft but will keep the shape of the cookie cutter, if chilled right before baking. Adding extra flour to the cookie would have made the cookie dough easier to work with but the cookies would have been bigger and softer than I wanted.

S'MORES on a stick


The kids gobbled these up. I used bamboo skewers and poked them into a regular sized marshmallow then dipped the marshmallow into melted chocolate chips. Then I sprinkled crushed graham cracker on top. I used a sliced log for the stand. I drilled holes into it to prop up each stick. It was so easy and worked really well.

pick axe


These adorable tools were so fun to make. I warmed up 3 tootsie rolls and then mixed them together and rolled it out thin. I folded it in half around the pretzel and shaped the ax. I chilled it for ten minutes and then dipped into melted white candy melts. They were yummy!

smore cupcakes


These were yummy cupcakes! I use the white whipped fluffy frosting and swirled it on the top of the cupcake using an icing bag. Then added a half graham cracker and the fun size Hersey bar to the top. They tasted fantastic. The lil' smokies were delicious. I slow cooked them in this yummy sauce:

LIL' SMOKIES SAUCE (recipe for one 14 oz package of sausages)

1/3 c Ketchup

1/3 c brown sugar

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/3 c barbecue sauce

*MIX together and a pour in sauce with sausages in a slow cooker on low for 4 hours or high for 2 hours. Serve with toothpicks.


cupcakes and water bottle labels


These adorable bears were a hit! I simply slopped on the milk chocolate frosting, pulling out slightly where the ears would be.  Then with an icing bag filled with butter cream frosting (I added a little cocoa powder to make it slightly brown) I made the snout and the inside of the ears. The nose is a regular size chocolate chip and the eyes are black pearl candies. They were so fast and easy. The water bottle I simply secured the water bottle labels with tape in the back. The labels were designed for standard size water bottles. You can find the printables at the end of the post.

chocolate cake


I found these adorable ceramic figures and had to have them for the party. To make the cake I covered a 3 layer cake with milk chocolate frosting. In a circular motion I added a tablespoon worth of white frosting to the top of the cake for the tree ring look.Then with a darker fudge frosting I gently applied it to the sides of the cake only starting from the bottom of the cake and going upwards. Because I wanted it to look rough like bark,  I welcome the gaps and spaces where the cake wasn't covered. I didn't try to make it look smooth or neat. Which pretty much made it the easiest cake I have ever made.

Hot Cocoa


You know it keeps a Lumber Jack warm from head to toe! I found these perfectly matching paper straws here. Using the Hot Cocoa  printable I made, then stapled it to the top of the hot cocoa packet. The kids either made cocoa there or took it home at the end of the party. It turned out really cute and the parents loved the idea.

pine cone bird feeder


The kids had so much fun with these. I first laid out a cheap plastic table-cloth. Then gave each child a pine cone and a piece of yarn. They tied the string to the top of their pine cone. Then I walked around with a hand, literally, full of peanut butter and globbed it all over their pine cone. Then they rolled their pine cone in bird seeds. They stored them in a brown paper sack with their name on it and took it home at the end of the party. Then I rolled up the plastic table-cloth and threw it away for the easiest clean up ever. My kid hung the bird feeder on a tree in the back yard and the seeds were gone in a week. So we spread peanut butter on it and rolled it in seeds again.

Axe throwing contest


For one of our games we had an axe throwing contest. It was so fun. I made these three little bean bag axes out of felt. Then I painted a tree on a large piece of cardboard and cut it out and taped it to the wall. The kids stood back 10 feet or so back, and threw the axes at the tree trying to only hit the tree trunk. If they hit it with all three axes they would compete with the others for the most accurate throws for the CHAMPION LUMBER JACK. It was really fun. The winner got a small burlap bag of treats.


Thank you for joining  the fun. I hope you enjoyed the party tutorial and don't forget to download your free printables below! Happy Party Planning!

lumberjack party










What fun suggestions would YOU add to the Lumberjack Party?!

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