My daughter is almost 3, and is starting to comprehend a lot more, so I wanted to do my best this year to focus our Christmas on Jesus Christ and the Nativity story. This year, I thought it would be fun to make Gingerbread Nativity houses. I gave my daughter her own set of graham crackers, frosting and candies, and we worked along side each other.
Nativity Gingerbrad Houses are Such a fun way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas


Here is the beginning. I started with graham crackers and rice krispie treats:

DIY Nativity Gingerbread house

She started freaking out when I made the sheep, and thought they were so cool! We made them out of marshmallows, whoppers, and pretzel sticks. I'm a little attached to them myself 🙂

Nativity Gingerbread houses Sheep

For Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, we used those gummy fruit wedges for the bodies since they natural lean over, a gum ball for the heads, and fruit roll ups for the clothes. You could obviously get way more fancy with the clothes if you want to cut them out and such, but I just ripped a piece off and wrapped it around the body. For the Stable, we used rice krispie treat for the floor, and also used rice krispie treat to make the manger. See how here: Baby Jesus Manger Treats

Nativity Gingerbread Houses

We did the same thing for the shepherd and gave him a pretzel stick for a staff. It would also be cute to use a mini candy cane.

Make gingerbread houses of the Nativity for Christmas this year!


We got creative with the wise men and used a jelly bean, M&M, and tic tac for the gifts they gave Jesus. We used bumpy jelly bean nerds for their “crowns.”

Christmas Nativity Scene out of Candy

You can't see them very well in this picture, but we turned some waffle cones upside down and used green icing to make a few pine trees as well. If you use Shredded Wheat for the roof, get the bigger kind (looks like this), and very gently pull or cut them in half.

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

*Fun Tip: Use condiment bottles for your icing when you are decorating gingerbread or sugar cookies!

Use condiment bottles for the icing when doing gingerbread houses or sugar cookies!


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