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Plan the Sweetest Little Red Riding Hood Party: Party Tutorial and FREE Food Label Printables

Little Red Riding Hood Party

Plan the Sweetest Little Red Riding Hood Party: Party Tutorial and FREE Food Label Printables

Plan the sweetest Little Red Riding Hood Party! Here you will find a party tutorial with all the details you need to create this adorable party for your little one! Including FREE food label printables!

Little Red Riding Hood Party


For this beautiful Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf clipart click on the link! I used it to make the adorable characters on the table, the birthday invites and more. It was exactly the style I was looking for. I also used these gingham napkins and plates but didn't get any pictures. The table-cloth you can also find here. The forest backdrop I handpainted on a plastic, white table-cloth.

Little Red


You can't have the party without Little Red herself. Isn't she the sweetest! Start with the Little Red Riding Hood Costume. She loved being in character. We played a few games that went along with the theme. The kids loved OUR new version of “Duck, Duck, GOOSE!” Each of the kids took turns walking around carrying a furry wolf hat, I made. They carried the hat around gently tapping the heads of the other kids saying Red, Red, Red, then put the hat on someone's head and shout “WOLF!” They chase each other around the circle. I expected the game to last only 5 minute, but I stopped them 20 minutes later to do the next game. We played “Red Rover”, and “Little Red Bingo.”


Pine Tree Pretzel/Chocolate Snacks


These Pine trees were so fun, and taste so good! They are made with green candy melts and large rod pretzels. Place the pretzel into the candy mold, pour in melted chocolate candy and refrigerate. So easy!

Blueberry MuffinsMINI MUFFINS

My kids love, Love, LOVE blueberry muffins! I made muffins from a box. Then I lined a basket with Red and White Gingham Fabric.  Doesn't this fabric just shout, “Little Red Riding Hood?”  I used it throughout the whole party!

Strawberry Pie


This berry pie cake was so fun and easier to make than it looks. It is made from cake mix, strawberry flavored fruit snacks, red frosting and caramel candies.  I placed the cake a wood stand to finish the look. For a step by step tutorial click here → Red Riding Hood Berry Pie Cake


I made homemade strawberry freezer jam and used clean baby food jars instead of my usual pints. I cut 3, 1/2 inch fabric circles and attached to the jar with a small rubber band. The milk jars are one of my favorite. I have found a way to incorporate them into nearly ever party since I bought them. Then, I was lucky enough to find the perfect matching straws

Cupcake Apples


These are the easy steps for making the apple cupcakes.

What you need:

  • 24 baked cupcakes, in liners of your choice
  • One bag of  mini chocolate doughnuts (need at least 12)
  • Red frosting
  • Red fine crystal sprinkles
  • Original tootsie rolls
  • Green fruity chew candy (lime tootsie roll, starburst, laffy taffy, etc…)

Steps to make the apple cupcakes

  1. Slice the mini chocolate doughnuts to make two very thin doughnuts. Put a small amount of frosting on the cupcake then place the doughnut slice on the top with the flat part touching the cupcake.
  2. Frost the cupcake with red frosting covering completely but thinly. Pour sprinkles into a shallow bowl. Gently roll frosted cupcake into sprinkles covering completely.
  3. Roll original chocolate tootsie roll between your hand until it is long like an earth worm 🙂 Cut into 4 even pieces. Pinch one end of each piece to a point and the other end push slightly from the top to flatten.  Press into the top of the apple for the stem. Repeat until you have enough for all the cupcakes.
  4. Roll the green fruit chew flat with a rolling pin. Helpful Hint (Unwrap 10 or more chews, microwave for 10-15 seconds. Mush together into a ball then roll flat with a rolling pin.) Use clean scissors to cut into the shape of a leaf. Use the blunt side of a knife to make the seam down the middle of the leaf. Press one of the leaf points into the apple next to the stem.

Acorn kisses


These are very easy, but so YUMMY! These are a must! All you need is chocolate chips, mini nilla wafers, hersey kisses, and chocolate frosting. Simply put a dot on the top of the wafer and a dab on the bottom. Put the chocolate chip on the top and kiss on the bottom. DONE! 

Fresh Berries and Juicy Apples


These add a bit of freshness and color to the whole table. The kids grab the strawberries almost as quick as the cupcakes. I put burlap into the bowls to add for some texture.


little red party food label 1

little red party food label 2


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Little Red Riding Hood Party


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